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Is this the start of a series of novels because this one did not have a logical conclusion?

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Philip This book is not about its plot. The ending is perfect. It is emotionally the exact moment to end the book. Author did not run out of steam. Tying up every loose end in the plot is for Agatha Christie.
R.F. Bright I loved this read, but the ending left me flat. I actually started looking for the rest of it. It doesn't even say The End, which seems quite right, but I'm here today trying to find out if that was the ending, and it looks like it is. It not a matter of rounding off all the corners, or resolving every issue, it just a flat out ridiculous way to end. It felt like he just ran out of steam.
Stephen Speaking unofficially (emphasize unofficially ) as the author's father, I believe no sequel is planned. I don't happen to agree with you, however, that the conclusion is not "logical" I do agree that not everything is resolved to the satisfaction of all readers. We can't discuss the ending in detail here without risking spoilers. (See my own review). Feel free to message me if you would like more discussion. Thanks for asking the question.
Charles The ending was cr4p.

If he was trying for 'arty'-- then he failed with me. If he was setting-up a cliff-hanger ending for at series-- then he failed with me.

The author had at least two more chapters to write before ending the story.
Liesl I was hugely annoyed by the ending, and wanted to ask the author for my reading-time back. I would like the cover labelled in red - Warning, book ends without resolution!
Moray Thanks for the spoiler Chris! Well, on second thought, I do thank you, because now I won't waste my time.
Neil Jones I thought it made sense to end it there, with the three principal characters changed by what's happened, and locked into a fight that presumably will be ongoing.
Matt Gilley Hmmmm....
I just finished, one day before the 1year anniversary.
I'm still mulling over my feelings about the ending. Still undecided about said feelings.
Jillian Kern Have you read any Pynchon? There are many well-respected works with similar ending styles.
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