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Has anyone tried this book in audio form? On Audible, the description says "hear all of the same fun and humor from the printed version but you don’t have to make any decisions or jump around - just kick back, relax and listen." However I am wondering will this drastically change my enjoyment of the book versus reading a physical copy?

Luigi Evangelista I just picked up the audiobook from the library and it's read by the author himself. Neil usually finishes a story and then gives either 2 or 3 options and he'll say if you choose this, then wait a minute...if you choose this, keep listening and if you choose this, then hang on, it's coming. Spoiler alert-I'm on disc 3 of 6 and he's died horrible deaths on at least 4 occasions so far. There's a special treat when you get to the part where he meets his husband-his other half makes a special appearance in the audiobook as well and it's pretty funny to listen to.
Tara I loved the audio version and was really glad I didn't have to skip around at all in a physical book. Plus the audio includes a couple actual clips from speeches and stuff.
Emma I'm listening to the audiobook right now. The choose your own adventure concept is fun in theory, but since it's a memoir and the what has happened is set in stone the "alternative scenarios" are outlandish and very clearly meant to just be fun and silly. Listening straight through won't impact your enjoyment of the book at all, in my opinion.
Cristina McGregor Thank you everyone. I may end up trying the audio book to hear it in his voice.
Claudia I'm reading the book version and am not jumping around. Just reading straight through. I don't think you lose anything by doing it this way. And, it's just SO FUNNY. He is just hilarious and real. However you come to it, you really can't lose.
Jim I was able to check out of the library the hardcover and the audio at the same time, so I was able to compare them. This was nice, in that while I listened to the book in the car, I was able to come home and see the pictures in the book, and see how it was set up like the Choose Your Own Adventure.

I'm sure I would have liked just reading a physical copy, because I grew up on Choose Your Own Adventure books, and this was a pretty cool way to write his book. But in my mind, having him read his own book, outweighed the enjoyment I would have gotten trying to read it with the choices at the end of the chapter.
Bonnie It IS fantastic on audio. I listened in my car to and from work and he had me laughing, getting teary-eyed and it was just all sorts of amazing. I don't think I would have liked it as much if I had read it.
A It's fantastic.
Patrick Sifuentes I just cannot imagine this on Audible at all! The likelihood of a fully staged, costumed and orchestrated version seems so much more of a possibility.

I know that this does not answer your question and I should add that I have only stopped and read occasional passages of the paperback while at Chicago O'Hare airport. Growing up with the "choose your own adventure" series, a favorite aspect was back tracking to read (and re-read) the alternate outcomes.
Kristen Jarvis It's funnier in the audio book because NPH is reading it to you in all his hilariousness.
David The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure conceit is fun, but plays just as well in the audio form as in the hard-copy. And the audio-book has many added delights, not the lest of which is getting to hear NPH perform the whole book.
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