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I happen to read a comment (Even though it was marked as spoiler *bummer*) with the protog ending up with gay boy ? !!! Please that me it is not so, the book looks promising but i'd rather not read a story in which the main lead turns gay ;/ ( meant no offence )

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Alex Of all the things that happen in this book, the one you're upset about is maybe someone is queer? There's actually no inoffensive way to say that.
Belinda So asides from the obvious homophobia in your question I still feel it is necessary to answer it for a precise answer. The main character, Nathan, does not think he is gay right now considering he's in love with a girl (which is mentioned in the blurb). However, there is a supporting character who is gay and he's quite wonderful. If you can't handle homosexuality at all then this book isn't for you. Instead, you should think about why you're uncomfortable with something as natural as two people in love, regardless of their sex.
Wondra Vanian TURNS GAY?! What rock did you just crawl out from under? And please feel free to return there.
Tasha If you don't ship Nathan and Gabriel I think you're reading it wrong
Beth There's literally no inoffensive way to say that.
Ren I know this is old but there's a few new comments so, Nathan is bisexual can people please stop erasing that? thanks
Fiona Li Wow. I actually ship Nathan and Gabriel. I honestly don't really like Annalise so I prefer those two. Not to mention, Gabriel is a lot more interesting character. Although it's a matter of opinion.
E 1) I don't know if you even realized you were being homophobic, so maybe people in the comments seem a bit harsh to you, but just so you know, not liking/avoiding people(or things that mention homosexuality) because they are attracted to a certain gender = homophobia
2) If the book looks promising, then read it. even if the protagonist was gay, which he isn't (at least officially, I personally like Gabriel as a character more than I like Annalise, and I haven't read the sequels yet) it wouldn't take away from the overall story line of the book.
3) if you don't like the idea of a fictional character being gay, then I can't even imagine how you treat people in real life.
4) someone can't exactly "turn gay"
5) if you're going to be homophobic, a) don't say "no offense" and b) google (or bing or yahoo or whatever) it instead of asking actual people who may or may not be LGBTQ or who may or may not have friends or relatives who are LGBTQ and who may or may not face homophobia in real life all the time

Slick Wow thanks for asking this so i didn't have to haha
Jasminka Tanner OK listen: to all those people who are giving this poor person shit for asking a valid question, just because someone doesn't want to read a book about gay people doesn't mean they are discriminating against gay. Personally, I am neither for or against gay, but I would feel uncomfortable reading about it. And that is perfectly okay. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion and ask questions as long as they aren't being nasty about it. YOU people are actually being super nasty to the poor person who asked the question.
all good things must come to an end
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Logan Well thanks for spoiling it for the rest of us who have yet to read it.
Eartha Omg I shipped Gabriel and Nathan SO MUCH you should read it just so you understand how cute and meaningful a gay relationship is, why would you not want to read it just because of a gay relationship? If you had just asked if he "turns gay" then at least it wouldn't have been extremely obviously offensive but seriously mate Nabriel beats nearly every ship I've ever shipped
Faith Weier First of all, how is that inoffensive?? Second, w h y d o e s i t m a t t e r?
Michelle I think it would be interesting, but looking at the author. -Sighs- Close puppy love but nothing else will come of it. He will be stupid and likely end up dying to save that stupid White Witch who I wish had died horribly.
Erica Saying "no offence" when you say something offensive is pretty ineffective
Sally Dagger
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I shouldn't have read the answers...
Eugene Maybe I'm remembering wrong but, I thought he was a girl who transformed into a normal boy and was stuck.
Ara no not the main character, one of his friends
Emma Zaina
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