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Sounds intriguing. There is not a lot of difference really - between a prof and a madman. Anyone read it?

Breeze Am currently reading for book club. Love the use of language and the references to different words. Definitely worth reading although not a "light" read.
Carole It was intriguing. I would have to disagree with your reference to the similarity between a professor and a madman. Every profession has members who some might consider mad. It is all a matter of perspective. Professors (no, I am not one) think deeply and that is uncomfortable to people who don't.
Jeff Sikes Yep. It's mainly a character(s) piece with a little dictionary making background. Very cool--especially if your into lexicography or etymology.
Aimee M I recently read this, and I would recommend it. The story, however, is not a light read. For myself, it took much focus to keep with the story line, but such is the case in much nonfiction. The professor and the madman are actually two different characters, but I'll not reveal more in case of spoilers!
Cathy Rapicano Unless you honor the spoken word in all its absurdities, applications and complexities, you might find this a ponderous read. I'm thoroughly, happily immersed in what could be considered a kind of mutation of a non-fictional novel set in 1879, about the genesis of compiling every word ever spoken by humans - the Oxford English Dictionary. What might otherwise seem a rather "dry" read is recused by the rich personalities of the main protagonists, most especially the "madman", who becomes endearing the more he is mentioned.
Sydney Betts I'm currently reading this. I'm SO enjoying the word usage and the historical facts re: the Oxford Dictionary. I've found some of the biographical details of one of the two primary characters distasteful--not the facts but the way they are presented.
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