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How can people say this drivel is good? This book is trash, and so is it's author. Donna Tart should send me a check for the money I wasted on it and a letter of apology. I bought this when I heard it won the Pulitzer, but that must have been given because the award committee had some kind of vested interest in it. Again I ask, how can people say this is any good?

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Pixellle Two points in response to your question.

One: If you are genuinely interested in and surprised at the positive reception this book received, it would be helpful for you to articulate *why* you thought it was "trash." Did you dislike the characters? Find the plot unbelievable or boring? Find the language either too ornate or too insipid? "Drivel" and "trash" are very strong words, unless you refer to a beach book, movie adaptation or bad erotica. If you use those words, back them up with something.

Two: When insulting a writer, it's always a good idea to check for embarrassing grammar errors in your post, such as confusing its for it's.

By the way, I thought the book was great. I enjoyed the very rich and evocative language, and although I found the main character frustrating and not terribly likable, I thought he and most of the characters were very realistic and interesting. I also appreciated that certain easy and expected plot developments never happened, while I was absolutely surprised by others.

We like to really talk about books here. Instead of insulting the author and those of us who enjoyed her book, tell us why you didn't like "The Goldfinch." Or just don't post. But if you want to post a negative review -- and negative reviews can be great!! -- you have to explain why you thought it sucked.
Katie People are not trash.
And books don't come with a money back guarantee to entertain everyone. If that upsets you, use a library.
But mostly, people are not trash.
Paula Umm, because people have difference of opinions and likes?!? :-) Why would anyone send you a check for the money "wasted"? You're an adult, you didn't have to purchase it.
Jonathan Why would you feel the need to add "... is trash, and so is it's [sic] author"?

That says a lot more about you than about the book.

Some friendly advice would include not just buying a book because it wins a certain prize. That's just lazy. Make an effort to find out if a particular book is likely to fit with your own subjective taste.
George Kouri No book should ever be called trash. All books are a compilation of words, sentences and paragraphs presented in a manner to entertain, stimulate or inform readers. If this does not happen, the reader is free to express dislike or dissatisfaction but not to make extreme and universal judgements of literature, regardless of its quality. If you read, you are a pseudo-intellectual...try acting as one.
Hilary Donovan I love the old saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." We all have different viewpoints when it comes to books or to anything. A lot of times people will call books trash if the characters in them aren't upstanding citizen types--people might say--"I'm not interested in lowlifes." But we read so that we can learn how people start down the wrong road. Do we call Shakespeare's works trashy because so many of the characters do the wrong thing?
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