Alendi asked:

Does it matter if I will begin from this book and not from the 1st of the series?

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Shanna You really need to start from the beginning or you will have no idea of what is going on. And they are so good why deprive yourself
Morgan BUT, If you are a new comer and not sure if you can jump on to the Dresden bandwagon whole-heartedly, then consider starting at book 3. The first two books are arguably the worst in the whole series. I love them, because I'm a fan. But in a book club type of setting, I recommend choosing a different starter book then the start of the series.
Aoann yes, it so very much so matters.
Timelord Iain Not saying you SHOULDN'T start at beginning, because you should, BUT if you were gonna start anywhere but the first book, it should be back around book 12.

Book 12-13 ends the first arc of the series and starts the second that will run to the end trilogy (books 21-23 afaik)
Mel do yourself the favour and start from book one. there is alot of references to previous books and you won't get them if you start from skin game. so please do
Fangs for the Fantasy You need to start at the first

On the bright side, that means you have 14 books of awesome to look forward to
Mkhurd I started from this one and had no problems. Looking forward to going back and reading #1!
Lauren I agree with everyone here. If you start with this book, you will miss out an a HUGE amount of backstory (14 books worth) on characters and events that have come before.
Jason Don't start with this book start with the first. It matters completely. Like Shanna said why deprive yourself? The series is fantastic. Probably one of my favorites.
Jim Westcott To be fair, each book has a high level of recap whenever anything from a previous book is touched upon... so while detail will be missed, you won't be wholly in the dark. As you're sailing through the series its almost like watching a really long movie that keeps stopping to show you clips of what you've already seen... but great for anyone whose missed a book or few.
Eric I actually did start from this book, and didn't feel lost (nor _over_-explained-to; the author is very good at integrating exposition with action.) Since I've heard from several people that beginning with the first book has dissuaded them from continuing - which I understand, sometimes an author and their characters haven't "clicked" so early in a series, it hasn't decided what it wants to be yet - starting _somewhere_ a little into the series and then going back (and my next step after this was going to Storm Front) might be a better idea, though I don't really recommend starting from the end as I did :) (fun though this novel really is!!)
Lisa Alekna Yes, it matters! If you don't start at the beginning of the series, you have no idea who these people are, and what's going on, and why this or that is important, and you miss a lot. Sure, it's "readable" - but not as much fun.
Jay if you just jump to book 10, you will miss the back story and plus you wont know how much of a badass the main character is.
Hoàng Nguyễn I think you have to start with the first book, because so far the characters who have been made appearances all get the chances to re-appear in the series, if you don't start from the beginning you'll find yourself at loss. The plot also advance through time (does it though?). Not to mention book 5 to 10 are the best (in my opinion of course).
Matthew Pilkington If you start here you won't see the growth of Harry and other characters, you won't have the history with the various enemies and villains, the origin of grudges and debts carried and owed between the various characters.
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