Adam asked:

Am I weird that Im a boy and I like these books?

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Kimberly Not at all. There's no such thing as "girl books" or "boy books." If you like it, read it.
Keira Coaly No, I'm a girl, I've read this book, and love it.
My cousin is a guy, he's read this book, he loves it.
There's no such thing as "girl" or "boy" books.
If you like it, it's a "you" book. ;3
Lindsey Um I thought it was a boy book and i'm weird for being the girl who likes it.
Christian I agree with the previous answers. I'm an "old man" (40 years) in this context, and I read this series in order to have more in common with my 9 year old daughter. To my surprise I actually enjoy reading the books. They are well written, and the story covers universal themes such as friendship, loyalty, hardship, and how to handle "people" with other values than your own.
Catrina Not at all. I think its awesome.
Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) Not at all! I'm a guy and I've been reading these for years now. Actual, this would be closer to a "boy book" since it's about fighting, killing, hunting and surviving in the wild.
Avaminn F'nett How in the world would these books be considered specifically "girl books?"
Amelie this series is unisex. it is great for boys and girls. i think that people should sort books in to 'girls books' and 'boys books', girls can read stories about 'boys stuff' and vice versa.
Matthew I am a boy and have read to book 5 all last month. This series is so good if you like it you should reed it. Right now I am reading Sleeping Beauties.
Shelby This serise is for everyone!!
Christian Zamora-Dahmen This is not a "girl book". Actually, I think it's not a "boy book" either. Both girls and boys should be able to enjoy these.
Epicness :d No. I have a boy at my school who read them too ^^
Taite Moralez No. I like these books as well.
guppy 🐠 Nah, my friends brother loves them.
Rocks its not weird
toad♡ no it doesnt make u weird that u are a boy reading these books i feel like everyone who enjoys these is kinda very weird LMAO
toad♡ no it doesnt make u weird that u are a boy reading these books i feel like everyone who enjoys these is kinda very weird LMAO
Lily_ _Lilly Nope! Warriors cats and fiction books aren't all ''boys books'' and ''girls fiction'', any gender or sex can read it, I mean their books about cats fighting in the wood? What's so girly about that.
Nat No! My brother loves this series!
Kitty no you can like it theirs no gender for any books
Timothy Morrison They are little kid books actually
Amelia Not at all! My brother read each and every one of these, as well as the Survivors and Bravelands series!
Jafar Ahmed I have to agree with @Kimberly.
I have read books that many people would consider "boy books" or "girl books" and things like that.
But there's no such thing as categorizing books based on gender when you're enjoying it!
Allison ♥ Of course not, I've got a friend who's a boy and read these books as well, like what Kimberly said, there's no such thing as a 'girl book' or a 'boy book.'
Caleb Hawn Definitely not. I'm a dude, and I've loved them since I was a kid.
Tayler That isn't weird at all so don't think it is. These books are for anyone who likes them
_Asterisk_ No. You can read whatever you want to. In fact, a lot of the people I know who have read this are boys, and that's FINE.
Nicole Kimura I know this question was a while ago, but it is not at all weird. Actually back when I was in 6th grade I saw some of the boys pretending that they were cats from the books and I as a girl enjoyed reading the series a lot, so I think that this book captures aspects that both boys and girls enjoy reading about. And don't let a label of girl or boy book stop you from liking it. If you like the book then you like the book and that's that.
Megan No such thing. I know several boys who are major fans of these books.
Echodust No everybody can red any book book what do think this books about unicorns NO!! THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER AND IT IS ABOUT FIERCE WILD CATS!!!!! ok
Nikito No. Many boys, about 50% of the online fandom, are boys.
Hayden DIxon Not at all! I'm a boy and I've read 13-15 out of the 24 of the whole series
Wesley no! i'm a boy and i love these books!
Grover Brown no not at all i read this im a boy and i looooooooove cats :3
Balin Sewell No! I'm a boy and I Love this Book!
Sea Books No, you are not, books don't have gender, maybe you like this stuff, with some blood and death in it, or maybe you prefer love stpries that make you cry. It doesn't matter that you are a boy, normally, this type of books are what people call "boy's books", but don't believe that, I'm a girl and I love this type of books.

You can read whatever you like.
Stormy Summer no! any gender can like it.
Aala Mohamad What? No. :3 Should I spoil the whole series for you? Not that I read all 36 books but, I got pretty far. ;^)
Ms. P No way! It was one of my young students who referred and requested this series be added to our library. HE was a 6th grader, and an avid reader. Lots of boys AND girls now enjoy this series because of him. There really are no boy or girl books - there are only Awesome and Meh books. ;)
Mpgreene So! It does not matter! I don't know why people think that boy and girl books are real! I read enders game. Is that a "boy" book? Do not worry this is a pretty good book! :)
Alexis Heaton No besides if people make fun of you for and tell you they're childish tell them that

Person: Warriors is sooo childish! I don't know why you even bother to read them!

You: Well, I guess it is too childish if you have to read cats dying, suffering, forbidden love, depressing endings, & cats fighting to keep their friends and families alive. Yeah, I guess it is childish.
Eason P No. I love these books and have been reading them for years.
butterbean (formerly jellybean) No, you're perfectly fine to love these books, as do many other people who would do the same.
Bailey No, its not. These books are for both genders, and anyone who appreciated a good read.
Romney Andreasen No way! It is an amazing book for both genders.
Steven123lucky oh heck no im a boy and ive been reading these books for about 4 years now rereading them over and over again
Kellie No because it is no a boy book nor a girl book. It is both for girl and boy books
Madalyn Bruner there is a pic that will be the first one up if you search,
'people think Warrior cats are girly because it has cats in it' take a look at that pic
Max NO. If I where a boy I'd still love these books, they're AWESOME!
Maxwell @Kimberly I loved your answer, there are no boy or girl books. You read what you want to read and that's that
Kat K That doesn't make you weird at all. It makes you, Unique. So don't think that, because others don't like the books, doesn't mean that you can't. Don't let others tell you what you can, and can't read, say, or do. Be you, and do whatever you love to do.
Dracula Raupe no matter boy or girl... Boy and girl can read those books. Also adult read too. It is really enjoyed to read. I read too, am 52 yrs old and love Warriors books is awesome.
BittersweetDreams I basically agree with Kimberly Madrid here. Just because the fanbase is more consistent in girls than boys doesn't make it weird for you liking the books. I say if you like the Warriors series, then don't let anyone stop you. :D
yuzzy dude........ i feel the same way.
Lindsey No way!!! Most of my guy friends have read some of the books and really enjoy them. There is NO SUCH THING as a "boy book" or a "girl book".
Zoe not at all. In my class at school at least 10 boys are reading this series
Liam Lol. Not at all. They were my favourite series when I was a kid. The main themes shouldn't attract girls anymore than boys. Maybe the whole 'way-too-much-cat-romance' tends to steer it towards girls, but that's not bad. Maybe the whole 'kitten-birth' theme that always comes about it more girl territory, but they're not girl books more than boy books.
Audrey I think if you were a boy, you would totally like it.
Lina Not at all. You can be you.
Featherflight Not at all half my class is reading warriors
Whisperwind This book is for boys and girls. You are not weird
Sarah Szumanski-Jahn Nope! Is it weird that I'm a 35-year-old grown up who loves these books? My 7th grade daughter loves them. There is so much in here for everyone!
Kai Nah, I'm a boy and this is my favorite book!
Brendan Mallett No,not at all. I'm a boy and I've almost read the entire series and loved it all the way.
Jacqueline Smith I haven't met no boys who read this book but I bet there are tons of boys who do!
Mya Absolutely not. I know soooo many boys who have read this series and LOVED it. I was actually recommended this book by 2 boys.
Sapphira Heck no. There's a couple boys at my school who read this A-MAZE-ZING series.
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