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Sandi Parker asked:

Was anyone else completely ticked off that this book just ended with no warning? Why wasn't it called "Shopaholic to the Starts Book 1?"

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Gayathri Yes!. I was quite surprised with the ending and actually went back to last few pages to see if I missed out on answers to all Rebeccas and what Becky's dad was trying to set right. Pretty disappointing end.
Anne Gravante Yes, I completely agree! I loved the other Shopaholic books and really looked forward to this one, but it ended so abruptly and what was up with her father and Las Vegas and all the Rebecca's? It just said to me, "well, now you have to read the next one to find out." Sophie, this was not a good call. But I will probably read the next one, also.
Ashley Yes! Although the other Shopaholic books left it open for more sequels, none of them ended on a cliffhanger (and, let's face it, kind of a weak one at that.)
Katherine Kennedy YES! I kept wondering how they were going to explain everything that happened in 20 pages and then was confused when I discovered it's over. I mean what did her dad discover and who are all these Rebecca's? Will there even be an ending. Ugh!
Melissa I am in the same boat as all of you. I read this book and had to go back and check if I missed something. I get it.. its a way for us to buy more books. Leave it as a cliffhanger so we will read the next one. As a whole I think the book was decent. It is a quick fun little read when your life is getting chaotic and you just want to fall into a different world.
Kristin Yes. I mean she couldn't find a way to wrap the story up in 500 pages?
Christine So glad to have found this thread! I was totally thrown for a loop when I finished the book last night and her next book is a YA novel out this summer so who knows when we will get the ending to this story.
Catalina Yes, yes, yes and yes! I just cannot believe it! If I would have bought it I would have been like: "I want my money back right now"!!!!
Susan I seriously thought my copy had a printing error. "Excuse me, the end of this book is missing!"

Not even a sample chapter of book #8??? Not cool, Kinsella :(
Colleen She wrote one more book... "Shopaholic to the Rescue". Becky totally redeems herself & all troubles get wrapped up nicely.
Trudy Nye Absolutely! It seems to be a current trend to make one book (or movie) into two or three, ending the first installments with a cliff hanger. That is NOT a proper series, that is a serial, and should be labeled as such!
Rhodora Totally without a warning for such a long book it wasn't fun to find out that it didnt end yet. I am like thinking so she will be as stubborn amd make repeated mistakes again in the next book as typical Becky does. I am not sure i can endure another one of her "misadventures"
Carole Fortenberry
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Batool Yes, this one ended as a cliffhanger, unlike the other books!!
Stina Dansie Yes I went back a few times as well. Super disappointing!
Rosemary Yes, I agree completely! The ending was so abrupt. The title should have had Part I on it. A book malfunction, lol.
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