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Do you think this book is appropriate for 6th graders... 11 & 12 year olds?

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Erin I mean, I'm thirteen, and I read it last year. The sex scene is a little cringe, but it's really. Not. That. Bad.
The school library has it on restricted loan, so... 14-15, but what I've found is that parents think something is 16+, and the kids who have read it think it's appropriate for younger than that age group. I think it's the KIDS we should listen to, since they're the ones who really matter as far as the fact that if they're sensitive to it, it's probably not appropriate. It might pose some questions about sex if kids don't know what it is (but most 10-11 year olds do) but so long as they know about that sort of thing, it's not too bad. There's no real graphicness to it, and to all these parents saying '16+!' maybe it's time to have another kid. Because if you want to keep young kids forever, you really need to re-think parenting. I'm not telling you how to be a parent, because I'm not one myself, but at the same time, it annoys me when there's so many restrictions on shit like this because parents are pananoid and don't want to let us grow up.
Yes, the young and innocent are great! But at the same time, as soon as kids find out about the Birds and the Bees, you can't stop them growing up. Kids become adults, and personally, I've found that reading slightly more adult scenes in books has helped me explore what it's like to grow up and be more adult. So I'm going to say, about 12, because it might be a bit disturbing or a little bit of an issue with younger kids, but honestly, if you want to keep your kids innocent forever, don't let them read anything, ban them from the Internet, and watch them like Big Brother 24/7. And they'll probably STILL find out about stuff, find a way to read shit like this. So please, it's NOT 16+. More like about 12+.
Chelsey Westergard The first book was pretty clean, although "dark". I couldn't finish the 5th book though. It took a big turn and had some pretty descriptive sex scenes. It didn't need all that garbage, so I didn't finish the series. This book also makes light of lying, stealing, killing, and cheating. It almost promotes them as good qualities. The story was interesting so I kept reading but shouldn't have. Definitely not a feel good book.
Lanyi Age doesn't matter. It REALLY just depends on maturity level.
Sarah Rossi I am a 6th grader and Throne of Glass is a really good book
Hazuki No. I wouldn't want my little sister to be reading this in the next 2 years... I'd say more 14-15. It's a YA book and YA's like 14/15 upwards... :P
Iris I'm a fifth grader and it was hell of a good book
Lammy By the time they're older they will find it boring... so let them read it now
Rosalyn Yarbrough NO. Main reason being that by reading this book they are likely to continue into the series. It gets quite sexual in the later books.
Becky As a former 6th grade teacher I think this would be fine. The language is medieval so you don't have to worry about lots of cursing or swearing & you definitely won't find "the F word" here. There is some kissing but no sex, so compared to many books it's quite clean. There is some violence but not any worse than they've seen on tv. While mature 6th graders with a high reading level will enjoy it "Throne of Glass", I think it's probably aimed at a slightly older group.
Robin Thank you so much for the feedback. It's hard for me to "pre-read" everything I have in my class. I teach in a very conservative area of Utah so I think I'll pass. Again, thank you.
Corey Depends. There is a little mild swearing in this book, people are killed in very violent ways, some of the characters are known for being popular with the women, rape is mentioned. I'm not a parent, but I think that some sixth-graders may be fine, and the book would be too much for others.
Mary Catherine I think that depends on how the parent raised the child thus far, If the child has had a bees and trees talk and understands violence and war on a simple level, I think the book is absolutely fine. If however the child has grown up in a very sheltered environment and is a bit more naive in these topics, I would recommend reading it with a trusted adult in case questions arise.
Hollie The first few books aren't nearly as graphic as the last few books if I recall. I read this later in life, but throughout the entirety it felt very young adult and less mature than some of the content I prefer. I think book five is where the sex scenes become more detailed, but in remembering my own experiences I was definitely reading adult material by the time I was a freshman in High School. I only remember a few series really resonating with me in Middle School around 7th and 8th grade and then I jumped from Harry Potter grade material into Game of Thrones and eventually Steven Erikson before I graduated.

I personally would not disallow my hypothetical 11/12 year old to read this series, but I'd definitely talk to them first and prepare them for the kind of content they'll be reading by the end of the series.
Edward L. Oh hell no. Honestly, the levels of violence and gore aren't even the problem as much as they way they're depicted. The "hero" is just too petty, sadistic and bloodthirsty.
Rachel Schoenberger Definitely not. I read this series when I was 16 and it scarred me for life. There is so much swearing, it's very dark, there are drug references, and the later books have extremely explicit romance scenes. I would not recommend Throne of Glass for anyone, and if I did, it would be at least 18+.
Felix My mom said that these books are downright. 'pornographic'. They ARE NOT! (they do have a few cringe love scenes but not very descriptive) Its not like parents can hide this from kids anyway. They always find a way. SO what are they gonna do, Protect us forever.
The book does have a dark atmosphere but not much worse than harry potter.

I say 12-13 +
Dappled Sunlight Ok so, I'm a 6 grader and I've read the first book, I found it immensely suspenseful and entertaining, so I really want to read the 2nd book but, I looked at most of the reply's and I'm reading a lot of yes's and no's, so I have no idea if I should continue or not. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me a straight answer. I mean I didn't find it to gory and the romance makes me have butterflies in my stomach so I just skip lines... So, yes or no?
Ileana OK, Throne of glass is the best book series I've read so far.

I'm 11 and reading the fifth book which is when it starts to become more grown up and graphic.
Personally I love romance so this series is amazing to me, but if the child doesn't like/understand romance they they probably wont like this. I know it sounds weird but many of the romantic scenes from the fifth book up may scare sheltered children.

I would say that it really depends on the person who is reading. If they are a sheltered child or younger than eight or nine then they shouldn't read this.

Also, if the child has started reading this and they really like it and you've only just now heard bad stuff about the books let them keep reading because they will likely want to kill you if you take it from them.

But, just like I said before it really depends on the child and their maturity level.
Gabriella I think the first book is perfectly fine for anyone over the age of 11. The only issue I have with it, is that by the 5th book there are some pretty graphic sex scenes. The first book is no worse than something like th hunger games, but the sex is what got me towards the end. Chances are, once you start the series, you are going to want to finish it, and if you’re young you might not want to run into those sex scenes that come later on
Adi It is defenitley appropriate for 10+. 6th graders can easily handle the violence in this book. There is no sex in the first one. It starts to get a bit more mature as you go on reading the series. So the first one for 10+. As you go through, I would say 12+
Brezey Yes and no, It depends on how mature the child is. I have actually read all books up to empire of storms and thought it was to graphic ( sex scenes) There is blood and gore in the books and mature scenes but overall it isn't that over the top until book 4 and 5. I love the books, but if you want to read the whole series in one go, wait till you are a little older (14, 15)
Hazel A definite yes, though I would definitely make sure that the person I was giving it to was mature enough to handle to scenes in the series. This is coming from a FIFTH grader and I found it fine, but some parts were a bit gross, (BAD ROMANCE, BAD, BAD ROMANCE!)
Adri I would say yes if the child is mature or is a high reading level. It has some maturity material in it but not much some kisses and blood but not that much.
Evie Netherwood I'd say 12 is ideal for the first but for the later books probably more like 14 but honestly if they're well read, mature and don't find gore disturbing you could probably read it when you were around 8 or 9.
camelia eaton i read this book when was in 6th grade, but i do think this book is more appropriate for 7th graders. A lot of medieval swearing, and telling them to , "take thee to a nunnery" calling. so i think maybe to hold off on this book.
Alex Yes. I read it when I was eleven. If you're mature enough...go right ahead. The rest of the series is a bit more iffy but book 1 is mild. Kissing, a vague mention of rape, some gory scenes (I guess??) but its really not that bad. As long as the person reading it is emotionally mature, its fine
MT Look, I am 11 and I read the book when I was 10 years old, As long as you understand what sex is then you will be fine.
Angee Glastra My daughter started reading these when she was 15. They are pretty dark with graphic scenes of violence and in the later books they have more sex scenes. Great series, just more mature themes.
I Am I know this is certainly late to the discussion but I would like to say to anyone who bothers to read these replies all the way through, if you are a parent or are a child of the age of 12/13, it depends on maturity, if you have talked to your child or are familiar with the "Birds and the bees" and aren't too bothered with gore then this book is for you! I had read the whole series last year and am indeed 13 now. This book was the awakening of my passion for books and I'm indebted to the author and I believe that this can also happen to you. It is certainly a great book series. My only warnings on these books are they are very descriptive and that the first one is quite boring.
Heir Of Mist No i dont think is just jet. Im currently 14 and im in love this serie but in think this is inappropriate for under 12 maybe 13
Maya The first book is, but the second book is more mature.
Eva Depends on the child, I think. I would have read it at age 8-9 and been fine with all of the books. I would allow my 11 yr old grandchild to read them also tho their mother wouldn't feel the same but I think she's way over-protective. I'm in my mid-60's now.
Marisa Jayna No, well the first one maybe, but if you read the first one then you'll want to read the second one, and i don't think that one is apropriate.
Jessica With their reading level and understanding along with maturity, then sixth graders should be fine with it. And most 11 and 12 years old watch or heard things worst this book. For books 2 and 3, i would say the same thing but maybe wait for the next year for them at 12 and 13.
Sandee As a mom, I would say definitely NO
Rin I read this when i was a sixth grader and i liked it.
Vanessa Alvarez Many 6th graders would be fine with this book- I am a parent and media specialist and think the majority of 6th graders would be able to handle the mild swearing and mention of violence. It's the 2nd and 3rd book of this series that I would hesitate with- these are both definitely YA books with mature content.
Kenmasapplepie Y'all some people say it has sex scenes some people say it doesn't can someone pls give a clear answer does it have sex scenes or not?
Sienna Shepherd I read it in year six, there was sex but if your not ok with your children reading that you could just skip them, without the sex it would be ok for 11 and 12 year olds. It is over all a really good and addictive series i could not put it down and have reread it 6 times since. Other books like that that dont have sex in the first book at least are the cruel prince ( if your kid is allowed to read murder very brutal murder). I also read that in year six. other great book options for year sixs are six of crow, the book thief, the lightning thief and the inheritance games. It really just dispense on the maturity levels. Like movies some people let there kids watch sex, murder and more in year six and five it really just depends on what they want there kids being introduced to at a young age. I did read it behind my mums back she did not know that there was sex and other events, but i have already watched worse movies behind her back to. So for anybody if your kid wants to read it just take note of the maturity and if you think they can handle the events throughout the book. I read it at 12 and it had know effects on my childhood. I think anyone can read it if they have matured.
Venita TBH I know everything, I'm turning 12 in a couple of months...and most of the friends I meet say "You're too cool and matured for me" I don't know if this is a complement or a complaint but I almost face it everyday! But I don't spoil anyone's inocence but they feel like they are talking to an 18 year old, it's not my fault I have a sister who is 9 years elder than me and a friend who is a lot more metuared than me. My mom cares about this, she is jailing me! She is not even letting me read/watch things which are rated 7+ 'cause they kiss sometimes...she is trying to not do it to me but at last she'll end up doing what she didn't want to do...I wish I could get permission to read this!
Eliana I read it at 11 and you just have to skip some lines (sex scenes) but it’s an amazing book and I definitely recommend
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Zeina Joy Alright this is for people that are looking for these age ranges as a parent;

9-10: No, it’s not. It’s very violent and chances are they are going to want to read more books in the series. It depends on their maturity but I wouldn’t want my 10 year old sibling to read this. As children they will break down everything they read and won’t stop thinking about it. Unless they have a clear idea on what sex and violence is like, wait a bit to read. There are still some gore filled scenes. Probably wouldn’t want a child to be reading of people getting their heads chopped off very vividly.

11-12: This is where it reeeally depends on maturity, I read this as a mature 12 year old. Was I ready for this if I was 11.... most likely not. If as a parent you aren’t ready to answer questions on why the characters took their clothes off, or as a kid you want to keep your innocence a bit longer, I wouldn’t read. But it’s really an amazing book SJM is an amazing writer. It’s up to you to decide though.

13-14: Now this is a more suitable age. Again it depends on maturity. Kids are usually in 7-8th grade at this time. I would say wait until 8th grade because this is before a kid goes to high school and life will be more interesting. I feel as a more mature and knowledgeable person I can appreciate the book better. But there are some parents that are very protective from letting their kids know about... you know... se x and if this is the case I would wait until the parent, possibly you, think that this knowledge is ready to be shared. Although the book can be unsettling at times when it hits you hard on what se x actually is.

15-16: YES, GO FOR IT! It’s an amazing series and bound to get you obsessed! Get some juicy stuff and action! SUSPENSE! Oh the suspense.

Whatever you decide, this is an AMAZING book. Tell SJM she’s amazing and that she wrote the best series ever. Despite the explicit stuff and the dark, horrendous side of the book, it’s still great. The detailed scenes are the cherry on top!
Maria I read this book when I was 12. I think it's fine for a mature reader at 12, but if you aren't a mature reader I would say 13 to 15.
Gabriella I read it when I was thirteen and so did my friends and I loved it but I dont think an eleven year old should read it. The main character is an assassin and some scenes are quite gory. I also read a court of thorns and roses and the sex scenes in that are a LOT worse, especially a court of silver flames. But it is more the content of throne of glass where they kill and murder and torture each other that little kids shouldn't read, especially if they have grown up in a more sheltered environment. I recommend it to 13 year olds.
Blue Yep.
Well as long as the kid is mature enough to not make a big fuss about what is in that book (which is mostly kissing and blood and no sex)
they can read it but I still don't understand WHY the age limits
Sarah Maybe read Erin's answer.
Nightingale I have already read this book and I feel like my answer would definitely be no. I would definitely rate it 13+
Amanda ♡ Ok I think I read half of this book when I was 13 years old, and anyway I know more or less what the book and these kinds of books are like, and I think it depends a lot on the child and his maturity. For example, I read scenes of murderers or some sex scenes but not so explicit at 13 and I took it quite well since I was always a mature person. And these books are especially aimed at a young adult audience, which would be between 13 to 18 years old, but anyway I think the genre is more focused between 15 to 20 years. That is why I say that a book like this depends on the maturity because yes, someone of 12, 13 or 14 could read it
Em As long as you're OK with violence and slight sex scenes. I was 11 when I got up to book 5 and I was fine with all that stuff but it really depends on the maturity of the 6th grader in question.
Alaa This is a very late answer but, I think from throne of glass to queen of shadows and tower of dawn, the books i are okay for sixth graders, but empire of storms and kingdom of ash might be a bit graphic and inappropriate.
Tran Well...that really just depends on the kid. I was thirteen when I read it (still am now). Sure, I enjoyed the books. But the more I got into the book series, the more detailed sex scenes were. I was not exactly fond of it but I still was able to progress. In my opinion, Young kids can read it. But only if they are comfortable with sex scenes, violence, murder, and maybe some foul language here and there.
Nicole Why are there all these age restrictions on books these days? My parents let me read anything I could get my hands on starting from age 7-8 and I turned out (mostly) fine.
Charlotte Gauldie I read this as a 4th grader and was fine with this It's suitable for most 11 year olds. I'm a 6th grader now and have just read the last book. It was really good but not suitable for most children my age.
Hannah I'm in 6th grade. I think The throne of glass series is good. There is violence, and some scenes that can get inappropriate. But It's mostly depends on how mature the reader is. I think that kids that are 11 scene worse things in movies. I think that kids 11+ should be able to read the book series. They probably know what most of it means, and if not they are probably going to have to learn very soon. So kids and parents out there wondering, I think 11+ should be able to read these books.
TJ Well i'm 10 and I read it last year.It was a little cringe but I think the people who know what sex is they could read it.
Kathryn Well, I mean, it's young adult, so the age group it's targeted at is 12-18. I've read it, and it's a good book (I'm in eighth grade); I have friends in seventh grade and they think it's a good book. So I'd say 12+ but I guess it really depends on the individual reader because I know that I have other friends who are really sensitive to this kind of stuff.
No, I don't think it's appropriate for age 11 and below, since I mean, they're not even in the targeted age group, but again, it really depends on the individual that is reading it
Sarah Likes Robots It's a decently violent and there's a bit of cussing, but other than that it's fine.
Nora I honestly don't get why most people say that the language is mild. I get that the first books are fairly clean, as there are no explicit scenes, but there is swearing on almost every page. The first three books are somewhat appropriate for 12-year-olds, although violent, and I would definitely say, don't share it publicly with a grade 6 class. I started reading the series when I was in grade 5, but I read it very discreetly at school (and not to brag, but I did read a lot of books that were not for my age), and I'm pretty sure the teacher was concerned with my reading choices. Once she had a talk to me about the books I read and if they were appropriate for me. Throne of Glass is officially rated for 17 and 18 year-olds, but many people read it earlier because although it contains a quite a bit of cursing and a lot of explicit scenes in Empire of Storms, it's not dirty.

The main reason it's probably not appropriate for elementary students is with the language and explicit scenes aside are the violence, the sadists, and the types of people. The deaths of characters are often very graphic and bloody, and not suitable for most 11 year-olds. There's also the cruel and manipulative people. Some of the villains in Throne of Glass are wicked and do not set good examples (the main character included). Last, there are many types of people in Throne of Glass that 6th graders probably shouldn't be exposed to unless their parents deem it safe. By that, I mean courtesans and brothels.

6th graders definitely have the choice to read it by themselves, I mean, go for it! It's a great series (my favourite actually). But I recommend keeping it in small groups.
Angela if your kid know what sex is and isn't bothered by it, then YES its and amazing book!! one of my personal favorites
Kelly Roberts The books that contain explicit sexual content do state on the back cover that they are not suitable for younger readers.
Faith:) The first book is okay. But the next ones are a little inappropriate. I mean, the books are really good and all, but if you read the first book, like I know for me I just had to get the next book in the series bc the first was SO GOOOOOOOD!!!
Madeleine Thompson While the series is probably age appropriate, I wouldn’t reccomend it to anyone younger than 14. Celaena, the protagonist, is a great character in many aspects, but being an assassin, she does exhibit many behaviours which a younger audience may begin to display. The 5th book, however, I wouldn’t reccomend to anyone younger than 16. So while it is a greate read for an older audience, definitely not for 6th graders.
Mana No, more like 16 up
Jax Throne of glass is a great book for 6th graders. There are some "dark" moments. Other than that, the book is clean. However, later in the series, the books become more "dark" and unclean. The story was absolutely a good read!
Callum hell noo. im in yr 7 but ill be honest, i really dont like this book. theres sex scenes in the series.
Bianca mmm i don't think so , i think they are too young for reading this type of books
Matt I read this when I was in 6th grade and I thought that it was fine for the first book it gets very gory but other than that the book is probably fine.
Jaymie No. Queen of shadows and Empire of storms are new adult and explicit.
Paige This book can be dark at times but it's probably fine- books later in the series should be read by people at least in their teenage years though
Sevangelista I'm a sixth grader and I want to know the same answer. This book seems very interesting and I really want to read it.
Genevieve Lewis This book is more suitable than the other ones, some involving descriptive sex as well as descriptive killing. But it depends whether they would want to read the rest of the series
Ella Sherck Well, I'm 10 and I read it. But it just depends on if the kid gets scared easily. Also it's a little inappropriate at times. There's lots of blood and some swearing, but other than that it's good.
Pa Houayang It all depends on the reader. I my self read this when I was in 6 grade and I love it! And still do.
Bailey The last book in the series that came out (Empire of Storms) is definitely not appropriate for 11 and 12 year olds, so if a 6th grader wants to read the entire series, I would wait.
Trinity Yes, I haven't read it, but I am a sixth (almost seventh) grader and my friends and I read a lot of Ya. One of my friends has read this, so I assume this should be fine based on maturity level.
Laleh The first book yes, the second book maybe, but for mature sixth graders, and I think you could read the third one in sixth grade, but I would recommend that you don't read the 4th or 5th until 7th grade.
Juana There isn't sex, swearing or inappropriate content if that's what you're concerned about. There is some mentioning about periods and there is some violence (although it isn't that descriptive).
Referring to the writing, it might be hard for 11 year olds...
I would say 12/13 year olds.
Parker Garlough Depends on the 6th grader. I personally read it in 7th grade.
Vicky I read this when I was 10, and I was fine.
Melody Owens It definitely depends on how mature he/she is, there is some cursing and graphic scenes in here. But really, to be safe, it's best to just wait until they're older.
Leticia Porter I don't suggest that anyone under 13 or even 14 read this book. But like others say it all depends on how mature the 11/12 year old is :)
Marie Laresski Age doesn't matter, maturity level does.
Alex Firšt Yea sure why not the themes in this book are nothing that you would not see in a main stream movies that people like to watch.There are some adult themes like murder, violence but not to that extent that you would not want your kids to see (or read).
Pen Fox I read this when I was 12, but I think I should have waited maybe a year. However, 11 and 12 year olds are exposed to a lot more nowadays so I think that really it's based on maturity.
Olivia It really depends. I would say most likely if the person is able to handle things like swearing, lots of violence, etc. It is considered a YA book, but is really ok for 12 years compared to certain video games and movies.
P.S. I am a sixth grader, and loving the series.
Lucy I read them in seventh grade, but would've been fine reading them in sixth. The first book has some killing in gross/weird ways, but it is a book about a battle of assassins, murderers, and thieves. The second book, however, I would advise against because it contains more inappropriate topics besides killing.
sophie Probably not. It depends on how mature they are, if they aren't very mature then definitely not.
ak I think It depends on your maturity level but I'd suggest 13 or older
Chris Yes it is! I loved this
Paige Well, I read this when I was 10, so I'd say yes....but it does depend on their maturity level.
Max Gehm Depends how mature your kid is.
Ash No, the adult themes in here get a bit to graphic for a 12 year old. I wouldnt let my child read it for another year or 2
Catherine No. Wait 'til 14.
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