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Ok, can somebody please tell me how a book on incest romance has such good ratings? I'm not judging, I REALLY REALLY wanna know! Even if you have to answer by inbox and spoil the hell out of it, please, explain it to me! I need to know before I read it! :S

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Ana i'd say because of the characters. They have such a sad life and you really understand them and just want them to be happy even though that happiness is wrong. It's an amazing book and it does play with your feeling.
Taylor Because their love is extremely beautiful. Incest shouldn't even be an issue. Love is love. Read it for yourself.
Christina Stennett It makes you see the taboo of incest quite differently. I really felt for these characters too.
Eugenia i think that even people who hate incest will feel something while reading this book (not just hatred). i mean the story is really hard, it will make you think a lot about life and the things we do and say.. reading forbidden really changed my mind (even when i didn't like the main characters as a couple). i don't know, i think that despite you like the love story or not, this book have a lot of other things that makes it worth reading.

sorry for my english i dont know if you understood what i tried to say lol... greeting from argentina
Caryl Ycasas I've got no issue with the incest theme on the book. after all, I like this type of taboo romance ahahaha :p maybe because I don't have a brother so it's never awkward... Besides the romance, you will really like the drama and sympathize with it
Mehwish Mahek Lochan and Maya play the role of parents for their three younger siblings. their dad left them when they were very young. their mom is an alcoholic and behaves like a teenager. Lochan does not talk to much to people outside his family. Maya is the only one who understands him and they have been more like friends than brother and sister since they are only thirteen months apart. While reading this book you can actually see why they develop feelings for one another even though they know what will be the consequences. They know that they would be sent to prison and know that the children will be taken away from them and put to foster care. They try really hard not to fall in love but despite all their tries, they fail.
I surely recommend you to pick this book up and read it with an open mind in order to enjoy it.
Shan Because the further you get into the book, the harder it is not to want their relationship to work. As somebody who was hesitant on reading this book, I found myself turning the pages and desperately wanting to see how the story ended up.
Bernice Gundran As I was reading I actually was expecting in the middle or end of the story it would twist into a revealation of a fact that they were not siblings by blood. But It didn't (although I'm still excpecting up until now that Tabitha will release a sequel). but I still love them, their characters and the things that happened to them. They were sad and beautiful.
Penny K Honestly I was recommended this book by a friend whose opinion I really trust. When I read the blurb I was daunted, and asked myself the same question you're asking now, wondering how the hell my friend liked it. The feelings between Lochie and Maya are a huge part of the book but in my opinion this book is about so much more. It's about family through and through: divorce, parenting, siblings, love, abandonment, crushing responsibility. What honestly got me the most was the affect the abandonment had on the children and how all of them in a way had to grow up so fast. The writing was beautiful, I could actually feel the pain, even from the little 5 year old. I could honestly go on and on but I think the only way to answer your question is to read it!!! You'll most likely come out with an entirely eye opening experience :) Although keep a tissue box handy, I was literally balling like a baby.
Corinne Silva because it is written beautifully ;(
Isolde Marie i normally scrunch my face when it comes on the thought of incest no matter what kind of blood relations they had, well except on (stepsiblings.) but the way the author portray the two in this story you definitely and still make an exception for the two to be together. They are closed off, and their mother is neglectful parent, and passes the stress of taking care their siblings to them. For a young age the two had only for themselves, they live and take care of each other, still hoping their mother will stay this time and take her rightful obligation unlike their father.
Peony I think it has a lot to do with people connecting to the struggles that the characters go through. & after you connect you start to question your values. It's certainly a book you have to go into with an open mind or you'll hate it.
Megan When you read it, they don't really come across as brother and sister, they come across as a married couple taking care of their own kids. They're best friends, more than siblings. Like they say at one point in the book, it's like they are soulmates that sadly happened to be born from the same woman. They always loved each other on a deeper level. Honestly I found it a bit strange at first too, but when you read it, it's so different and it's actually really good and heart warming. This book also isn't only about the relationship between the two main characters. It also has a whole bunch of important life lessons thrown in there. Believe me, you want to read this. It really touches the heart and shows how deep love can go. So emotional.
dev yaduvanshi this books is not only incest while more than incest about true love hard feeling and much more responsibility of the their family and big Sacrifice for their family this really touch your heart . there are lots of people in this world with their different thinking ,its depend on your point of view how u see this
St. Gerard Expectant Mothers This was a hard book to rate especially with the delicate subject matter. For me, I based my review on the writing. I thought the author had a great flow for words but I will say that some of the melodrama soap opera was bit cliché. The one that really got me laughing hysterical was a line that said, "How can something be so wrong be so right?" I nearly died reading that.

Anyway, I agree that it strike a chord for writing emotional scenes to the point that some readers actually sympathize for the situation of the characters. I mean how can you make incest seem justifiable? The author somehow managed to answer that question.
Mel People like what's forbidden and the internet allows them to enjoy this love story without face-to-face shame. Meh.
Kanan Jarrus Don't read it, it's incest and it's disturbing
Mj Rosa This book is not only about incest... it is about the love beyond everything, love between two brothers who would give everything to the other one. It is a story about the struggles of love, how they have to act, what they have to do for caring their little brothers and how they have to care their home if they do not want to be separated. It is such a wonderful book. I loved it <3
Shutupshabby I had never read a book with an incest storyline, I will likely not read one again. I adored this book. NOT for its incest subject matter, but for everything else. I wont do spoilers but the last 5 chapters really where incredible. The books well written (not great) the characters although all annoying in their own ways have a way of growing on you. Give it a go, if you dont like it, you don't like it, but I really did.
Lau Saavedra It's almost like what happens with "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov. The book gets you deep within a situation that most of us have seen from the outside. It's not romanticizing incest (as Lolita does not romanticize p*dophilia) but it's presented as such reality that it's impossible for us readers not to learn how bad times some people are having and how they don't have many ways out to their feelings. It's a book about incest, but also about children neglection, and mental health, and social skills... It's a complete picture.
Yanka Medina Es un libro que me dejo con tantos sentimientos encontrados, sin duda es uno de los mejores que he leído, aunque no volvería a leerlo por tanta tristeza que me causo, sin duda lo recomendaría.
Juuh Palmeira have you ever thought that maybe the rating is because of the good writing, the development of the characters, or how the taboo subject was well handled? The rating doesn't mean necessarily that they're giving 5 stars to the love relationship.
Yasmine i haven't read it yet, but seeing the reviews and people's reactions to it just blew me away, i never thought i'd be interested in reading an incest romance since it's againt everything i believe in, i still think the idea of this book is twisted but i think everyone loves it because it might be different and somehow special so although it sounds weird to read it , i might pick it up anytime soon
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Krystall Benton Did you read it? It is a very compelling love story you can't help but love it, even while hating incest.
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