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Just finished this last night. Very good read, unique circumstances blow away any conventional wisdom we have learned. Turns your mind around. Good discussion possibilities for book clubs.The title forces you to think of someone else's circumstances in a new way. In other words think of me before you. I think.What do you think?

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Diana Jimenez I read that the title is "the person I was before I met you" sort of way... I prefer it that way but I think It has a lot of possibilities
Deetsy Although they are both so different, it is amazing how similar they are. Will is trapped by the limitations of his body, whereas Louisa is trapped by the limitations of her fear. Together, they experience a life-changing transformation. Similar to Heather, I think they are both the 'me' and both the 'you'.
✿ ♥ Heather ♥ ✿ Hi, I thought this was actually about Will putting his choice ahead of Lou, even though they loved each other. He was saying Me, Before You. But now that I've seen what you've all written, that makes sense too. Just googled it, and yep, you guys were right - question asked to Jojo Moyes.......

To whom do the “me” and “you” refer to in the title?
It’s deliberately opaque – but I think of it as referring to each of them: It’s “who I was before I met you”. -

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samsarella Interesting point of view. "Think of me before you". The ultimate way of loving. It really turns things around and gives another dimension to the story.
Kageyama Tobio Reading the title "Me Before You" I thought of it more describing Lou before she met Will since Lou changed a lot during the course of their time together.
I also feel that the title hints that even though the interaction with another person might end with you feeling bitterly sad, extremely angry, or on top of the world for all that matters, your interaction with that person has forever changed you and there's no going completely back to the way you were.
Good News Movement Given that her following book is called "After You" it seems safe to say that it's referring to her before Will.
SheriC (PM) I think this "question" belongs in the discussion boards, not in the Q&A section.
Mary I read the title as Diana Jimenez does, 'the person I was before I met you'. But I can also see the selflessness of the title. And it is true. I think we can agree that both interpretations work.
Tiffiny I think it references who they both were, before they met each other. Therefore, highlighting how happy they were, together. But, I also agree with you, Joan. I think that it is forcing us to put ourselves aside, and focus on the needs of someone else, even if their needs (or wants) aren't something that we would choose for them.

Agreed, Diana and Pam!
Pam I read it as (This was....) Me before You (...came into my life). And I only really got that after I finished the book.
Jack Vasen I took this question in a broader sense as being more than about just the title, but the concept of putting others first, or as I mention in my review: Walk a mile in my shoes. The author is quite clever by beginning with a Louisa who is appalled by the idea of assisted suicide at least in Will's case. Then the story eats away at her passionate belief. I don't think her belief entirely changes, but she has definitely started to see the other point of view. As to Joan's question - I may be wrong. If so, I lean toward "the person I was before I met you".
linny :) I think it's how Will has to 'go' before Lou. and even though this will hurt her he has to put his entire 'life' before just being with her because he doesn't think this is enough - he wants too much from life to be contented without his body back and just Lou, and he has to put himself first, dying before Lou
Isabelle In my language the title of the book is changed into: A whole half year (roughly translated). It seems in every other language they just kept the original title and translated that instead of inventing a new one. In my opinion the title shows that meeting a new person can change your entire life and being, so I like the original title more than the german one.
Wayne Perhaps she needs to do a Writing Course !!!
She who must not be named I thought it was along the lines of "who I was before I met you" , but I like your interpretation too :) It's also relevant to the plot . Nice one!
Bek Hart Do you know if this book has any bad language in it or if I has explicit content? Thanks in advance :)
Leah Janik I think the title also has to do with the tattoo Will got...
Gilahk I think it refers to how people affect each other
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