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OK, what were your thoughts on Styxx, by Sherrilyn Kenyon? Be honest.

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Sofia I really like it, there were times where I wanted to beat the crap out of someone because I was mad that no one was helping Styxx, another times I found myself thinking: "How much more suffering can he endure?","When does the happy part of the story begins?"; but I finished it, and I loved the end and it left me waiting and wanting for more.
El Fietry i never cry when i read Acheron's book, and then i can't stop crying when i read Styxx's book. it's really hard to keep going on reading.
Alex So I'm going to just copy and paste my review of the book. I purchased the book and read it on the release date (Sept. 2013).

I have to start by stating that I'm a die-hard fan of the Dark Hunter books. Over the years I've grown to love all of their stories. When Styxx was announced I knew that I had to get the book. I read Acheron in one day and was thrilled that I would be able to read Styxx while I was on vacation.

Sitting on a beach reading 600+ pages of child and adult abuse definitely wasn't what I planned for. If the plan was to knock Acheron, Apollymi and Ryssa off the pedestals that other stories created then Sherrilyn Kenyon accomplished her goal.

This book was brutal in it's depictions of the horrors that Styxx suffered. Including that Acheron played an active part in the abuse makes it worse. The present day story is almost as heart breaking. All Styxx wants is to be left alone in peace to mourn his family. The family that Apollymi destroyed. By the time the book ended none of the storylines made sense (Styxx, Urian, Bethany, Acheron) and I was happy that I was almost finished. The ending seemed rushed and very disjointed. And yes, I did read the entire book in 1 day.

Perhaps Sherrilyn Kenyon should have spent as much time crafting the ending as she did on the extensive rape and torture scenes.
Sandra I enjoyed the book - However, there were so many editorial mistakes in the book like sentences with duplicate words, and two chapters where it seemed that they were written by different people and just didn't fit. The writing seemed to be very uneven at times, and I wonder how much of this was due to bad editing. There is no excuse for the horrible editing of this book.

As for the plot - It was a bit confusing at times, and many of the things in the book I wish I had known earlier in the series. I'm not sure whose powers were used during the big fight at the end, and does Styxx even know what he is? This was never mentioned.

I did get tired of the abuse through the book of Styxx and Acheron. There is so much that it would have created monsters out of them. They would never had changed into the personalities they have later in life. I understand that this was supposed to have created the conflicted people they became - but too much is too much.
Wes It left me stunned. Loved the entire thing. Styxx just wanted to be left alone but no one wanted that.
Teresa Barlow I'm on chapter 52 and I can't finish it .. It's just seems to be mostly rape rape rape .. I mean poor Styxx .. This is the 1st and I hope only book by Sherrilyn I can't read all the way through :-/
Anett I always cry on books, but this was too much. After every beating, abuse, slapping and insult I thought that I became immune to them until the next one, when I started crying again. Sometimes I had to stop because my eyes ached so much. Even in the end there were simple sentences that made me cry. I finished it 6 hours ago and I couldn't do anything just think about this book. And I nearly started crying again when my father asked me if I need nose sprey for my allergy. It had a great impact on me. I love Styxx with all my heart and I wish more people would be like him. There were times when I wanted to kill everyone who ever gave him even a nasty look. I just wish there were more happy times for him in the book, I mean right now I desperatly want to read about every boring detale how happy he is with his family. How he teaches his son to fight, his relationship with Acheron, their new children and their love for their father, Bethany in the 21st century and everything else what happens as long as it is happy. I need it so I can calm down a bit.
LindaW I can't finish the book. It's not pulling at me to want more the way Ash's book did.
Kaira Apollo's voice on the audio book sounds nice. I like his voice.
Patricia Evans I can't get past the first half. And I'm not even goign to try. It's absolutely horrible. I get that his childhood was horrific, but I can't read about another rape. I swear Sherrilyn Kenyon is obsessed with writing about rape... over and over... I just don't have the stomach for it.
Maho01 So my I only had two issues with this book. First, the ending current time period, was too filed with whining and repeating about how he missed his wife and child, we get it didn't needed to be reminded every few minutes about it. Plus the last 2 hours just seemed so damned rushed and was more than a little confusing and took me two listens to figure out what exactly was going on. Second, and this is maybe nit picky since usually Sherrilyn does a good job choosing songs but I think Styxx's theme should have been Five Finger Death Punch's Remember Everything, it just fits Styxx and his relationships like a glove.
Sylvie Love the way you get to see the characters and timeline in Ash's story from a completely different point of view. Messes with your head. The characters I fell in love with in Ash's book I wanted to murder something fierce in this book.

Long heartbreaking story. Had to take breaks from the story to read or do something happy just to keep from falling into a big heap of misery. The ending was good but it was missing some emotion after reading such a heart-wrenching story, the ending didn't feel complete and the chemistry between some characters was lacking.
Jojo I liked it so much I couldn't put it down. I have only ever listened to the audio book format so I can't say anything about the editing. But I relate more to Styxx than Acheron. I get the never wanting to be alone from the beginning then changing perspective and learning how to be alone and even preferring it. I could really feel his abandonment as I have struggled with that feeling in my life so it felt very realistic from that viewpoint. I relate to Sofia in the wanting to beat the crap out of some characters and the wondering how much more he could take. I felt happy with the ending and would enjoy reading more books with Styxx in them.
Lerato I tried but couldn't finish it, it was too much for me. I was so looking forward to reading it that I bought both the ebook and paperback but I just couldn't continue.
Josh I don't generally cry for books but I had to put this one down for a good cry. Didn't even do that for Acheron's book. I could really connect to Styxx cause, while I didn't go through all of the same suffering, I have had similar experiences.
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