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Are the other books by Daniel Sylva as bad? This one was utterly boring - too many anti-arabian and pro-israel clichè's, too little story, weak characters. Where do the good ratings come from???

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Pedro Only to address the anti-arabian and pro-israel point. So with the main character being an Israeli assassin you were expecting...??
obs20 I found the book well balanced and does a good job of depicting the Palestinian point of view. It also seems to be resigned to a continuation of the violence.
William Fann From those that have pulled their head out of the sand.
Randy Pro-Israel? Anyone who isn't pro-Israel is an ignorant fool with no understanding of history. You don't have to support everything a particular Israeli government does to be pro-Israel, any more than you would have to support everything any US government does to be pro-American. And by the way, Daniel Silva is the furthest thing from "anti-arabian." Sheesh.
Sylvia Cobersy I love all of his books which I have read.
Amanda Pedro makes a very good point. Personally, this is not my favorite Gabriel Allon novel, but they definitely lean in the same political direction. There's also one that deals with some of the effects of the Holocaust. Again, very pro-Israeli. But for a novel about a Mossad agent, it's fitting.
4dar14 Boenke?
Prejudice by any chance ?
Are you incapable of just reading for the joy of a different or new point of view.
Linda Erickson This is his view of the world.Right now the West is involved in preventing
an extreme Islamist takeover of the world.Right now they have a Caliphate the size of England.They want more.This is Da Silva's subject
matter.Israel is the small satan and we are the large Saran according to this extremist ideology,
Aviva The main character is literally a Mossad Agent. What did you expect?
Personally I love these novels and think you should give them a second chance.
My personal favorite is the English Girl.
You should give it a try
Suzanne Arcand I couldn't agree more. It's a really bad book.
vyoletkyss Thanks for your question, I was gifted this book and threw it away. I do not wish to support anything that spreads the racism and hatred of zionists and Israel.
E. Aucoin The Marching Season is very good, but it's about the Irish conflict (easier to read about now that there is peace). The Middle East stories are always frustrating because the difficulties seem insurmountable, thus so much more depressing.
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