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I found this here on goodreads and wonder if I should put this one on my christmas-wishlist, it sounds a bit like Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and Walter Moers - so I'm guessing it's either something unoriginal or something I would totally enjoy... Should I give it a try?

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Jo Lonergan Unoriginal is the last word I'd use to describe this book :-)
Christie Buchovecky I like both Pratchett and Adams (haven't read Moers), but Fforde's work I LOVE. Also, I second the "Unoriginal is the last word I'd use to describe this book" comment.

If you like books, absurdist humor and the blending of genres, I'd be amazed if you don't like this series. I'll admit, there are some internal inconsistencies between the first book or two and the rest, which usually drives me crazy (but I'm willing to give it a pass when it seems to result from additional world-building after a first book). Things border on ridiculous nearly too much for my tastes as the series progresses, but if you can put up Pratchett's Discworld shenanigans, I can't imagine you'll take umbridge at Fforde.
Gail Definitely give it a try. I found it delightful.
Philo You should! A truly amazing parallel world :D
LynnB Absolutely original! And best if you're well read in the classics. Also better if you don't mind looking up lots of character names. E.g., one agent is named Braxton Hicks, and many have literary names that I sure didn't know. Still, it's a fun book if you don't worry too much about what you might be missing in the literary humor.
Tracy Mecum I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found it smart and funny. I love Pratchett but haven't read Adams or Moers. I have read Neil Gaiman, though, and enjoy his books. But if you enjoy Pratchett (and if you've read Gaiman and enjoyed his work), I'd say this is very good fit and that you would enjoy.
Claire I enjoyed it and read a couple more in the series. A fun read!
Juanita I really enjoyed it - I have no difficulty suspending my disbelief, so even though things were ridiculous and madcap, it didn't bother me. Having a background in the classics is useful, but I don't, but it wasn't a problem. I read another book by the same author just a few days ago, "The Last Dragonslayer", which is meant for a young adult audience, and it was hilarious.
IAmOnlyHereForJasperFforde I haven't read the authors you name, but this author is way better.
Gav451 Did you try it?

If you haven't yet you definitely should. It is full of ideas and creates a world all of its own.

A very good book
Leslie Munday DA and TP setup their worlds and give a lot more depth to their characters. I felt that this world was just a jumble of random situations without any basis for what much of what was happening. The jokes are funny at times, but mostly puns that come and go. whereas TP and DA can run the joke throughout the series. It's original, but doesn't maintain my interest. Maybe because I read a lot of Sci-Fi and fantasy, which this is not.
The cover mentions similarities with Monty Python. I would replace that with Benny Hill.
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