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Is it interesting or not?

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Paul What a bizarre question. No, of course it isn't. It's a classic, thought provoking, story that is loved by millions. It's the most boring thing ever written.
Hannah No, it's not interesting. While some argue that Huxley meant to make readers uncomfortable and prove a point about humanity, I found the story lacking any structure or cohesive storyline at all. I didn't care for any of the characters. I didn't care about the world he created. A classic piece of literature doesn't have to be the most boring thing in the word, but this was far from interesting. It's my least favorite book to date. I know that's not the typical opinion, but it's mine.
Jackie 'Interesting' is subjective. Read it for yourself and find out!
Hugo In my opinion is one of the most interesting books I've ever read (well, I'm still reading it, but I'm loving it) , very philosophical , is not that kind of books you read just because yes or just to spend time, It leaves you thinking about its meaning
Matea It blew my mind away, I really think everyone should read it, it opens up a lot of questions you usually don't think about, but should
Sarah Sullivan Brave New World is my absolute favourite novel of all time! The controversial themes and eye-opening realities about life as we know it are extremely fascinating
Graham You know, I thought I'd check it out because it's a classic. I really didn't find it too interesting. The concept was interesting, but the storyline was boring and I feel like not a lot really happened.
Joseph I think this book is interesting because it reflects humanity pretty well.
It show how messed up the world was back then and it shows how messed up it is destined to be.
Rafael Interesting?.... Not for me. : (
Christian Only the second half of the book.
ashes ➷ I'm surprised by the fact that many don't find it interesting, because I do have high standards (especially for 'classics'), but I found myself drawn to keep reading on every page. The exposition is objectively extremely long, but even that wasn't long in a bad way-- the writing style is such that you just want to keep going.

Then again, I love dystopias/utopias, so make of that what you will.
Kundhavaidevi B Plot-wise, no. The beginning (and well truthfully most) of the book was painfully boring.
But I did find this book to be quite thought-provoking. It made me question the societal norms of today, the norms of the past and the norms of the future. The book changed how I view reality, well specifically my reality. As part of a society, I find what I do ordinary. But if I were an outsider looking in, what would I think?
So I suppose in a way it is interesting because of the impact it had on my outlook and in my philosophy. Perhaps you would find it interesting, too.
Note that I had to read this novel as part of an assignment, not on my own free will.
Kelly Ann I loved the book. It's a great read, particularly if you have already read 1984. Both authors give their predictions for the future but Orwell's was much different than Huxley's. One only needs to look at the upcoming generation(s) who demand immediate gratification and are fused with their smartphone to now who was correct in their predictions.
Monica Riva I've found this book very interesting. Althoug the society described in the book is the result of an utopian vision of the future, I think that there are contents reflecting our real world. Just think how much media, school, religion affect our minds every day, without knowing it.
Melissa Makes me want to bash my head against a brick wall. I am pushing through, but it really is a nightmare. I am listening to it at 1.8 speed - trying to get through it as quickly as possible. But then, as you can see, people have wildly different opinions about it. You may find it interesting. To me, it both totally bizarre and extremely boring. Not sure how that is even possible, but it is.
Paul Edkins Make a tape of a voice saying "I will read a brave new world and find it interesting".
Have it loop 10,000 times and stick it under your pillow.
Now if you add people grown to order in a bottle.....
CY Lam I had never skipped pages and pages while reading, but I did for this book.
Jason Conner I found the story itself fairly boring. I almost stopped completely at the start of the denouement. It's an interesting book in that the author was able to think and propose ideas so far ahead of his time.

Edit: I forgot to mention that it's "peer" novel, 1984, I found to be much more thought provoking. I would actually re-read 1984 whereas "Brave New World" is pretty much one-and-done.
Allen Meece
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Grace Reilly this book is so interesting, you learn so much about how we are affected by technology and its risks. Really recomend
Michelle Sobreira If you like classics and dystopias, surely is! But, if you prefer books with an ease reading, doesn't.
Mohsen Mgr Pretty general question. If you enjoy dystopia and fantasy combined with sci-fi elements i think you should enjoy this.

I read 1984 and Morthelle and i really liked this book. Different vibe from 1984 though.
Josh Hedgepeth I'd say it's biggest asset is that it is interesting. The plot is a bit boring, but the mythos that's explored makes it worth reading IMO.
Judy Lindow Yes, Manal, it is interesting.
Jawad Chowdhury No it's not 50 shades
Timothy Ruplin I always find the exploration of how ‘progress’ can go horribly wrong interesting, especially when the social, economic, and political changes were made with the best moral intentions. Because so often it’s true, that no good deed goes unpunished. 2044 is that story.
Vlad I found We by Zamyatin more prophetic and less boring. In Brave new world there is no such thing as location setup, reading it feels like watching a very sporadically edited movie. Scenes interject each other and make it confusing. I recommend We because it was written before both brave new world and 1984.
Anna I'm not really a fan of literary classics because, let's face it, they're boring. But I don't think that this book is. It dragged a bit at the start and it's pretty disturbing at times. But, once I got used to the writing style and lots of changes in narrative perspective without much warning, I really enjoyed it. It's a really interesting premise and I liked reading about the characters, despite not relating to a single one of them. You should give it a go.
Gabi Yeah, it is! It's one of my favorite books
James Shablow No. It was not interesting, nor was it educational. Not sure what people find beneficial about this book. I gained no knowledge or entertainment, and lost time that could have been spent on better books.
mandi I was entertained throughout the whole novel.
Carlos Eduardo Eu achei o meio de linguagem muito robusca, criei grandes expectativas, porem quando começei a ler, não entendia grande parte, porem mesmo ter lido até a pagina 94, ja tive grande visão e mudou muito a minha percepção do mundo, é entediante le-lo, não éa divertido, estou treinando minha leitura, pq pretendo terminalo ,
Timothy Morrison yes, it is sort of interesting , and it is a great introduction to zuni culture. I would actually call this a neutropia, a neutral utopia rather than a dystopia, as it does not come off as being all that good nor bad
Alexius it might be intresting
Carina Barbosa While it may not be a favorite to a lot of people. It certainly is interesting.
Narmadha Lawrence By far one of the best books I've ever read. I could not put it down and the cross-referencing and themes in the book are just so interesting!
Carolina Järvisalo I like books about dystopia but this one was boring.
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