August Dolan-Henderson

Really enjoying the story, but hate the characters. Anyone else?

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Carole Leslie I didn't like the characters, but I thought they were very credible and well written. I think this was deliberate by Tartt - by having characters you didn't identify with, you see the situation more clearly.

It might be a Brechtian device -Verfremdungseffekt - which alienates you from the story so that the horror of people's behaviour is more obvious. I'd love to see it as a film.
DLC I really enjoyed the book and one of the things I enjoyed was getting an inside look at people that were terribly flawed, without having to experience them in real life.

And I LOVED Judy! I thought she was amazing comic relief and very believable. I've known a lot of girls like her.
Tressa Hated every character.
Judy Lindow Meh. I liked the characters. That is not to say I thought they made smart decisions, were especially kind, or aligned with the ethical frameworks they might have glimpsed. Am I evil? I was intrigued with all the morphing changes the characters went through. I thought they were very human, vulnerable; yawningly youthful in how invulnerable they thought they were. I would not like to see this as a film. They had some real issues with being disconnected from their emotion - definitely a major theme of the work.
Chris Rigby They are deeply flawed rather than absolutely unlikeable I think. Francis especially flits between the extremes, but isn't that true of so many people? Charles is very amiable at the outset but shows a lot of weakness later on. Camilla is enigmatic but I never disliked her.

The person I disliked the most was Bunny, and I wonder why Tartt did that - made her murder victim so unlikeable. In the context of the story she didn't need to do that.

But, we must not ignore the satire in the story, which is where much of the caricature comes from.
Muriel Areno Writing unlikable characters is a literary device. I didn't like anyone either (maybe Richard and Camilla a little bit) but this is a book that will stay with me nonetheless.
Kristen M HATING the characters led me to hate the entire book. I will never read anything else written by Tartt!!!!!
Linnea Absolutely, though most have a likable/sympathetic moment here or there (and I can't help but think those moments are still self-serving). Yet I loved the book and can't stop thinking about the story or the characterrs. TSH is rife with authorial intent, and the unsympathetic characters are no exception.
Roy Johnson In my opinion this book of hers is the most likely for a reader to get emotionally involved in. I've read the rest of her books based on the fact that I loved this story. Did not like her other books nearly as much. But it's worth getting to know the kids/young adults.
Miles I don't think you have to like them to enjoy the book - I thought they were purposefully snobby and flawed. Even Richard, the outsider, seemed to be a pathological liar. But isn't that more interesting than a cast of golden good-guys?
Hilary Donovan I didn't particularly like them other than Richard. This is just a quirk of mine. I often fall for a first-person narrator mainly because his or her mind and heart have been opened to me and I truly identify with the person. I fell in love with Holden Caulfield of The Catcher and the Rye and the guy in Portnoy's Complaint--all kinds of characters that wouldn't be considered stereotypically likable people. And when Richard stayed in the unheated warehouse I felt his pain but understood why he didn't want to go home.
Marcy I didn't entirely hate them until later on. After all, they do help one another quite a bit, esp. Henry when Richard was sick.
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