Sandy Palma
Sandy Palma asked:

Are drag queens a prominent part of this book? Is it appropriate for a 16 year old? Thanks

Andrea It's a little odd that you are more concerned about your 16-year-old reading about drag queens than about murder.

Patrick Murphy Dear Sandy, I suggest that you reappraise your moral imperatives ; if your sixteen year old son has watched even one week's worth of network televison programming since his birth then, I can assure you, he is pefectly well aware of the social iconography of LGBTQ mores but - and a very BIG BUT - he will certainly have a more serious filial dependence on your explication of why we murder each other with expensive Italian 9mm handguns before we even think of purchasing a fancy lawnmower ....
Trilby O'Farrell I don't think it's really "appropriate" to determine what a 16 year old reads. Nobody policed my reading at that age.
Lisa As a parent I suggest reading the book first and making your determination based on your thoughts/opinions, not others.
Millystargirl i hope your 16year old has become a drag queen what a ridiculous question
Charles It depends on the maturity of the reader in general - regardless of age. I was reading Edgar Allen Poe in 3rd grade, though.....

It is a well written book, detailing a lot of history, both locally and in the South in general.

I would suggest reading it yourself first, then make the call as a parent.
Josh Mack I would say yes. The world is filled with murder. Nothing you can do to hide the world from your children, especially teenagers on social media. There is worse content on TV every single day than you will find in the pages of this book. Also, if your child has expressed an interest in a book of this caliber at the age of 16, I would highly implore you to let them devour any book they come across. It is nothing short of a phenomenon to find a teenager with such tastes and it would do them a great deal of good to start reading non-fiction at that age. Habits are developed young; a well-read person is almost universally more intelligent and more sensible.
Todd Hickman If I hear your fear, it's that "drag queens" would be presented in a favorable light, and you are not afraid that the author would present murder in a favorable light. I think that is a reasonable question. I don't think I would recommend this to a 16-year old.
Grace Tenkay I'd say appropriate for 18 and above, the themes are dark.
Marsha Depends on the 16 year old! The subject is definitely for more mature souls.
Mari McR I would not recommend this for a 16-year-old, but perhaps 20-year-olds would better appreciate the nuances and many symbolisms: dark, old magic, murder, lust.
K Why are so many people assuming the OP's second question is solely based on the first question? And why are so many assuming that the first question is negative toward drag queens? I find them to be very straightforward questions.
Sarah I would say if it interests them, then more power to them. I can't see my 16 year old really getting into this book because I don't think they would find it interesting, but I doubt that anything they would read in this book isn't something they would see elsewhere in media and the world in general. There is a drag queen, as well as themes of homosexuality, racism, homophobia, violence and murder. If these themes make you uncomfortable, maybe having an open discussion about the book with your 16 year old about your family values would help.
Christi Nash If the sixteen year old is on a college student reading level, then yes. I read Albert Camus' The Stranger when I was fifteen but didn't really appreciate it fully until my twenties. I would have similar concerns about MITGOGAE...not so much about the adult sexual or violent themes for a mature sixteen year old, but more so that it might be a little over their head in terms of processing overall content.
Mia I read this book as a 15-year-old and loved it.
Scott We would not be concerned, but that is relative to the maturity (and any specific hyper-sensitivity) of the individual. I could (and would) have read this at 12, with no adverse repercussions. This book is richly-laden with complex characters and an uncanny sense of time-and-place in - as well as the culture of - Savannah, the south, and aspects of our larger society. As others have recommended, I would highly recommend you read it first - both because it is an outstanding read, and it will probably answer your questions regarding appropriateness... We are contemplating gifting it to a 13-year-old niece for a variety of reasons, contingent on her parents' approval (her mother has read it).
Mark Suffern A drag queen,a murder of a homosexual lover,snobbery,racism so nothing that a 16 year old shouldn't be reading about.The book doesn't go into graphic details if that's what's worrying you.
Adam Shivers I never read the book. I am in here to get an idea about it myself. With that said, the question shouldn't be made to sound irrelevant based on the fact that murder is also a factor. Your statement is more irrelevant. If you think that friends and other influences (such as media) have the same chance of confusing our moral compass on the subject of murder as other subtleties... Then, no, you wouldn't understand why such a question would be asked.
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