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Do I dare read this? I know all of his ideals were twisted, but I do know he was a powerful speaker. I have listened to him speak and although I didn't understand the words, I could feel that he spoke with power. I want to know what his ideals are even though the 'ideals' are wrong. Do I dare?

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Mark Hebwood I would not start with that book. The best (in my opinion) road to an understanding of Hitler is Joachim Fest's Hitler biography. I think Fest is an outstanding scholar of NS Germany and what makes his biography special is that he managed to write it without sentimental bias or moralising subtext - just like a professional historian should, of course, but on the subject of NS Germany, many fail to do so.

If after that, you feel you need further insight, by all means pick it up - but be aware this is a primary text (a historical source), so you'll be left alone with it, and have to provide your own context. To be perfectly honest, I do not think you will be able to do so if you are not an academic historian, so I'd probably not bother.

It gets worse because you really should read this in the original - any translation does not carry Hitler's linguistic style (yes you get the long, convoluted, rambling syntax, but you lose his emotional overtones). Finally, if you are able to read this thing in German, you will then discover to your frustration that there are no good scholarly editions around. But there will be next year - the high-calibre German Institut fuer Zeitgeschichte is at least scheduled to release its massive modern edition next year - the original text (800 pages) will be embedded in 1200 pages worth of commentary... Happy reading!
Amitav Chris I read because I wanted a broader perspective. Given the fact he was an universally proclaimed tyrant, he was also the man who brought together a nation to fight in the second World War. He was charismatic to say the least. My grandfather lived through the war and he has mixed views on Hitler. He was the bad guy, we all get that. But, he played an exceptional role as a reader. Just goes to show how you don't really need the brains to be a politician. Give it a read. I don't know how much is fact from clandestine fiction, but I do know I want to know I want more knowledge on the person Adolf Hitler. His auto biography was a good start.
Trevor Hays I am currently reading this book for the very reasons you stated. I was stationed in Germany in the 90's and was able to see firsthand a concentration camp and footage of Hitler speaking to the masses. Incredibly talented orator. Amazes me what a person can persuade others to follow.
Suzanna Juby I don't understand why anyone would be afraid to "dare" to read this book, or any book, for that matter. Yes, it was written by one of the 20th century's most reviled figures, but I'm assuming you're a fairly intelligent person and this is an historical document. So read it, think about it and make up your own mind as you would with any other historical document. Are you afraid that reading it will somehow turn you into an evil Nazi? I certainly hope not, because that is just ridiculous.
Darjeeling The book itself is not so impressive. It seems Hitlers skill as an author did not live up to his skill as an orator. Churchill said of Mein Kampf "It is the new Quran of war and politics. Verbose, turgid, yet pregnant with it's message." Having read both books I think this is unfair to Mein Kampf, it was not so much of a chore to get through, but not I think what convinced Germans to support him. You should not feel concerned about being brainwashed by this rather pedestrian book. If you want to make sure you build up sufficient disgust for Mr. Hitler first then I would also reccomend "The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich" By William L. Shirer: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7...
Jack Read this book with an open mind, without prejudices. Put aside everything that you've been told, start from a blank slate, and genuinely try to understand the ideology of National Socialism.

The moral judgments can come only after understanding.
Joe Defiant Read Richard Tedor's "Hitlers Revolution" which explains Hitlers goals and state policies.
Timothy Morrison Do I dare read this? how dare you not. if somebody had hgave read this and taken it seriously, jews could have been saved.
Saraph How should anyone else but yourself know if you dare?
Iceberg Read the Stalag Edition, which is what Hitler actually wrote, not what Bolsheviks added to later editions. His ideals were far from twisted.

Everything you think you know about Germans was processed through the Bolshevik propaganda machine. Remember, back in 1920, they were planning to do away with Germans. Not Germany; just the German people. And then all other Europeans.

Let's put it this way: all those horrid things we thought the Germans did, there's no proof of any of it, there is evidence that contradicts it all, and there is evidence that the Bolsheviks did what they claimed the Germans were doing.

Inform yourself: read source material, whenever possible.
Rory el Rey I had wanted to read this book as to get into the mind of the Fuhrer, I wanted to see what he had thought in creating he's Regime and this book sure twisted my perspective, I have always wanted to read this book as many books talking about Adolf or books of Nazi prisoners' (including Jewish people in camps) yet they all say the same, he was a crazy psychotic man that did bad things. Yet they never said why, how did he become psychotic and why did he become psychotic, this is a very important thing as if we can see how a person can become a Massacrist, and if we retain this knowledge we can prevent anyone from becoming this, Yet while this book wasn't bad and it did give me some insight of the famous 20th century dictator mind it did not live up to the height I was wishing and I was but disappointed as I felt this book was more of a Nazi/ Fascist manifesto, This book even whit its flaws is a very interesting autobiography of the Fuhrer, himself and it is especially interesting knowing the historical impotency this book had on Germany and therefore the rest of the world as Mein Kampf was what made Hitler a Billionaire and I would give it a read.
Meghana Sumesh You should read this. But it helps to read this version of the book - https://archive.org/stream/meinkampf0...

This version points out some inaccuracies in the book and it helps to understand Hitler, from a safe distance.
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