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what is the true reason that made Muhammad change his religion from Islam to Mormonism ?? I mean in Mormonism they have three gods son , holy ghost and father so they are completely different than Jesus road so how can he follow them in the time that Jesus worship only one god

Eduardo It is simple: Mormons believe that God talked to a man and this man received a book. Islam believe in something very similar. The concept that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are one physical being is an invention of the Catholic Church. Jesus was constantly praying to His father and during his Baptism the Holy Ghost came as a dove. There are clearly 3 separate beings in that story. That is easy to understand but the Catholic Church wanted people to feel ignorant and confused (my opinion) and came up with this crazy idea that one today has to accept to be called Christian - unfortunately.

Mormons do not worship the Holy Ghost and do not pray to Jesus, they worship the Father and pray only to Him. Muslims do not do either. Muslims worship Allah and respect Muhammed - except radical Islam, they seem to worship Mushammad and they kill anyone that would not. Now Mormons believe Jesus was more than a prophet, that he was a Savior, the very son of God, sent by the only God they worship: Heavenly Father.

Momen was not distracted by lies from jealous religious leaders. His faith is pure. His testimony perfect, because as Jesus said to Peter, it was not men that told him that Mormonism was true, but The Father who is in heaven, through the Holy Ghost. If you can understand that, you have the answer. If you go by the philosophies and inventions of Catholicism, you cannot. As a Muslim it should be very easy.
Tanaya Ropp Mormons only worship one God. God the Father. There is a lot more to understanding Mormonism then can be aswered here. There are lot of young men and women who voluteer 18 month to 2 years of there life that would able to asnwer any questions you have.
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