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Olga.k Tyler and Grant play the game, actually the pre-game, “who the girl will choose?”.I think in the last book when they are in the field it is said that most of the girls end up choosing Tyler, just like Eugenie and Evie. And to accomplice that they manipulate them with lies, sex and sad stories about their lives (Tyler’ s sister is dead…) . Hailey, Tyler’s sister is the one who ‘introduce’ the girls to the guys. Evie and Eugenie are two of the victims and they both have trust Hailey as their friend and possibly their roommate(??). The info about Grant sleeping with Hailey in my opinion doesn’t play any kind of role in the story. I believe Tyler is the mastermind behind this twisted game. He has the most power and he has the money. Grant is just the accomplice. Another thing is the “Cain (Tyler) and Abelita (Hailey)” phrase Eugenie uses and Evie, who doesn’t have all the facts, can’t understand. My thoughts on that are that Cain-Tyler is in fact the evil brother. Abel was the brother that died and according to Tyler his sister Hailey-Abelita is dead to him. Now on the old lady in the end. I don’t know if she’s a psychic or not but she knows what’s happening with the Slate boys and she tries to warn the girls. She tried with Eugenie but she didn’t listen to her , just like Evie didn’t because both girls fall for Tyler. The old lady said that at some point Evie is going to hear and see weird things but it’s not because the house is haunted, it’s because of the water. I believe Tyler puts something to the water so the victims start to lose their grip with reality and show more compliance with the game, the REAL game which we don’t know what it is because the book ends. The diary is for document their experiences and is a way for the captor to monitor their thoughts…I don’t know. In the field when Tyler believes for a moment that Eugenie’s diary maybe is been read by Evie he shits bricks. But unfortunately for Evie she only reads just some letters . The last piece is the clock. The tick tock sound that is stuck in Eugenie’s troubled mind, the same sound Evie hears at the end because both girls where in the same room, in the same situation. In the book it is said that when Evie starts to hear the clock which I think in Tyler’s room (??) it’s the sign that the girl chose wrong and the the REAL game begins. So for Evie to be saved it must be another girl who chooses Tyler just like Eugenie. As for Tyler, if he slept with the other gilrs or he just played with their mind I don’t know. Maybe Evie is special, maybe she’s not.
My thoughts???: Evie made a huge mistake and the way to escape is going to be through hell or though a miracle…
p.s. I think the writer is going to write an epilogue so we will going to get some more of the story. I hope a mind-blowing happy end because the conclusion of the story made me sad.
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