Matej asked:

This book sounds great and i want it, but yesterday i have seen that its for 12-17 years old, and im 25...can a 25 years old guy really enjoy in this book? help! :)

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Neil I'm 40, have just read it and it destroyed me. No age limits on something this perfect.
Fresh Pisuttisarun I don't think book should have age recommendations at all. The message and morals behind the book is just too beautiful to ignore. The book is so relatable that you just can't ignore it. Go for it!
Joy To quote C.S. Lewis, "Children's books not enjoyed by adults are not good children's books."
Björn I am 38 and have read it last night and was moved to tears ;)
Jillian Can a 80 year old still read Cat and the Hat?
READ ON! It really doesn't matter your age.
Licha This book should not be categorized as for a particular age. I think this book works so well because it touches that scared child that still lives within all of us. You should definitely read it.
Lori "...Monster..." is shelved in the Y/A section of our local library.

It is highly recommended to "kids" of all ages.

At age 54, I read this the first time (2013) and have been forever changed by it due to:

1. The conception of the book,

2. The story; English Professors could take this apart 100 different ways. They could graph symbolism woven throughout this tale.

Passing up this read is missing an incredible ride through the lives of ordinary people who find although there is magic enough to change the course of lives, that doesn't mean it works in their favor.

A must read.
The lessons, drawings, and words are WAY too good to ignore!!!!
Mary Kay This book may be targeted for the young adult but the writing is good and the story is excellent. I have found some of my favorite reads in the young adult area. Good writing is ageless.
Cat I've been rereading the book since I was 10 years old. I didn't really understand it at first. Then later that year I got cancer myself, and I grew such a large appreciation for it. I'm 18 now and still love it just as much as when I was younger. It is a mature book, one that most kids probably won't get a full understanding of. The maturity of this book makes it unique and I personally think there's no age limit for it. It's not a "children's story" about monsters under the bed, and it will squeeze emotions out of you easily every time you read it. If you haven't read it, read it. If you have, read it again. :)
Katie I'm within the age range so I probably can't responsibly answer this question but I personally feel that this novel transcends age, maturity, life experience, etc. The drawings are amazing and the writing is outstanding. The narrator is a young boy so if you think that might make it difficult for you to engage in the story fully, then I implore you to read it anyway because Patrick Ness does such an amazing job at making the emotions and experiences accessible to everyone.
Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) A book that doesn't appeal to adults will have little appeal for young people either. The classics that adults re-read the most are the books that they remember changing their lives when they were young.
Hannah Clark I'm 23 and I just finished this book. I am heartbroken and in love all at once.
Ray FitzGerald I'm 35 and I read it in one glorious sitting last night. I simply couldn't put it down. This is a book for all ages. Don't judge its contents by the recommendations on the cover.
Emma Lynch I read this book at age 27 or 28 and it moved me. I remember being on the bus home from work when I finished it and feeling the loss that only the end of a truly great book can bring. Read it! Trust me, if you don't you're missing out.
Joey LaBelle I know you posted this over a month ago...but this book is among my all-time favorites, and I read it at 36. The book is nothing short of amazing.
Kristine Walker At 53, I read it in a few yours. Moving and beautiful. Just read it. Anyone who loves books and reading will appreciate this experience.
Nancee I'm 69 years old and just finished reading this heart wrenching book. There are no age limits to magnificent, creative, earthy works.
Book Hoarding Dragonborn Im 39 and this book made my cry my eyes out, but it wasnt because the book was at all moving or well written. I lost my mother to cancer and it just made me think about that. Nothing in this book was relatable to my own experience with hospitals, cancer, the death of my mother or my feelings about all of those things.

This book wasnt anything amazing, imho. It was extremely predictable and the characters were rather robotic and just moved the story along, never really having any depth. I never cared about any of them. They were like empty puppets going thru a very predictable play. The book is very pretty to look at, but as for reading... not so much. I dont know why this book has gotten so much attention! I would not recommend this book to anyone.
Misty No. I am 43 and it had me bawling. After I read it I immediately purchased a second copy for my sister. Very powerful.
Marks 2 years late, but just wanted to put it out there that this book is actually assigned to me in my current college class. Children's literature is not written by children, nor is it only meant for children.
Jim Eddy I'm 61. My 31 year old recommended it. I loved it. I'm also a 5th grade (10-11 years old) teacher. I suspect some of them will like it as well.
Hanlie Wessels Do you have a heart? Do you have emotions? Have you ever felt sad or lonely or isolated? Then you should read this book.

Also, have tissues handy
Kelley 52 and finished it yesterday. It shattered me.
LadyCalico I'm 68 and I loved this book. If I were asked to name one book that I think everybody in the world should read, I would say this one. The story is ageless, since wisdom and empathy are ageless.
Angela Well, I`m 46 and I can definitely say that it`s one of the most moving books I`ve ever read....
Meredith I loved this book. It was not at all what I thought it was going to be. In fact, it was better. There are universal truths in this book that are relevant to those of all ages. It's also a great introduction to children about the complexities of love and grief and the confusion that comes with just being human. Read it in one sitting--highly recommend.
Natalia Im 25 and id recommend this book, i don't think it is a age dependent book you'll def get a lot out of it. so much to relate to irregardless of age.
Taylor Siedel This book is amazing. And perfect. And made me sob like a child in the best ways.

Seriously though, read it. It's worth it, and not necessarily a "kids'" book.
Sharon I'm 32 and I loved it!
Amanda Dude, seriously. Read whatever looks good to you!

And yes, I enjoyed it at 26.
Aaron I really hope you've read this by now, 3 months after your question. You're missing out if you haven't.
Deena I'm 30 and I didn't like it at all. It didn't do much for me, but I don't see why anyone of any age might not enjoy it.
Maria Same i dont think so ether you want to read it so read it
Marli I'm 55 and I loved this book! Ageless!
Amanda I'm 35 and I'm really enjoying it so far.
Shake Speare Is this my grandson?
Sandoval, Luis Probaly should have read a long time ago because it teaches you bout life
Angela it does not matter your age you can read any book.
Isabel If you want to read something, you read it
Norman I'm in my Fifties and loved it. All good stories are suitable for all ages in my opinion.
madeline (The Bookish Mutant) OH TOTALLY. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK
Elizabeth Yes Go ahead because it is still a story anyone can enjoy.
Tom Blacklock I have just read this and I'm 45. Its unbelievably good - read it
MJ This is a book for all ages.
Philippe I'm 35 and I liked it, actually not done but so far it's really easy to picture it in your mind.
Eve Hvarre It doesn't matter how old you are, anyone could enjoy this book!
Sooyoung Kim I don't think that age should be a matter because I really liked reading this book and this book made me think about my life, my family and the other things around me. This book is just too amazing! I really recommend you this book since I'm sure that you'll gonna fall right into it! It contains the value of life and it made me think of many things. So, don't worry about the age or so and just read it! :)
Sean I'm 55 and I routinely read and enjoy books written for children under 12. A good book is a good book.
Eva I'm 25 and I read the whole thing from cover to cover in roughly 3 hours. Do it.
Olga Lalín I´m 44, I totally agree with the rest of comments. It´s a great book.
A This book is absolutely incredible no matter how old you are; it's especially moving -- but difficult, emotionally -- if your life, or the life of someone you know, has ever been touched by cancer. Read it.
Cayla Merced I'm turning 27. I don't see anything wrong with your concerns.
Bert 52 here - loved it.
Terry Fedosky I am 66 and this book is worthwhile for anyone to read, regardless of sex or age. It is a wonderful book, full of symbolism. Coping with grief affects all of differently, especially if it is your first time to experience it.
Lia Covington I'm 25 and I read this book...actually I cheated I listened to it on audio but still the point is I read /listen to this book and I have to say that I enjoyed this book very very much. If you feel embarrassed to be seen reading this book then put it on audio book and put it on your MP3. Either way this book hit in in the feels!! This book is just as emotional and a great read for every age despite 12-17 years old.
Robin Singh It's the connection that matters the most and believe me this book will certainly do that for you..
NaTaya Hastings You absolutely will enjoy it (if you haven't already read it that is). I am 30, and I found it absolutely delightful.
Ashleigh Honestly, anyone and everyone needs to read this!
Elaine I'm 56 and I got a lot out of it. I'm going to read it again after just finishing it. Forget about labels. So go. Run with it. Make mischief.
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