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He "upgraded his brain by >20 IQ points?" Seriously? Do people REALLY believe that you can do that? You can't upgrade your brain unless you have a brain transplant which is something that so far belongs into the realm of science fiction. Secondly any improvements in IQ do not reflect ANY improvement in physical brain.

Gumbo Ya-ya I'm sure it's possible to score 20 points higher on an IQ test than you have done previously, whether that's actually meaningful is debatable...

If your car can run better on higher octane petrol without you replacing the engine then you can probably get your brain to run better by altering your diet without getting a brain-transplant...

As far a weight-loss goes, within 8 weeks of starting to follow Asprey's diet (though not very strictly), I lost 6kg. And I was not overweight to start with; it's entirely believable that someone who was significantly overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle could shed 45kg (and quickly) if following this diet closely...
Annie Kostyk Actually, it is possible.
Linda George Well, I certainly feel clearer and smarter. I haven't actually taken an IQ test, but I would expect a higher score. There is really something to this!
Lisa Well....if you suffer from brain-fog, I am sure you can score 20 points more on the IQ charts when you reduce inflammation. It isn't about a bigger brain, its about being able to think without zoning out - no science fiction required. PS, after reading the other comments, it is interesting that the ones who call this "magic" are mostly men. I am guessing most women of a certain age (me) who battle the cruel hammer of age, understand how hormones are affected by a crappy diet and inflammation. This diet really gave me back energy and clarity. Yahoo!
Prudence Tippins In the book, the author addresses the seeming impossibility of this feat as well as the societal beliefs that may be disproved by current biological research.
Debbie Actually, that did happen to a neighbor of mine when she got out from under her emotionally abusive husband and got surrounded by supportive people who helped her learn to stop saying "I can't, I'm too stupid."
Kurtis Rader He did it the same way he "lost 100 lbs without using calories or exercise". That is, magical thinking.
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