Annika asked:

It's all about stupid squirrels. Don't lie about it being about dragons, if you're just going to write about squirrels. >.< I thought there would be DRAGONS!!! Why isn't there?

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Marley Robinson If you continue reading the series, it certainly gets off of the squirrels, the writing becomes more mature, and it has a lot more about dragons.
Ava The squirrels were added for the character building in the first book, as well as the further exploration of the idea that Gadzooks can control the outcome of events by influencing what David writes. This book is basically nothing like the other books, and rather sweet in comparison to other books in the series, which feature demons, good and bad thought forms, and delve deeply into the dragon's intriguing lore. I suggest you read the whole series, or at least the next two books to understand why the squirrels were needed for the plot, which is very complex, in a good way. Stick to it!
Harley Tyke Read the other books! It's a dragon based series. The first book does have to do a lot with squirrels, I agree, but keep going through the series and you will meet tons of dragons :)
Btw, you have the same name as my sister and your Minecraft character\profile picture looks just like her. Weird lol
Zanna Have you read the next book or others? They totally are about dragons. There are like 100 of them!
Alexander nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read the whole series first you dumb (a)
Livi Let’s see you do better
Kiwi_^^ If you have read the other series, you will realise that there are much more DRAGONS then you think (I guess).
Jared Mace because it all ties into the series the other books get really weird because of the diffrent demensions
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