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Dicha Irene asked:

i've been watching the show and it is amazing, and now im interested in actually reading the book its based on, hope its as good as the show. is it?

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Sim Seeing the show first kind of ruins the books. They are very different from each other, not just in overall story but also the characters and their development. You'll find the show turns out to be more descriptive about the surrounding -what the earth has become- than the book itself (partly because we can see it and don't have to visualize based on text) where as the book tells you a good detailed structure of the Ark.

It's a brilliant series. You'd fall in love with the same character from the show and book in two different ways. The character development as well as relationships between the characters are different in both.

The show take you on an adventure. You know you are sitting behind a screen and watching. You'll laugh and cry with the characters while while reading the book, you become the character. You know their fears, love, ideas, etc.

All in all, each take you on a different story; a different experience.My suggestion would be to not compare the book and the show. They have their own life. I wouldn't even call them siblings. More like far cousins. Try to understand the book as a baseline for the show and not the other way around. Compare the idea of characters (how they came to be as they are currently) and not the characters themselves or even their actions.

Further, don't worry about spoilers. As I said, the show and the book are like far cousins.
rimskur Honestly, the show is much better than the book. The book was good and all, but literally had no concept of time. Basically, the show just gives more depth to the novel. The pilot is basically is all of the first book and if you read the second book, it goes off into completely different directions. It will not spoil anything for you as the book and the show are distinctly different. But, I will assure that neither is a disappointment. It is just whether which one you read or watched first is more prioritized in the mind. So, if you watched the show first, you will feel that the book is disappointing in comparison. And if you read the book first, the show is disappointing in comparison. But, both actually are very good!
AnneMarie Rosenthal Not as good. Very predictable. Very little Character development.
Joanniex Well, I finished the first and second seasons and waiting for the third to come, all I can say is that I'm extremely shocked by this show, it's amazing and keeps you focused and curious all the time. I just found out that there are books and actually the show is based on books, I'm shocked, I want these books after I finished all the episodes till the last one. I just hope that the books are also translated in my language, Greek which I obviously speak better, than English.
Agnieszka I started with the show too and so far (i havent finished reading) i like it better than the book. Sometimes im getting lost with all the retrospections.
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