Becky asked:

Does anyone still ship Chaolaena? I've shipped it since the beginning, but now peeps are shipping her with Rowan and I just don't see it.

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Sheena I do, and I haven't stopped. I am about half through the book and already I don't like the idea of Rowan and Aelin together. It feels forced, and I honestly think they would have been better had they remained carranam, and best friends with Rowan as her protector and best friend. Making the step to lovers just feels forced.

I like Rowan, don't get me wrong I think he's a good character and a great addition to the series but I don't think she should end up with him. If I'm honest I don't like how Chaol's been written in this book, he's coming off as a whiny bitch and that is worlds away from the Captain we met in the first two books. It seems the author was going to go one way, then came across the 'hot fae prince' and completely changed tack, ruining Chaol along the way.

Chaol challenges Aelin, he doesn't take any of her bullshit and he's always standing up to her. The other men around her seem to worship the ground she walks on, but Chaol can see her as she really is, and he loved her anyway. She just needs to get her head out of her ass and see that.
Abby OH MY GOD. Everybody is so against Chaoleana, but I so so so badly want them to be together in the end. Firstly; everybody who is saying that Chaol is horrible and he ruined himself in HoF, but I think that's the most ridiculous thing EVER. If everybody would stop being so STUPID and actually properly think about how Chaol was raised to hate magic, and think it is evil. He has served the King (well, Dorian) for his ENTIRE LIFE. So OBVIOUSLY it would be hard to understand and accept that Dorian has magic over like three months!!!!!!!!!! And anyway, he still loved and wanted to protect Dorian, he just needed time. And then OBVIOUSLY it would be a little confusing to learn that the woman he was in love with was AELIN GALATHYNIUS and she is part fae and all. I think by the end of HoF, Chaol understood everything. It didn't matter to him whether Dorian had raw magic or if Celaena was fae and the heir to Terrasen, because he still loves, and he wants to fight against the king for a better world. CHAOLAENA FOREVER OK
Brenna Hogg • Really Into Reading I feel like everyone is all over this Rowan guy but really 1) THEY ARE RELATED I don't care how distant.... 2) He already had his mate or whatever...

I just think that it is a coming of age young adult series... there will be ups and downs and I really am hoping that the over all story arch for chaol is realizing and coming to terms and accepting celaena for who she really is and learning to love her regardless, and her accepting it back.

I just HATE how every book the author is introducing a new love interest or two... I get the whole love triangle thing, this love square is RIDICLOUS thought I don't think Dorian is really in the running at all anymore... So frustrating more than anything.

If she introduced ANOTHER love interest in this book, as much as I LOVE this series, I may be done!
THEY HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean they've had this connection since the start of the first book.
and btw, rowan is an old geezer!!!!!!!! seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is way too old for her, like centuries too old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JJ Rowan and Celaena are related, so whatever the arguments are, it's incest. Ofcourse there can be incest relationships in books, but I usually don't ship that because it's kind of wrong.

Secondly, I thought I read that carraman couldn't be mates. Yet, here we are, with Rowan and Celaena claiming to love eachother. This is going against the rules of the universe of the book, also because Rowan already had his mate. Doesn't feel right to me.

Third, it's a very forced relationship and very unrealistic. Celaena has already had four boyfriends. She is allowed to, ofcoure. Women are allowed to have just as much relationships as man without being a whore, but in books it's just too anoying. Two love interests is already too much. I'm getting sick of it, honestly.

There is this important litte fact that Chaol and Celaena are the only ones that actually could have a realistic relationship. Their feelings developed naturally, they fit well together and readers are able to relate to that relationship best. Also, the part where Celaena tried to kill him in book two was very random and pretty unrealistic.

Dorian... well, there was never anything more than some sort of friendship between him and Celaena. I was never able to see how people could possibly ship them.

The series would have been way better if you would have seen Celaena deal with Sam's death and fall in love with Chaol. It's still a great series, but I just don't have any interest in reading about Chaol and that other girl (forgot her name) and Celaena and Rowan. If the rest of the story wasn't so good, I would have stopped by now.

So, from my point of view, the only real option is Celaena ending up with Chaol or not ending up with anyone at all. That would be the only way to make me reconnect with Celaena's love life. Or she could die. Would be a funny ending as well...

Quick edit/addition: Rowan is abusive as hell. He has physically and mentally abused Celaena in the past, which makes this an abusive relationship and that's very problematic in fiction, because young woman tend to think it's hot when a guy beats them up because of books like this. This is not what we should be teaching young people.
Abby Pickus I like Rowan. I'm pissed he became a love interest. He was a great blood brother. To be honest, I think Chaol deserves better. I think Aelin was cruel to him in QoS. I think, really, everyone was a little off character-wise.
audrika (kxnji) I SHIP THEM. Chaol is perfect for her. Dorian already said that he loved Sorscha and whatever he had with Celaena was NOT LOVE. And I like the FRIENDSHP between Rowan and Celaena and don't want it to be anymore. And he had already found his mate, so I think it is kinda unlikely that Rowan and Celaena will be together.

I'm also kinda getting frustrated. The author introduces a new love interest in every book and I am really close to giving up on the ship war. uggh CHAOLAENA FOREVER X 100000000000

Love triangles are so frustrating (I despise them), but this is a FREAKIN LOVE SQUARE! I think the author has already tortured us enough
Sara I still ship them, even after reading Queen of Shadows I know it's a lost cause. I liked Rowan's character in Heir of Fire, and I still don't mind him, I just liked him and Aelin's relationship better when it was more of a friend/protector rather than romantic love. I just don't see how Celaena and Chaol had such a connection and she felt like she "had come home" when she was with him if their relationship was going to end up so broken. I like that Chaol is the only one who ever checks Celaena on her actions. I always felt that they were the perfect balance for each other, so the loss of their relationship saddens me.
Rumesa Ohmigod! I do. I don't want them together: it's more like I need them together. I really want them to work yhings out and be happy and not end up so damaged like peeta and katniss at the end of Mockingjay.
dragon I really REALLY want the Chaolaena but seeing what this book did to Chaol's character and their relationship makes it seem impossible, which really sucks

I can't really get behind the whole Rowan thing because it just doesn't feel right in a romantic sense, though at this point I'm more frustrated by the WHOLE romance stuff. Like, why can't she just keep to one and have that relationship developed, instead of having a guy per book *sigh*
No I love your comment Alice "AND I DONT WANT A FRICKEN LOVE SQUARE!" I said that the whole time reading heir of fire. To be honest I will be truly disappointed if they do not end up together. Rowan I think is like a brother thing so I am not so worried about that. Aedion is loyal but I don’t feel like it will end up with them together either. Everyone says that Choal dose not love all of her and that’s the problem. One he is coming to grips with it how would you feel to find out your one true love had lied to you and was really not even the same species as you, it would take anyone a minute to process that. Plus she claimed to have such strong feelings for him, that doesn’t just go away. If she really loved him like it was depicted it should work out. And if they don’t I will view her as a stupid girl who broke a good mans heart because she was to naive to understand what real love is and should have never said it to him in the first place. But that is just my opinion.
Heidi Walnum I don't think that's really fair. Sometimes you go through a life change, and sometimes it's drastic. As the person Celaena was when she met Chaol up until a bit before her leaving to another continent, they were a great match. Both had major changes in their lives and it doesn't mean they don't still care for one another, it just means that romantically they aren't matched up like they used to be.

It happens in real life, and I think the main thing is to see how realistic this change was. After all they went through and after all that changed in them, they transitioned into two people who weren't a perfect match.

Sometimes we fantasize that the person who we first fall in love with is the one we're meant to be with forever, but more often than not this isn't the case.

I understand this is a work of fiction, of fantasy, but I think above many other aspects of the main character this allows readers to relate with Aelin on a profound level.

Ultimately, these are just my thoughts on the matter and I was hoping to maybe provide a different angle for those upset with the turnout in Aelin's love life.
leenahreads listen chaolaena has been dead for 3 years and its still the best ship this series will ever have!! she can never make rowaelin have the great build up and tension that chaolaena had... IDC WHAT HAPPENS CHAOL THROUGH AND THROUGH!!
Alex Chase I absolutely LOVE chaolaena/Aelin! I don't see Rowan any more than a friend for Celaena/Aelin. I shipped Chaol and Celaena from the beginning. IT WILL NEVER GO DOWN!
F.mbozi Despite accepting Rowan...somewhere deep inside....Chaolena lives on
-A I randomly saw this and decided to share my opinion. I love Chaolaena. I never stopped shiping them and I doubt I ever will. I don't understand what happened, why Sarah J Maas decided to do what she did but I still think Chaolaena should be endgame. I am rereading ToG and will reread CoM and the feels are still there. I find myself smiling and crying just when they talk! I am afraid of what I'll do when I get to reread CoM.
I think I will read the last novel in the series next year when it comes out although I am not stupid and have 0 hope for them to be endgame. I just wish someone else would've written this couple that had given them the ending they deserve.
I don't care what people say, I don't ship and I know I will never ship Rowaelin. I am not going to say I am sorry because I'm not. I respect those who ship them but I just can't understand.
What I find myself not knowing is if I will read the Chaol novella because... Well, we know what will happen with Chaol and that random girl that showed up in QoS just to make Chaol not end up alone. It literally pains me to think what we could've gotten if the author wasn't turned on by controlative man characters (because Rowan is as much as Tamlin in ACOTAR).
I am hopeful that even if in the books Celaena/Aelin doesn't end up with Chaol in thr TV show she will because I think it will be the most famous couple.
I also can't understand how people changed of ship so easily, I really wish sometimes I could do so for not to be heartbroken every page of the last two books. I guess I am just a hardcore shipper(I ship Klaroline from TVD since day 1 and will always do)

Sorry if I am late or something like that but I just needed to share my opinion on the matter.
prag ♻ IFKR. I mean, before Queen of Shadows, it is CLEAR that Rowan and Celaena are platonic friends who both love/ loved somebody else. And now, it's Aelin/ Rowena? No way. I'm still a biiiiig supporter of Chaolena. They're perfect for each other. I get the whole Aelin-Celaena thing, but why would you want to ruin that?
Evelyn okay guys no way is Chaol and Celena/Aelin going to be together i know every one thinks they are meant to be but they are clearly not. 1) Celena is fae and if you read carefully she is immortal which means she will out live Chaol. 2) how can she be with some one who cant except who she is i mean i understand he was raised that way but really no one can change its in his nature to hate magic. once there was a frog and a scorpion the frog was going to cross the river and the scorpion ask if he could ride the frogs back. the frog said "no because you would just sting me". the scorpion then answered with "no because then we would both die." the frog then decide it was safe so the scorpion hopped on and they made half way across the river and the the scorpion stung the frog. before the frog died he asked "why did you sting me now we are both going to die." the scorpion then answered "because it was my nature." its the same for chaol its in his nature to hate Celena's magic. 3) chaol cant except that celena is deadly and once tried to kill him. and in this book you cant blame celenas choice and the fact that choal fears celena and thinks she will destroy the world #trust issues.

this is the reason why choal and Alein cant be together rowan would be a better choice even though rowan seems more loyal then in love with Alein. I don't disagree with the fact that choal and celena are meant to be but celena is dead only Alein remains and to much has happen between them that theres no going back.

btw rowan and Alein are NOT related and i wish there was another book showing how Alein rebuilds her kingdom and how her love life pans out.
Brianna Jo Gonzalez I KNOW RIGHT!! I have been a Chaolaena shipper from the beginning. Even if their relationship is a little rocky right now. And I really don't think that Dorian will want a new girlfriend since the girlfriend he had just died in the last book so I think the Dorian and Celaena ship won't work out. And I don't think the Celaena and Rowan ship work out either because it doesn't seem like Rowen isn't going to get over his ex's death anytime soon not to mention the fact that he doesn't exactly seem to like Celaena like that, though they might end up together eventually.
Carley I feel like Chaol is going to be Celaena's saving grace. In that vision the valg prince gave her it shows her becoming too powerful for her own good. All the power goes to her head as the massive crowd screams her name. This is exactly what Chaol is afraid of. He knows and has seen her lose herself countless times. I think she needs him to tame her wildfire, or else she will turn the world to ash with the word keys. I think that they are both doing a lot of soul searching until they figure that out. Also, what if Chaol has magic? Its been 10 years that magic has been gone, what if he discovers some when magic returns. Also, the part in the book where the valg prince says that all the players have returned for the unfinished game..... Celaena is the decendent of King Brannon, Dorian is descended from Queen Elena with his blue sapphire eyes, but who is Chaol?? Oh I love love love these books!
Cynthie No worries, there are still tons of us readers in the Chaol and Celaena/Aelin camp. I mean come on, Chaol was the first guy that was introduced to us in the story and in Celaena's/Aelin's life. That has to symbolise something right ? Other than that, I can't really stomach Rowan and Celaena/Aelin at all. They are just carranam and distant cousins. Okay so he did play a significant role in unlocking her magic and growing into her skin.... BUT that just does not measure up. Chaol is hard and soft in different ways with Celaena/Aelin and their relationship is so heartening. I however don't mind Rowan remaining as a close friend or advisor... That is the closest to a relationship that they should have... Besides, Aedion already has that role.
Jocelyn I don't know, he's a good guy and everything, but kinda boring. He doesn't challenge Celaena/Aelin enough and I didn't feel as though he could really keep up with ALL of her. Plus in HoF it kinda seemed like both Chaol and Celaena were moving on from each other. I don't really know who she'll end up with (or if she'll even end up with anyone at all). Maybe she'll just be badass and awesome all by herself. What a novelty that will be - for a YA heroine to end up with none of the love interests!
Alice (Booksandfreshlybrewedtea) I always thought the bond between rowan and celeana was more brotherly and now its loyalty. I just think it would be awkward for them to be together because rowan clearly still isnt over his lady either. i just want their to be a close friendship between the two. AND I DONT WANT A FRICKEN LOVE SQUARE!
But with Chaol he in a sense betrayed Celeana about not telling her stuff and she nearly killed him. I don't see them getting back to how they used to be. Besides we don't even know if Chaol would still approve of her heritage. Plus there was moment HOF between Cel and Rowan where she basically questioned if she ever loved chaol.
And Dorian, well i liked their relationship together it was light and jokey. but the situation they are in at the mo wouldn't cause for that, so i dont think their relationship would last. He's not matched for her really in many levels. But after the next book this might change if hes saved. But we all know for sure he will never be the same person as he was before.
I however cant wait to see the interaction between Aedion and Celeana.

With all that said. I really liked chaolaena together out of all the relationships, i just don't see it happening anymore :(
Eleanor It physically hurts my heart what SJM did to Chaol. For two books his character developed as did the love between him and Celaena/Aelin. The subtle ways he would look at her and going against all he believed in for her. I don’t understand how she can blame him for what happened to Nehemia and don’t understand why he would ship her away. From that point on the characters were like different people. In their time apart the author expects us to just forget about the love between the two of them as they forget themselves. I remember when Rowan was first introduced I remember telling myself that there is no way I am ever going to forgive him for the way he is treating her. And although his character has improved I dislike the whole fawning over the big handsome “fae prince”. I would have had so much more respect for the series and for Celaena/Aelin had she ended up with the noble captain of the guard that loved her when she was nothing. I like Yrene don’t get me wrong, but any relationship after the way we were led to believe he loved Celaena seems fickle.
Ksenijaaa2 I will ALWAYS ship Chaolaena no matter what. We all know how Sam's death broke Celaena's heart. When she first met Dorian i knew they would be together as lovers,but nothing more. She even opened up to him and told him about Sam witch was a huge thing considering that she never expressed her feelings to anyone since Sam died. But their relationship didn't last because Dorian was still a player when they met. But Chaol is different. He knew how hurt she was, so he was melting the barrier slowly. I was SO happy while Celaena and Chaol are together that Nehemia's death and their break up, literally broke my heart. The saddest thing in the crown of midnight was Chaolaena's split up. When Celaena was leaving she left Chaol eye of Elena to always protect him. Before that he gave her an amethyst ring witch he never took of. For me the ring and the necklace were still hope that Chaolaena will get back together. But now i finished queen of shadows and realised that there split up forever. But that doesn't matter to me because i will always ship Chaol an Celaena even thought they have gone separate ways..:(
Charlotte Smith i thought that too,and how in the middle he took her to his room and it explained it was not LOVE but he felt a need to protect her,i hoped he would not be come a lover because what they had was better,it also took him a while to respect her,when it was mentioned she was an assassin he snorted,he gave his respect when he saw her training,the whole book she was pining for chaol and then bam she loves Rowan,i though they did not go as lovers,more like brother and sister but closer,he is immortal and she is not,he had a mate and child and watched them die,what will happen when she dies ?However in this book i warm up to the idea more,chaol finds someone else and she is truly her self with Rowan to chaol and Dorian she would always be an unfaithful assassin(even if they dont want to think of her like that) to Rowan she was queen/fire heart,i am liking how it is going at the minuet,hopefully ur opinion will change too
Rebecca I've actually given up on this series. I have barely read QoS because I cannot stand the many love interests Celaena has already accumulated. I already knew where Rowan and Celaena were headed just from the last book alone. I knew there was a 99.9% chance of them becoming a couple. Chaol was the main guy I thought she would continuously grow with, but I guess not. I can't stand love triangles at all. I also can't stand a girl who goes from one dude to the next. It's annoying irl to see girls change boyfriends in such a short span of time. The last thing I want to do is read about it. =/ At this point, Celaena being with nobody at all sounds perfect to me. I started this series because I liked "A Court of Thrones" and even that book is pointing towards a love triangle.

So yeah, it's not so much that I ship Chaol or Celaena, it's more like I wish not so many love interests were introduced. Chaol and Dorian were enough and it gave me a headache in the first two books. So now it's Rowan and my brain cannot handle the whirlwind of lovers Celaena seems to have.
Atara Really? I never liked Chaol as a character and with each book I seem to like him less and less. And it's not just that he was confused about Celaena being Aelin but, like Dorian said, you can't pick and choose the parts of her to love. Chaol came to understand her dark side but he could never love that part of her.
And for all those complaining of a love square, she and Dorian are friends and I don't think there's any hint of it going any further. Plus, Aelin said that she didn't hurt when she saw Nesryn and Chaol together, which she would if she was still hung up on him.
Beck Davies i liked rowan alot but i still ship her and Chaol and will be disappointed if they don't work things out!
Jill I had the same question! I still love Chaol and Celeana/Aelin from the beginning. I understand why people want her with Rowan because I love him so much, but I feel like it is important for Celeana to have that brother-like figure. I feel like if anything happens between them, they will both feel like it is wrong and it will go away, probably not before Chaol gets a little bit jealous. I understand the need to ship Rowan and Celeana but I feel like he is needed more as a protector and brother than another person who is in love with her.
Lady Westfall I'm currently reading KOA and halway through and YES, I STILL SHIP THEM. I don't think I'm ever gonna stop. Chaolaena is the superior ship, You all can't change my mind. I've come to terms to accepting their own relationships (with Yrene and Rowan) but that didn't stop me from caring about chaolaena. I have put this ship in my own different bubble so no one can touch 'em. All other ships that came after chaolaena were basically recycled chaolaena anyway - Rowaelin/Chaorene. FIGHT MEEEEE
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Rosa Violeta @Sheena, I completely see and can even understand how you feel; however, it seems like Chaol was showing his true colors (so-to-speak) during the previous book. The moment Aelin (then Celaena) jumped into that other dimension and turned fae for a moment, he changed toward her. Even Dorian told Chaol that he couldn't pick and choose what parts of her he can love. It's all or nothing. Chaol has it ingrained in him that magic is evil and can't bear the thought of loving her fully because she may turn on him and those around her at any moment (in his eyes, of course). This is by his own admission during one of his mental ramblings. I was a Chaolaena fan too, at first. When he turned on her like that, however, I became disappointed. Being in shock for a moment is acceptable. Believing that she would turn on him means he doesn't really know her. And if he doesn't really know her, how can he truly love her?
Jana Nah, I don't really like Chaol, in the beginning I wanted her to be with Dorian, but then Rowan showed up and then there was no doubt, they are perfect with each other ♥ and Dorian with Manon are just as cute! So Chaol is the only one remaining, hmm, I guess he can be with Aedion..
Jijipop6 I can't believe people still ship Chaolaena when there's obviously no choice now. I'm sorry, but did you read about Chaol in the beginning? He sucked pretty badly. I love Rowan. He's an angel sent from the heavens. I'm so done with Chaolaena. Guys, Chaolesryn. Guys, Rowaelin. It's canon, nothing you guys can do about it now, Mwauhahah. (Not meant to offend, I just really love Rowaelin).
Dani I will ship them forever!!!!!!!!!
Tbh Rowan is a boring character.......
Stefania I'll always ship Sam and Celaena ç____ç
Arsian Just finished reading QoS and wow what a brilliant read! I'm intrigued to see how it all plays out in the end, but I'm still holding out for Chaolin/Chaolaena!!! Regardless of whether Rowan and Aelin are carannam and BFFs now, there's still some secret part of me that's holding onto the Chaolin/Chaolaena dream lol yes, Rowan sounds all dreamy and Chaol made a right dick of himself in HoF and the beginning stages of QoS, but I can't help thinking (and hoping!) that Rowaelin would end up being better BFFs?? If Chaol can just get over his issues with who and what Aelin is, they could still stand a legitimate chance. I'm feeling like if she does some heroic act and saves him, all will be right in the Chaolin/Chaolaena universe. Come on SJM, don't let me down!
B Think that's bad? I'm still low-key Team Dorian.

(Okay, fine. It's more than low-key. A lot more. Even though that's been doomed for a while. Even though Sorscha happened. Even though [SPOILER - kind of] that bit with Manon at the end was a bit suspect.)

I do like Rowan's character, but I really think they were better off as just carranam and soulfriends. I mean, I get and like that the series shows Aelin/Celaena having multiple love interests - makes it a bit more ... realistic? People grow, relationships change, etc. But I just wasn't completely sold on Rowan as a romantic partner.

As for Chaol, I did have a soft spot for him in the first couple books, but I was always just a bit more Dorian-biased and now, with how much he/his and Aelin's dynamic changed in QoS, I'm just not sure about him as lead romantic interest anymore ...
Lindsay When they were together I did and now I don't like him anymore. HoF completely ruined him for me really. I can only hope he can redeem himself in the next books but I don't want them to end up together.
i just finished the series.
Still shipping Chaolaena.
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Catherine no chaol doesnt deserve celeana she deserves better
Alta I don't like Chaol, he is too careful, I don't hate him, but I just feel like it wouldn't be right
Zina Refaat Of course I still do. I love Rowan, but the idea of Rowaelin is... is weird in a way? I don't see the ship tbh. I mean, the chemistry between Chaol and Celaena already says enough about the ship.
Jillian I do. Not that it means anything because it seems Rowan and Celaena/Aelin are a done deal, but I'll always want her with Chaol.

I don't see the appeal of Rowan. He falls flat. Chaol is just, ugh, everything.

Don't think I am going to finish the series because of this very reason.
Marble Maas I love looking at these comments that were before Empire of Storms and they just make me laugh. Some people were in such a denial to see rowan and Aeling together XD
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FanboyOfTheFandom I really hated Part 2 of CoM since Nehemia died because of Archer (dick) and then Celaena lashes out at Chaol and blames him for Nehemia's murder and the ship gets broken.
We have to save our ship and not let that go down into the watery depths like the Titanic.
I still want a fan fiction of Chaol and Aelin living in a place far, far away from Adarlan and having a baby together.
Asteria Out of all of the guys, I think Chaolaena was the cutest, but only while it lasted. After Nehemia's death, that relationship was broken, and after discovering she was Aelin, well it's unfixable. I do believe they can become friends again, but that's it. To me Empire of Storms, gives Rowaelin more of a reason to exist. I think they're perfect for each other, but I don't ship Rowaelin. Chaolaena will always be the cutest.
Rumcannie I hate rowan x Aelin , and to be honest I never shipped chaoleana. My ship will always be Celorian I just love how Dorian cares for her and the way he interacted with her in the first book is the cutest moments ever.
Also I feel like Rowan is not a good fit for her because to me the relationship feels forced/ rushed, also I have forgotten the details but are the related? Someone please help me with this part or not cause I seriously don't remember.
Lastly why did there have to be a 3rd love interest? I thought it would have been amazing if they were bbfs but no suddenly they are romantically involved.
Monogamist I will always ship them.
Sydney I don't. I liked them when they were together, but hated his divided loyalties, and really hated his reaction to when she shifted in the shadow realm to protect them. Dorian said it best when he said he can't pick and choose which parts of her he loves.
Fiona S YES! I still ship them! I understand why Celaena (gah no I'm not calling her Aelin, that's just cheap character development) sort of hated Chaol while she was grieving but honestly there is really no grounds. I don't hate Rowan but he was so much better as her carranam and friend, for once a male and female not in a romantic relationship (but Celaena already has Aedion! She can have more than one, plus he's her cousin and she honestly doesn't seem to have a very deep relationship with him.) and those who say that Chaol just ruined himself, no, he did not he made very human mistakes. Plus none of it was consistent with his character and all seemed like SJM attempting to get one love interest out of the way to make way for another. Additionally it seems like now the whole series revolves around their romance, or at least their POVs, making me feel really disconnected to the both of them. And I know everyone is all like "the rest of them; Sam, Dorian, Chaol; only loved one part of her, he loves all of her, awwwww" but I don't buy it. He acknowledges her assassin side, but nothing more, and I feel has made her twist her memories from that era of her life to all be negative, unhappy, and selfish, but they really weren't. She was Celanea for four books, counting Assassin'a Blade, and she seemed perfectly happy, at least most of the time, which is normal, and no more selfish than your average person. I mean, just think of what she did for Yrene and the slaves in Skulls Bay, while she Celaena, an assassin. Thinks of her saving Nox, and all the men she was supposed to kill, as Celaena, the assassin. And those first rights with the Valg? Celaena. But I'm getting off topic. Rowan never seemed to truly love those parts of her, just acknowledges that she used to be that girl. Chaol, meanwhile, who is far less Fae than Rowan is assassin, fully accepted the deepest, ugliest, and also one of the best parts of Celanea even when he was trained to hate it. He even betrayed his own country to fight beside her. Not to mention he learns to accept her Fae side, and I'm sure if SJM hadn't totally erased their attraction would still love her. And don't even get me started on Nesryn who just seems so flat and adds nothing, just provides a romantic interest for Chaol. I'd mention Rowaelin age difference, but I ship Feyrhys so can't be hypocritical! To conclude, I will go down with this ship!!!!
Lily I have never, to be honest, shipped her with Chaol, no offense to you. I have, though, always liked her with Dorian for some reason. I heard that's what's happening in Empire of Storms though, so thank Sarah haha.
Cathryn I don't care who she gets with as long as he isn't an idiot. And so far, all 3 of the guys she's been into - Sam, Dorian, Chaol - have in some way or another been idiots. I don't mean they've been mean. I mean they've done really, really stupid things that could (or did) get someone killed.
Reagan These posts give me such hope!!!!! I've always shipped Chaol and Celaena. And truthfully I liked Rowan in HoF but never shipped him with Aelin. I feel like the only way for Rowaelin to end is for him to betray her or for him to die
Kelsi I have also shipped Chaolaena from the beginning and I will not stop. It just feels weird her being with Rowan it feels so awkward. It also feels forced. And I'm not kidding when I say I want to be sick when I see images of Rowaelin. Also may I point out THEY ARE RELATED!!!
Maxon Smith A lot of people are tripping up on the fact that Rowan and Aelin are related, but I must implore that in the time that this was based on, people married their brothers and sisters. They didn't really mind the fact that they were related and it's just a certain time based fact. I know it may seem a little bit weird, but it's normal for them and they are distantly related, which makes the bond through that part practically nothing at all. I think that Aelin will end up with Rowan because he accepts her for everything she is and everything that she will be. He knows that she is good and pure at heart, truly. He cares about her more than anything in his world and so does she for him. Plus, Alein does the same for Rowan. She knows about Rowan and his past and doesn't judge him for it unlike Chaol. Even though Chaol was raised to hate magic and serve his kingdom, some things he said throughout the book don't make up for that. He blames her for nearly everything and makes her hate herself, just as Arobynn did. He wants her to hate what she is and what she become proud of through Rowan . Once upon a time, I did ship Chaol with Celaena, but that was when she was Celaena, not Aelin. Now that she has come to terms with her past, she's not the same anymore. She's happy that she has power, has learned how to hone and control it instead of being fearful and hating everything about herself for it. She thinks that everything she does is wrong and her fault and I blame Arobynn and Chaol for that. Dorian has even come to terms with it and he was the king's son, the most connected to the hate and disagreement with magic. Also, I think Chaol needs a woman who doesn't have such a burden on her (like Nesryn). He even said that he couldn't see himself as king and if he ended up with Aelin, he'd have to be king. On top of that, Rowan is nearly 300 years old, meaning that he has a lot of experience with kingdoms and such. This would make him a powerful leader. Therefore I stand as a proud Rowaelin shipper. I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but I just wanted to point out some facts.
Dubhe sardothien I hate Rowan SO Much i always ship Chaolaena
Georgia I really ship Rowan and Aelin and I know people say they are related but it is REALLY distant so they aren't really. Also he had his mate and Sam was her mate and both Rowan and Aelin's mates died so they can be together.
This answer contains spoilers… (view spoiler)
Kimi M. I don't have an issue with Chaolaena at all, really, I actually adored them together, and had hope for them through Heir of FIre. BUT after reading HoF and QoS, I realized that Chaol a) doesn't see Celaena as Aelin, he wants a wife who will love him and a simple but happy life (nothing wrong with that at all) and b) Dorian quite literally points out how Chaol picks and chooses which parts of her to love? Like he legit manages to ignore the fact that she's killed many, many people through their relationship in CoM (and I do think that Celaena appreciated that, how he never thought of her as a monster until his own prejudices against magic and Fae kicked in, at least). And through HoF he's pining for her and such but like, he misses Celaena, he doesn't want her to change at all (Dorian points out his fear of change, too, tbh). But she will (and does) change. Everyone changes and he couldn't come to terms with that in HoF, and for most of QoS actually. Like in QoS I understand how Rowlin was like...what's going on here...? And at times it did feel a bit forced but honestly? /Honestly/? Rowan is perfect for Aelin. Like he will always be thinking of what's best for her, what's best for their court, what's best for Terrasen, which does counteract Aelin's tendency to selfishness (it's greatly diminished, tbh, but there's still a bit of a streak there). He will always, always accept her no matter what. Like you think that level of acceptance is weird-until it's not. Until you see how Aedion treats her, how he loves her and doesn't judge her. Until you see how Dorian, in the end of QoS, is perfectly okay with who she is. All that stuff, to me, brought out how judgemental Chaol had been in CoM and HoF (and yes, in the beginning of QoS).

And a last note? To those who are bashing the book because of the ships? Like literally what is wrong with you. SHIPS DO NOT A GOOD BOOK MAKE. Yes, it's nice to read about romance and see characters getting together. Yes, they deserve happiness and love. BUT there are more important things-quality of the writing (and goddamn can SJM write), character development, a good plot. And QoS delivers on all that, as does the entire series. Aelin could end up marrying Manon at the end of the series for all I care and I'd still read it and like it /because it's a very good series/. I might be unhappy with the ship, but that doesn't mean the entire series is a bust, aight? So like. Suck it up.
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