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I must write and editorial from Valentine's POV showing compassion in the book Ender's Game. why do they mention Russia and the Warsaw pact what does it have to do with Bugger.

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Liz This was written in 1985 when the USA and Russia (USSR at the time, I believe) were not exactly getting along in reality. There was the threat of war intensified by more advanced missile technology. Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) revived the "duck and cover" drills of the 1950s.
The threat of a bigger enemy in story had this conflict set aside, but only as long as there was a mutual threat against both powers. In reality USSR dissolved in 1991.
LilyCat (Agent of SHIELD)-- on hiatus :( Russia is a threat not because they have to do with the buggers, but because once the threat of the buggers is over, Russia wants to seize power. This is a product of the political situation of the time: when this book was written, Russia was the US's main opponent, and the author probably figured the Soviets in Russia would stay in power indefinitely. Communism looked like it was about to take over the world and threaten the power of democracies like the US. At the time, the United States didn't know that, as Orson Scott Card wrote this book, Russia was actually weaker than it looked, with rampant food shortages and economic issues. The Soviet Union collapsed less than 10 years later, breaking into Russia and a dozen or so smaller countries.

Nowadays, with the US's main rival in tech, industry, etc. being China, many futuristic books have China as the enemy, like the novel Breaking Sky, where teenage pilots train to fight Chinese drones.
Dawson Frank They went to talk about the Warsaw pact and Russia because once the buggers were gone Russia was going to break out in war.
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