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Why does this gifted author have to jam pack EVERY novel with never ending reference to smoking? 200 reference in just over 80 pages! I guess he is a smoker himself but we shouldn't have to be subjected to page after page of this unsocial and deadly addiction!

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Cam Schitter It kinda struck me as a hat tip to Constantine. They are the same kind of story.
Jason Sullivan I saw it as a way for the author to portray the stressful life of Nightingale without actually having to come out and just tell us how stressed the character is. By making him a heavy smoker and drinker it somewhat implies that he needs these vices to help keep him calm and sane. Sure, I guess he could've had the character take up yoga or meditation as a way to deal with the stresses of battling demons, but it would really kill the flow of the book if he had to stop chasing demons every ten pages so he could go to yoga class instead of just lighting up a cigarette. In my opinion chain smoking and heavy drinking really set the tone better of an ex cop that has witnessed some horrific events and has been involved in other events that would make most people seek psychiatric help.
Maurice Lumley I gave up smoking nine years ago and I now hate the habit, I also hate rapists murderers and paedophiles but we have to live with these things. One of the things I miss is driving from one country pub to another and having a pint in each but I can see why it had to be stopped.
Mark Richard I agree. I' sure there are many other ways to show how stressed he is.. a nervous twitch perhaps..
Russty I also have a similar "distaste" with the never-ending talk about coffee, in almost all current books... I hate cigarettes and coffee, and the space filled talking about either/both disgusts me... My "vice" is Copenhagen(snuff), but I don't really want to read about that either!!!

Dalton Fury(Kill bin Laden and his Kolt "Racer" Raynor series) mentions chewing tobacco(Red Man, his personal "monkey"), but he doesn't mention it every other page...
comfort I see it as his way of enforcing the notion that we live in a "nanny-state":. So often he wants to have a smoke but is unable because the "rules" says he is no longer at liberty to do as he pleases. There are so many restrictions placed upon the individual "for your own good". I understand(not like, though) a person who smokes incessantly. I lived with a bloke who smoked between courses at a restaurant.
Robbieb I actually sent an email to the author asking just this question. The references to smoking seem to be the same in all his books including the Spider Shepherd series and it does get a little tedious - perhaps he has shares in Phillip Morris?
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