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Does Mac ever stop being a hopeless retarded stereotype? And even more importantly- Does the male lead ever do anything besides be rude & aloof? I'm only 40% through book one, & I'm already ready to commit Harri-Carrie on these awful characters! Ugh! They take the cake on being totally NOT interesting. In fact, they have an entire buffet of annoying and bland. Please tell me it gets better...

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Laura Linart I'm pretty appalled by the ableist language in this question. Is there any way to report it or have it taken down?
Dominique I'm not sure if some of you that are commenting have not yet read the other books in the series, but Mac does get a lot better and wiser. Moning, in my opinion, does develop her character as well as Barrons. Much is displayed in the series about why most of the characters are the way they are. I actually loved this series. I wasn't that impressed with "ICED" because Danny annoyed me, but to each their own...
Amber Yes, she gets MUCH better. I've read the entire series twice; you have to keep in mind that Mac, like people in real life, evolves over time. She's a total empty-headed girly-girl in the first book, but over time she becomes pretty dang hardcore and she definitely makes wiser choices as the series moves along. What I liked about the interaction between Barrens and Mac is, right thru the first four books and even into the fifth, I had no idea how they really even felt about each other. The reader (and both characters) aren't even sure most of the time whether they can trust each other or if they even like each other. Most of the time I don't think I'd like that in a book, but I actually loved that aspect for this story and the way that it was told.
Soumiya Srinivasan I know right!!
Mac is a pain in the ass and not what u call a badass female lead we expect.
Check out Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews!!! It's amazing and I haven't yet found a series to replace it.
Marisa How about you use more appropriate language. Retarded? Really?
Amanda I think Mac does get a lot better in terms of who she trusts and the decisions she makes, but her 'voice' never really changes. She always retains a little bit of insouciance and naivete. To me, this kept her grounded as the circumstances became darker, but if it bugs you now it won't change.

Barrons is always the ultimate Alpha and never has time for anyone's shit. He has moments of unguarded tenderness when he thinks no one is looking but he'll always come off as very brusque.
Ali No she doesn't and Barrons continues to be rude, aloof and chauvinistic. It didn't get better.
Jaime I was seriously visiting this page to ask the exact same question! I love the world building so far in this first book but the main character is just so unlikable. She's so self-absorbed and vain - it really is downright obnoxious.
Maura La prova I read this book a long time ago and I do remember enjoying it. So much so, that I read all the books that were available in the series which was only the first 4 books. It's different than a typical romance. A lot of bad things happen where you think there is no hope for the couple.

The world this author paints is very interesting. I like the fact that she didn't explain the entire world in the beginning of the book, instead we followed MAC around as she stumbled onto bits and pieces of it.

Whether or not you are going to like a book is very subjective. If you expect the man to be a hero type of guy, then he is not it. He does have his moments, but he is also a jerk. I really wasn't reading this for the romance, anyways. It was mostly for the world that she paints and the surprises along the way.
David I too thought she made some rather stupid mistakes, but I keep telling myself that she is operating on emotion and lack of experience. By the time she finally encounters XYZ in the Dark Zone, I think she is finally starting to get it. At least she is smart enough not to trust any of the Fae or Barrons. I'm going to stick it out for one more book (I just finished book one). If she is still doing stupid stuff in book two, I may not pick up the third book.
Rosie I'm still on the first chapter, I haven't even marked it as "as reading" because I can't stand the writing style or Mac. I've heard it's really good though so my plan is to take a break from it for now and try to go back to it later.
But it's nice to hear it isn't just me!
Ellie Personally, I do think the series gets better.
As for Mac, she says herself that there is a 2.0 version and a 4.0 version (and so on) of herself and she becomes stronger and more independent with each book.
Barrons. He turned out to be my favorite character by the end. I wasn't a huge fan of him at first either.
I won't tell anyone to stick with the series if they don't like it by the end of book one though.
Shobana Elango If you dont like MAC, then u might like Charley Davidson! She's awesome! try that!
Shauny Wilcox I got about a third of the way through book one and couldn't get past the fact that half the time the author spelled the man's name "Barrens" and the other half "Barrons". A little too sloppy for my tastes. Had the story been really catchy, I could see past it, but it just didn't grab me enough to put up with it.
Jazz This series ends up being good... but it's despite the main character. She is annoying throughout the series but she does develop and get better. The world can be interesting, and the story can be a ride... but, again, it's despite the main character.
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Makenzie Baize the ableism is not at all necessary. Very inappropriate, also a very outdated term. I've reported the question as it uses bigoted language
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