Katie asked:

What age is this for? Would it be ok for a 14 year old?

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Pipkia I'm thirteen and I loved this whole trilogy, read it in three days. It's a brilliant adult book, but the age at which it should be read depends entirely on the reader. People underestimate the mental prowess of younger readers. I got most of the references first time round--it's not an entirely light or pleasant or, well, fluffy read, but it is absolutely brilliant.
Becky It's dark. Lots of twisted people and descriptive abuse. I wouldn't recommend it for a young reader.
Mary Ann Depends on the kid. If you do give it to a 14 year old, read it yourself first and be prepared to discuss the dark and violent themes. If your young person is not an easy talker, I would say no.
Elizabeth It has a very graphic rape scene that disturbed me greatly. I did read the whole series, but I'd use caution with younger readers.
Mr. Andy Definitely not for toddlers.
Carol Masciola I would absolutely not want to put this dark material into the head of a 14-year-old. Sexual torture scenes. NO WAY
Letizia I totally agree with one of the comments below. If your reader is a no-talk person with you then just be cautious. Why don't you read it together? Or you read it first. I read it at the age of 20, and honestly the scenes where very perturbant. The only way I personally calmed down was by setting my mind that these things actually happen in real life and at least I am experiencing them through a novel. I need to be more open mind and empathetic if I ever hear or someone tells me: "I have been raped several times". None of my parents can read this in English and the book came out in Spanish later on. So, I did asked them a few things but others I relied on university professors, other common readers, friends, internet...Just be advised this is a very strong novel. I think that a 14 yrs old nowadays have seen much more than in my times. Total guidance through the story.
Matthew It depends on the maturity of the teenager. It might not be the best way to be introduced to the sick nature of humankind, if they had not been exposed to the themes before. However, I'd be surprised if most teens had not been exposed to the existence of the themes. The book reads a lot like many blockbuster movies.

If the teen has had a difficult past, I couldn't say either way if this book would help or harm - but Lisbeth herself is a very strong, if controversial heroine.
Syeda Somethings should be done in adulthood and somethings in teenage and definitely reading this book in teenage years is harmful for a teenager mind.
Kate I read it at 14 but it is dark, violent, and Stieg Larsson doesn't hold back from showing what terrible people can and will do. The movies aren't much better for this.

I'd just say, for an age rating, "very mature" readers.
Rose I beleive it depends on the kid. I myself am sixteen and have all three books and i have to say they are my favorite books of all time. The book is targeted for adults. Period. There are many scenes that are unfit for young eyes but many scenes get cut off by the author so many details are not there, but what actually happens remains. You just dont get the get the gritty details you wee expecting. There are many scenes that would be unsettling for young people. The story is "an epochal tale on a grand and complex scale about the pervasiveness of violence and abuse against women, especially young and vulnerable women,". Many sex, rape, murder, revenge, incest, mystery, and violent scenes.
Lauren Langford Probably would hesitate to allow my 14 year old to read this book, especially if they were particularly sensitive or impressionable. Rape and murder are bad enough, but the main characters in this book engage in illegal activity in order to bust their case wide open and catch the bad guy and while lying and violating privacy are not explicitly encouraged, it is not discouraged either.

As always it would depend on the kid, but I think I would hesitate to let anyone younger than 16 read this book.
Christy Definitely for adults. Not ok for a teenager! Violent sexual assaults is not what I'd want my teen girls reading.
Stella Frances I read this book about 4 years ago, I am fifteen now and still have the same opinion about it. This book is great for most ages, even though I was only 11 I could understand just about every word and read it over and over again. Would recommend.
Valkyrie I was thirteen when I first read this book and I loved every bit of it.
See, it is possible for anyone to read this book, even a ten year old kid can read this but it depends on the level of maturity... some people are very matured for their age so they will really understand the depth of it. But for people who do not have that high level of understanding, I'd prefer you don't read it. You can if you want to but if every second you have to google the words the fun vanishes and then you'll feel really bored. So one has to ask this question before reading these psychological thrillers: Am I matured enough to read this?
Sisi Todorova I was 14 when I read it for the first time and I can say it really depends. Some 14 year olds will definitely not be ready for a book like this, there are some graphic scenes of abuse/rape which is .. a lot for most 14 year olds. But it's good for some people. People such as myself, who are from a young age interested in and educated about feminism/misogyny/inequality/overcoming abuse and strong women such as Lisbeth would definitely enjoy this wonderful book.
Sarah I read it when I was 12, but tbh my mom read it before me and when I asked her about it she said it was okay for me. At 12 I loved it but I don't think I took everything away from it that I was supposed to.
Nihitha I'm still 12 and I have read books way more deeper than this. It all depends on a few factors including whether or not the reader is mature enough to handle this type of content.
Tammy R No. It has a very graphic rape scene. I'm an adult and was so disturbed.
Samar Would not recommend it for a 14-year-old. I read it for the first time at nearly the same age. Read it a second time now in my early twenties. I have to say, this is still the darkest theme I've ventured into. But more importantly, some of the best aspects of this book can be better enjoyed only from a more mature perspective.
Elaine Hargrave I certainly wouldn't like to think of a thirteen year old to read these books. They are written for adults and that age isn't to my mind classified as adult.
The detail in certain parts of the book is way beyond what a teenager of this age should be reading. Sorry but to my mind a child should not be reading these books. She has said it herself in the second sentence " It's a brilliant adult book."
Jane Paul Heck no! Very adult series. Addresses sexual abuse in the books in a a graphic manner. Ages 18 and up. I am a mom of young adults, including a 21 year old daughter, and it would possibly be traumatic.
Kandi Johnson I'm in my 50's, and I found some of the scenes disturbing. However, when I was 14, I also read books of this genre, so it depends upon the reader.
Bethany I definitely wouldn't allow my 14 yr old to read this book. However, every family is different so I agree with reading the book first and making a decision based on your knowledge of the content and the reader.
siva Kumar It's too dark for a 14 year old. The question to the parent would be, would they want their child to be exposed to the worst of the human side? I would prefer my 14 year old to retain the innocence a bit further..
Paradigm "Fairytales, dreams, and nightmares, they make me see clear" Extremely dark. But it depends on what kinda reads you like. Whoever reads this book needs to have a good level of maturity,
Arielle It depends on how precocious of a reader the fourteen-year-old is, and what they can handle. I'd firmly rate this trilogy as an adult thriller, 16-18 years old. Even then it would be dependent upon the reader. Hope this helped you! (:
Maria Definitely not.
ScarletBlue I agree with another person down below. It totally depends on the kid. I read this when I was 12. If you think your child can handle dark subject matter- including some pathos, descriptions of rape & sexual content (not explicit but still there), and violence/murder akin to something off Criminal Minds- then by all means bombs away.
Sarina i read it at 11. Additionally, you can't really give a book an age recommendation because it really depends on the reader. a bright 10 year old could be the equivalent of a 14 yr old. someone once said "age is not a number, it is a lifestyle" therefore, it realy depends.
Jacob Wilkins I read it at fourteen and wasn't bothered at all.
Grace Depends on the maturity of the reader
Ferran Accensi I read it with 16 yo and I recommend the whole saga to any mature teenager, it's a modern masterpiece and shouldn't be censored. In my high school I read a book which included rapes and violence when I was 14 and it was considered okay, so why should we deprive a curious advanced reader?
Kelly Absolutely not ok for 14 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob I'm 14 and I'm reading this book series
Mary Ladrick No it is not ok for a 14 year old. Adult themes. AO or M rating.
Eduardo The story involves murder and, I haven't finished it, but there is a scene involving rape.
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