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I'm 16 and don't struggle with any sort of addiction, will this book do me much good or be interesting to me? I heard that the main character is very broken, that the story is pretty fucked up, but it's also really good. Is it worth my time? I have a lot of other books I want to read so if anyone who has read it could give me a quick reply that would be great!

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Jeff Jones I read the book just after it was published and have to say I felt a little cheated when I read that it was fictional. However, that lasted very little time before I realised I should just admire it as a novel that I found easy, compelling and an interesting take on a world I have a little knowledge of.
Read it, not personally struggling with addiction doesn't mean the world of addiction is something you should have no interest in or knowledge of.
Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆ Don't. This book is a fake and it's chalk full of BS. This book made a huge splash because the author couldn't get it published as fiction so he decided to publish it as a memoir (and then proceeded to go on TV and Oprah telling the world this is his life story.) It's just a crappy bit of fiction that he couldn't get published without lying...
Cynthia Yes! It is worth the read. I was just talking to a coworker about the heroin problem plaguing the teenagers now a days and this book came to mind. The book was very eye opening through the eyes of an addict. It is fiction but non-fiction in that it assumes responsibility for the truth and accuracy of events, people, and/or information that would and could happen true to life.
Emily Bery I just finished this book. I am also 16 and it opened another door that I don't want to walk through. He explains in this book about addiction( that's what the whole book is about) but, also the struggles of addiction. It taught me of something that I don't want to have to go through. Honestly I think your should read it. It wasn't a waste of my time. I enjoyed it very much.
Kaitlynn Elizabeth Great and captivating read, I highly suggest you read it. Although it may be fictional, its very true to the horrible effects of addiction, which is something I feel every teenager should read about as a precautionary tale.
Fern It's an easy and insightful read, and I would suggest that at 16 it could serve as an honest and eye-opening discussion of drug use and its effects, the details of which you may not be provided with otherwise.

Though my past experiences with drugs (and relationships with drug addicts) were certainly what drew me to this book, I am certain that "A Million Little Pieces" would be just as gripping for a person who has never battled addiction.
Sofia J. Arendt I totally agree with Katherine. It's written very well, and even though Oprah Winfrey did what she could to ruin the book for its readers, I personally enjoyed it.
Katherine I'm reading this right now and I think it's really interesting. The way it is written, it's pretty fascinating. I'm 16, too, and I don't struggle with any sort of addiction, but I believe it's worth your time. Hope this helped!
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