Jayden asked:

is this a kids book?

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Blue Yes and no, depends on the kid. It is not a book that was written for kids.

I think I read this in 5th or 6th grade. My brothers read it at a similar age and both liked it. I enjoyed it as a kid and was eager to read the sequel. Rereading it as an adult though was almost like reading a whole different book. ;)
Francesca Caleffi No it isn't!I don't think a kid would be able to understand all the wit and the scarcastic comments between the lines
Kt its a good book thats what it is
Dead Penguin It´s the same as with Don Rosa (if you´re into comics).

Basically you can read it from early age on but most of the references you´ll get in adult age.
Well - and some don´t because apparently you need to have a certain amount of intelligence for understanding sarcasm.
Snarky_Scud I would probably say no, though i was given this book by a family friend when i was 10 and i read and enjoyed it then. I did not, however, understand a lot of it then. I read and reread a number of passages over and over because the style of writing was a bit above my head at the time. I have reread this book as an adult, and i feel like i really got a lot more out of it.
Joel Werley I think it would be more likely to be enjoyed by children. The characters, plot threads, and the humor in general is all in the vein of silliness that would appeal to kids. They do make a breezy read for adults.
William Axtell It should be! I would say it is great for about 12 upwards. It's not a book for dummies and there are a fair number of words even I didn't know but a sharp kid armed with a dictionary (or Google) will be fine. It's very fun and the sarcasm and wit will only boost their intelligence in the long run.
Cheesy-Cat i am reading it and to be honest, i don' t know
Xavier logan I read it in P7s and I loved it i didn't understand it all but that made me want to read again when I'm older.
Natalie Sort of some words are big so people that can read very well about 9+ and normal reading level people about 12+
Pashi also the mentioning of whores and other lascivious content! I'd say 16+ at least
Emily Definitely not. It could be alright for young adult audiences, if a little bit of very mild coarse language is okay, but this as is definitely aimed at adults.
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