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Why are people hating on this book because Janet is shallow, selfish etc.? Isn't the writer intentional in making her like this? From the way I understood this book, it is from Janet's POV but the reader is to see her as a very selfish, shallow person.

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R I've read this book many times over, because it's the one of the only funny books I've read (I typically read heavier things) and I've found that people tend to criticize for a handful of reasons. The first being, that Janet has all of that lovely teen angst, and she's incredibly privileged (white, young, able-bodied, mostly functional family, middle class, straight, cisgender etc.). Sheldon wrote her to be shallow, but that's partially because of her circumstances. She has no reason not to be shallow, yet. Many people may have not been shallow at this age, because of life circumstances, but I've found that naive/sheltered/privileged teens often come off as "shallow" and "selfish" when in all reality, have they had a chance not to be? Have they had a time where they had to think of someone else? Have they experienced anything other than high school? So, yes Janet is in fact "shallow" and "selfish", but that was done intentionally by Dyan Sheldon. Then, there's also the sexist factor that plays in to it too. If Janet were a man, the criticism of her would more than likely be less, because boys are expected to be selfish, un-mothering, and rebellious. Women on the other hand, are not. I also think that Sheldon expects the reader to understand that Janet will grow with time and experience-that's part of where the humor of the book comes from. I'm sorry for rambling, but in any case your assessment is right. :)
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