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Is this book appropriate for a 10 year old ?

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Allison I would say not for a ten year old, but maybe for a twelve year old. It sometimes gets really intense (violence) and the sexual references made me a little bit uncomfortable at times. It's a good book, but maybe wait until they're a teenager.
Avaminn F'nett Probably. There's a few sexual references (all from Thorne) but they'd go over a 10 year-old's head.
Emily This is talking about "taking a girl home" and "warming someone's bed", so I'd say no. YA novels are generally for teens and older.
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Erin these books are definitely appropriate for a ten year old. There is a little bit of violence but i think its fine, then again it all depends on the maturity level. I would've been fine when i was 10 but others might not be
Sierra Chandler One of the female characters gets legitimately horny in one scene (describing "yearning to be close" and "wanting to touch") and kind of seduces a male character but I don't think that should prevent you from giving it to your 10 year old. Actually, this may be the only YA novel where a female protagonist had that kind of sexual agency. I wish I had that influence as a teen instead of being hit over the head with the tired old troupe of female sexual submission.
Amy Definitely! It has about as much romance as the Cinderella movie and the violence isn't too bad.
Ellen Deckinga Just finished it this morning with my 10yo (in 2 weeks). She LOVED it and could not wait for the next book to start. I agree with Shelby. The other thing is that there is a definite statement about a monogomous relationship.
Lia Acosta I don't think I would recommend the book for a 10 year old, just because it's very descriptive when it comes to the violence. And has a few intense scenes between characters, but if a little older, than would totally recommend!
Sarahʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I agree with Avaminn F'nett. I read this book when I was 10 and it was fine. I didn't even realize anything was wrong until 2 years later when I re-read the book.
Ash it's a lot more intense than Cinder. There is kind of a fake sexual assault. So I'd say no.
Mia Jarrell I don't know it depends on what your 10 year old knows and isn't confusing them.
Fiona Hughes There is some gore, and a few *suggestions* (they mostly pass over younger heads) , but if your ten-year-old is mature, then yes.
Madi yes, apparently there are sexual references but i'm 13 and they went over my head. I'm read these books to my 9 year old sister and she absolutely loves it
Deidre AR Bookfinder says it's appropriate for 6th graders and older, but I'm guessing (as always) it depends on the maturity of the individual reader. http://www.arbookfind.com/bookdetail....
Shelby Ann Yeah, I would see myself reading it when I was 10. There is just some kissing and cuddling but it never gets serious.
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