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Eesha Well, I think I just enjoyed the way that these friends were spending time with each other away from the city. Just those two weeks they were all laughing and having fun and got some time to just breather some fresh air. I loved that element so much nd it made me want to be there as i was reading it
J.D.Staton Sadly, these days far too many kids are forced to move and move often, throughout their childhoods. This has to do with the huge increase in the divorce rate and our very unstable economic system (where parents are frequently laid-off of their jobs or transferred to other corporate offices hundreds or thousands of miles away). Additionally, poverty and homelessness often force families to move frequently and much smaller family sizes mean there are fewer extended family members to call upon to ask for help if a serious illness, injury, disability, flood, domestic violence, imprisonment, hurricane, wars, earthquake, forest fire, drought, or other natural disaster should create serious family hardships.

Despite this, there have been hundreds of research studies, performed all over the world, that clearly show that a STABLE home/family/community are what is the best environment for ALL children/teens to grow up in - regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or any other trait. Children/teens are growing and changing (both internally and externally) so very fast (making their beings very unstable, from one day to the next), that the external world they inhabit must be safe, secure, predictable, and supportive enough to help them develop steady, healthy minds and bodies that are capable of surviving the endless perils of adulthood. Those who shove children/teens into chaotic, unpredictable, unsupportive neighborhoods, or shuffle them from one home to the next, thoughtlessly, are creating levels of deep fear, distrust, insecurity, and anxiety within those kids that they will suffer from for the rest of their lives - with or without psychotherapy or psychiatric medications to relieve their suffering.

Neither of those forms of mental health treatment acts like an eraser that can wipe out the thousands of frightening, overwhelming, grief-filled memories/nightmares and replace them with years of delightful, satisfying, pleasurable ones. Nor can they replace the dozens of friends, neighbors, classmates, role models, teachers, guides, comforting rooms/buildings/gardens/woods/mountains/oceans they've been wrenched away from, over and over, again. Children who are forced to move learn early that it's a billion times easier to destroy someone or something, than it is to develop/build it. Those fractured relationships are nearly impossible to rebuild, for most people, though many people attempt it during class reunions and similar events.

Having lived a life somewhat similar to Ally's, I see this book as a warning to all who read it that major moves need to be options of ***last resort***, when there is a child in the home. Adults might be harmed by moves, especially frequent ones (which is why there are so many sex offenders, alcoholics, gamblers, bullies, suicides, and drug addicts within the military - the most unstable lifestyle possible, next to homelessness). However, children are guaranteed to be harmed by one or more major moves, whether they, themselves, can see/sense the harm at that time, or not.

Children/teens need to see and experience the broader world but that is the purpose of vacation travels - "field trips". Short-term trips to different settings are amazingly educational pursuits, teaching so much that cannot be fully appreciated any other way, including the saying "there's no place like home". However, if a child/teen has never known a stable home, that saying will be utterly meaningless to her/him - probably for life.
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