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hi everyone can you help ti identify the genre of this novel....i have a presentation about this...i really need your help...I need details about it.. thank you :).....?

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Nikki Plummer It's not historical fiction! Historical fiction is when an author writes about a historical period in the past, ie Philippa Gregory writing in 2001 about the Tudors. Jane Austen was writing IN the early 19th century ABOUT the early 19th century. You can't just classify every book written before 1900 as historical fiction.
Aisha Abbas It is novel of manners. Novels during Austen's time was divided into three categories:
1- Historical, which Walter Scott is famous for.
2- Medieval Romances, more connected to writers like Walpole, and Mrs Radcliffe.
3- Novel of Manners, to which Austen books were known for.
Trinity It's NOT historical fiction
Emily K It is a classic
Yashu Ramesh Classic Literature
Candi Lynn I would classify all of Jane Austen's works as both Classic Literature and Regency-era Romance.
Emma It is a classic.
Susan It is a period romance. It highlights the social customs of the time, including, but not limited to, romance.
Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) It's a period piece, actually written in the period it depicts. If they had had the term then, they would have called it social commentary. OK, so it only deals with the upper middle class, but in those days they were the people who mattered; the nobility were too far above and the workers too far below. Novels were written for the upper middle class in those days. They wanted to see their mores faithfully depicted, and with Austen that is what they got. What Really Mattered is firmly in place: marrying up, but not too far up; having children to carry on the family name; looking after the estate and caring for those below you on the social scale by providing limited education, employment, and the only "health care" there was in those days. Which meant sending round broth and leftovers from His Lordship's table, along with homemaking advice, skimmed milk from His Lordship's dairy, and visits from the daughters of the big house.
Catalina Ontiveros It could be classified under a few, but I would have to say top three would be Historical Fiction, Romance and 19th Century Literature.
Adriana If you have a presentation about the book, just read it!
Rose This is not historical fiction since it does not contain a background including a specific historical event (a war, natural disaster, cultural impact event). It also does not include real historical figures interacting with the central characters and/or plot. The historical background is not a part of the narrative. In historical fiction the time period/event is almost a character itself. Gone with the Wind is historical fiction.
Rashmi Sasi I guess this classic is both a Historical Fiction and Romance.
Rose Wilson I'm assuming you've read it and are still unable to classify the genre. If so try google.
Dani Carlos Considero que es una novela costumbrista debido a que hace una descripción tanto del paisaje como las formas de comportamiento de la época.
Cecilia I would say satire as well as novel of manners?
Jackie Witmer This is historical romance and a true classic by an incredible author. You can read Persuasion as a stand alone novel but you would probably enjoy reading Pride and Prejudice first or at least soon after followed by Sense and Sensibility, and Emma. These were the times were men thought of not much more than there money and social standings and women were for providing dowries and heirs to carry on these fortunes. Most marriages were not ,in actuality, love matches but rather the marrying of funds and the promise of offspring. Eligible men were discussed for the amount of pounds (a currency) they were worth a year, and woman for their social status and connections to make an earnest marriage even more powerful. All Jane Austen books are fantastic reads and take you back to bygone days in Old England and France. Enjoy!
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