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Now, let's get this straight, What Is YOUR Favorite Character in the book?

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Aliyah I like Bree the most because she can be really stuck up and pretty but underneath all the make-up she is a really nice warm hearted girl, and thats what I like about her.
Kyla Ally. She's super cool! She doesn't care what people think of her and can easily make friends. She has an awesome personality and is really smart. I would love to be somewhat like her. But I love myself for who I am. Ally is my favorite character, though.
Skylar Sweet My favorite was Bree. Underneath all that pettiness and stuff, she really is a good person, and I relate to her the most. With getting used to unfamiliar situations, and a different environment.
Fiona Ryan, because he is so much of a typical teen boy, but also, not
Ella I don't know why but Bree this is gonna sound a little strange but she is the most like me, or maybe Melanie
Lila Ally
I think I connect with her most because I understand the pain of moving
Callie Jack because he learned the most about who he is and what he can be come, because this entire trip changed his destination based on something HE did not something that was done to him.
Hannah Graber Ally! Well and Melaine and Kenny and..... I love them all!
Ellie Bell Ally definitely
Kate Ally. I connect with her most because I know what it's like to leave your whole life behind and move.
Christina R. I'm a fan of Melanie. She loves what she does and doesn't care what anyone else has to say about it!
Julia I am only on page 30, but I like Ally the most because she is hardworking and she knows what she wants and enjoys. She is not uncertain about things. I dislike Bree because she is so high-maintenance and stuck up. Jack is okay but kinda boring. My opinions might change later in the book. :)
J.D.Staton I can't decide which character I like the most but I absolutely CAN say that I despise every single one of the parents in this story, equally. For some reason, this author set out to make each of the parents involved here as thoughtless, insensitive, impulsive/immature, self-centered, poor planners, starry-eyed incompetents who refuse to think/plan ahead, completely ignorant about both the needs and the developmental stages of childhood/adolescence, neglectful and emotionally abusive in the extreme, lousy role models, indifferent to the fears/wounds/challenges/barriers of being the "new kid" in a high school setting, lousy communicators/social incompetents (with anyone of any age), and people who put their work/jobs above their family's needs on an very steady and predictable basis.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if all of the teens/preteens in this book grew up and decided then to never again visit or have contact with their parents. It's very obvious, to me, that none of these parents relish spending quality time with their kids or getting to know them. So, why on earth would their kids want to grow up and spend any time with them when they are old????? These are parents who either want to ignore their kids or take full advantage of all of the free labor they can get out of them, for as long as possible.
What the Fluff Jack, I can relate to his character in so many ways, and it is touching how he can turn out to be happy and has a higher self esteem later in the book. He makes me feel like I can also change (personality, size, learning) just by a new experience. I like how he can be more determined because he knows people really like him. Jack gives me the sense that although people may be different, if you get brave enough to change your ways, you can. I love how with Jack's entries he adds the fun things (like learning astronomy, lucid dreaming, etc.) He is a great character. Also, at the back of the book there is a book discussion. One question asked, "Which character would be your friend?" I picked Jack, because of these reasons.
Millie My favorite character has to be Ally. Even though I haven't moved houses, I relate with the feeling of suddenly realizing you're drastically different than everyone else.

If not Ally, then Melanie, Bree's sister. Sometimes I can be happy-go-lucky and just not realize what's going on in the world.
Kerri Ally. She lives my dream life. (before she had to move) I connect with her alot.
Elle-belly-jelly-bean I recently moved also. I actually read Every Soul a star in the car on the way to my new house. So definitely Ally
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