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Ok, seriously is the last 60 pages worth reading?

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Vampka Sure, it is! I heard that people don't like the ending so I read it with curiousity just to understand their opinion and I was surprised because I loved it. Yes, it's full of cliffhangers. Yes, there are many questions left. But the story of Eragon ended, from the moment he left Alagaesia, a new story began. I can say that I'm fully satisfied with the closing. Altough I would love to read more of Nausada, Orik, Elva, the urgals in their new role, Roran's daughter, Murtagh's future or Angela's past, I feel like these characters - and many others - surely deserve their own book. I can only hope that Paolini is going to write them (especially about Murtagh and Angela), even if these stories will be only short novels in an other book, or even if I have to wait a decade to meet these characters again.
Katie I don't really understand why you would drag your way through 800 pages, and then just quit for the last 60. They're not any worse than the rest of the book. Just do it!
Dávid Varga It is. Even if it wasn't happy, its realistic, connects well with the previous books. At the end of the book i just felt empty, but satisfied. Read it,it is a part of the book and the whole story.
Narendra Pingale no it is not. a total anti climax if you ask me.
Jennifer Definitely. Sure, there are cliffhangers, but Chris is working on another book in the series that will resolve this. I'm looking forward to it!
Marjolein Ouwehand No I don't think so either, I rather had one of these two options:
1. end it with the idea not knowing what will happen with everyone
2. the last 60 pages in a new book
Roni YES! I think that is actually the most important part... it's the ending! Lots of people are not satisfied with the ending but I like it.
Liz This question made me laugh aloud. I gave up on the series when I opened to a random page of "Brisingr" and saw the sentence comparing the guard's mustache to a pair of unbalanced scales.
Joe Of course you should read the last 60 pages, it took almost 3000 for you to pages to get there. The ending in my opinion is awful for two reasons. First, you could basically say there's no climax, you think its coming and then all of a sudden your past it, huge let down (like Donald Trump huge). And secondly I think the ending just sucks and makes no logical sense. I think Paolini wanted to avoid being cliche and make an original ending (an ambitious task) and in the end we got a very original, and very crappy ending.
The series as a whole is still awesome.
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Saoirse Yes, even though it is a cliff hanger.
Moira Yes. Why skip the end of the last book in a series? You never know what could happen!
Ema I love everything about the series, including the last part(Though I felt so sad I quit reading it for a while and then continues later), might be the same for you, try it
Lea Fegley Yes, I cried at the very end. It was beautiful
Izik Of course it is you must get to the ending, there is quite a surprise at the end about Arya and Eragon
Rebekah G Sure, are you the kind of person who just quits the task you are doing in the middle when you're almost done? Who is? Read It.
Shantel E Bertoch yes!!! Paolini always finishes his books with a bang. This the final book in the Inheritance series is no exception. stopping before the end is like going on a journey and then turning back when your destination comes in sight.
Evelyn Yes, definitely. You should find out what happens to the fate of Alagäesia, the dragon riders and Eragon. Although the end made me cry, it was totally worth it.
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