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I am 40 pages from the end, but can't wait to ask.... What is with all the Mallory hate by Simmons?? He paints him as such an unpleasant, potentially unethical person, but I have found no evidence of this as being truthful. I realise that this is fiction, but Mallory is not a fictional character, and painting him in such a negative way did not seem necessary to the story.

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Rich Parker Like a painting, each viewer will interpret (even a historical) novel differently, that's part of the beauty. I do not disagree with your interpretation, I can only tell you that I read "The Abominable" a few months ago and I so it has time to "simmer" and perhaps I missed something but I don't recall Mallory as being portrayed in a horrible light. Flawed, yes... especially in the sense that many upper class Brits in those times were very class conscious and/or arrogant to some degree. His bravery, concern for fellow climbers, and skill in mountain climbing are in no way questioned in this book, that I can recall. If you read "Drood" and "The Terror" you will see that Dan Simmons has done an immense amount of research on the ways of British nobility during the days when the sun never set on their Empire and I think it is historically accurate to portray some aristocratic snobbery in even the best of them. My opinion only, and I admit to being a big fan of his books.
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Martin I didn't read it that way at all. The conflict with Mallory was with a fictional character and one of several reasons meant to explain a "secret" expedition.
Mark This book is criminal in its reference to that great legend George Leigh Mallory. Don't take it seriously.
Margaret1358 Joyce We tend to want to idealize our heroes-- Mallory, being one. But by doing so, I think we do them disservice.They were and are real human beings, and it is the reality of their humanity--their flaws, weaknesses, and so on,--which makes their courageous and astounding feats so very remarkable. So, I say, why not throw in a few flaws for Mallory, real or imagined.
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