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Am I the only one that Evie horribly annoying?

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Letizia Oh I love her so much. She is so funny and I feel that she is real... I mean she has strengths and weaknesses, she is not perfect just like a real person. I like characters like that. Why don't you like her?
Angela COULD NOT STAND. Her dialogue made me cringe. Not sure I can get through the next book.
Jane No, you are not. One disk into the audiobook and I cannot stand her.
Carielyn We're prone to be stubborn, selfish and rely on others to validate us at that age; but that those 'annoying' traits were paired with her quick wit and inherently caring nature actually felt pretty empowering. Though tbh, I would've found her more annoying if I'd read this younger. Cheers, internalised misogyny.
Jim Think "the Prohibition version of a Valley Girl"...
Jessica Hardy
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StormBorn How can you possibly find her annoying???
She's perfect, smart and to be frank, she's the female version of Jace Wayland...!
I loved her since the beginning and going on with the read, she becomes even more responsible for her behaviour an actions.
I honestly find VERY annoying Memphis and his creepy little brother Isiah and I know, I know, I KNOOOOOOOOOOW I can sound a bit heartless 3:) but I hope Libba makes them blow up like fireworks. Puf.
Wes Shank I kept waiting for her redemption. Nope. Didn't happen.
MangoCats I cannot explain my unfathomable hatred for Evie, like I would purposefully pay to get a mouse and name it Evie, then give it to a Zoo and pay more money to livestream it being slowly eaten alive by a snake for my own sick enjoyment. If I ever met a person like her I would fold em' on the spot, on site. She's the representation of everything I hate in a human being: whiny, priviledged but doesn't aknowledge it, acts like a victim and a badass when she isn't, no priorities, dumb. How tf is this relatable or "realistic" to you people. Get therapy.
margot She's kind of obnoxious at times and likeable at others. It's a love/tolerate relationship for me by this point.
Becca I vacillated between finding her annoying to tolerable (almost likeable). She definitely wasn't my favorite female main character that I have ever read. She's a strong female character, with her own set of rules, and I appreciate that; however, I did find her very self-serving and selfish at times (even oblivious to other's feelings). Thankfully we did see some character growth. I'm not a general fan of the historical fiction genre, so I don't know if the slang was historically accurate, but there were times when the way she spoke grated on my nerves.
Cat If she didn't use the words "pos-i-toot-ly" and "unck" so much, I would be totally on board with her...but it's pretty annoying. She does remind me of a young Miss Fisher, though, who is one of my favorite fictional characters.
Sarah Willhite No, I really disliked her too!!!! I felt the exact same way!! She is 17 in this book and she acted like she was 5. I po-i-tute-ly found her annoying from her dialogue.
Melissa She is pretty annoying in the first book, but i just don't jive with these types of characters. I will say she was better in book 2. I also found Theta rather bland as well in the first book, so.
Samantha I kind of love to hate her, you could say. Yeah, she's annoying.
daniela Nope, I can't stand her. Will continue to read because I'm honestly intrigued by the plot and the side characters, like Memphis, Jerico, and Henry... and I also heard that the rest of the books have different MC's. If it had stuck to Evie, I'm not sure I would give the series another go.
Ashley Ryan That's why I love her. She is flawed! If you read the Gemma Doyle series Libba does the same thing. Her characters are flawed and that's what makes them endearing.
Chantal In the beginning, yes. She evolves though, thank goodness.
Lovekitty I love Evie so much. She's different, fun, outgoing, full of herself and daring. I love characters like her!
Deborah Botts I'm struggling to get through this book because she is so awful. The tutelies are so tedious.
Álex Vargas I didn't mind her, actually. She made me crack up in a couple of occasions.
Her personality and attitude were well developed and expressed.
Andrew Terry The ONLY reason I've even heard about this book is because we were forced to at school. They don't even let you bring your own books! And all the choices are terrible. to be honest, the class just defeats the purpose of creativity and even interest in literature.
Emily Wilson She's ridiculous and obnoxious, and I love her as a character.
Georgie I found her really annoying at times, she's such a little drama queen, I laughed out loud when Will stole her big finish when she was telling them all about Knowles End. That said, I still liked her quite a lot. When she wasn't being selfish or deliberately making a show of herself, she was sassy, smart, strong, and funny. Also, while the selfish thing is something which is an inherent (and believable) character flaw, I think the amateur dramatics/attention-grabbing thing is just a schtick she adapts to hide her real feelings, which made that more tolerable for me. That said, I think she's the least interesting of all the Diviners characters. My favourites were Memphis and Theta, and I'm intrigued by the girl from Chinatown, who I believe has much more of a role in book 2. I liked Sam, Jericho, and Mabel a lot too. I think, for me, 'The Diviners' is that rare book where the 'secondary' characters overcome the 'primary' character. Only character I really hated (not counting Naughty John of course) was T.S. Woodhouse. He was a pretentious, lying, louse.
Millie123 I really really loved that Evie is not necessarily a "likable" character. It is very rare to come across a female protagonist (in YA no less!) that has a real character flaws. A hero that you don't always like and may not want be friends with in real life.

Evie can be incredibly self-centered and pleasure seeking to the point of being self-destructive. She runs away from her problems instead of facing them. She's exceptionally smart and perceptive. She is capable of extreme compassion. She's a traumatized girl (after the showdown with Naughty John and its also implied that she carries around childhood trauma from James' death) who feels inadequate and abandoned.

She changes, sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst. I'm really looking forward to how she grows in the coming books.
Mikayla Bode In the beginning, I found her extremely annoying but once you see her develop she actually starts to become very enjoyable and likable. Her relationship with Jericho is the cutest thing ever though. She is very, very changed in the next book.
Clare Richardson Oh, I love her. LOVE. I love that she's unapologetic about wanting to be famous, I love that she's unapologetic about partying and drinking and smoking and sex, I love that she doesn't give a damn that she's abrasive sometimes, I love that she's a sad vulnerable cinnamon roll on the inside, I love that she's smart and sassy and doesn't let anyone boss her. I think she's a beautiful little feminist saucebox.
Diana In the first few chapters i wasn´t sure if i like her or not because she was just described als a Partygirl doing everything for fun, but throughout the rest of the book i was more and more intrigued by her. She came out to be smart, brave and less selfish as I first thought she was... Now i´am absolutely a fan hers!!!
Kay I have to agree with Sara. I found Evie so offputting at the beginning, but after a few chapters I began to find her flaws a little more endearing. Still annoying, but by the end of the book I liked her despite myself. :)
Christy I did find her annoying at times but I kind of liked that about her. She was a flawed character, and I appreciate that.
Sarah Judging by the answers, yes! I loved her. She wasn't perfect but was flawed. She gets better in the end.
Sarah I found her extremely annoying at the very beginning of the book, but she grew on me a LOT as it progressed. I do feel like her irritating qualities were intentional. I think you're supposed to find her a little self-centered and irresponsible so that you're able to see how she grows and changes throughout the course of the book's events (and probably even more as the series goes on). She's definitely not my favorite character, but I did like her a lot at the end and I can't wait for the next book!
Dugglyn Carzainia Hmm. She's is annoying and I definitely wouldn't be friends with her if I met her but I also like her. She can be awesome but at other times she does get on my nerves.
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