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If God was inspiring the translation process of the Book of Mormon, why were 4,000 changes necessary?

Zach Bowie Do you know how many changes were made to the bible? Way more than 4,000.
Linda Because many of the people transcribing it had poor educations and didn't always spell and punctuate things correctly? They didn't have compulsory education back then.
Jwg Actually one of the big non-grammatical changes was to modify the book from a trinitarian view of the Godhead to a view of the Godhead as distinct personages. This was to make the book align with Joseph Smiths shifting narrative about his first vision and the evolving dogma of the church.
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Allyna To answer your question, God is perfect, man is not. Therefore, men make mistakes.
Edward Hewitt Most of those changes where grammatical, this book was originally published in 1830 after all. Considering that you can still purchase the original print version, if you really want to know you can compare both.
Silver - Have a great day, you're loved Answer summary:

To repeat what @Allyna said, God is perfect, but men were prone to error, thus those errors had to be fixed. While this isn't a perfect comparison, let's say you're writing an article about something true you witnessed. As a human, you're bound to make mistakes and typos.

Like @Linda said, average people didn't have amazing education back in the 1800s, so it would make sense for Joseph Smith and those who were helping him to need to correct mistakes.

The article @em_panada linked to also explains it really well, you should check it out. I'll re-link it here:
(Don't be confused by how the link looks different, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has changed their website since em_panada posted in 2015.)
Britt When the Book of Mormon was translated, it was one continuous narrative from beginning to end. No paragraphs, punctuation, no books, chapters or verses. The current version has all of those things, thus leading to the notion there were "thousands of changes."
Devdas A very good question! No one can answer this question, satisfactorily.
And who knows how many iterations, interpolations, and insertions! Even God would have disapproved, I dare say!
Esther Williams The changes were mostly taking out hundreds of "And it Came to Pass.." chapter introductions, and punctuations.
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