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I'm interested in checking this out but I have a question about the Christian aspect of it. Is it just "this is a Christian fiction book with Christian themes like the Narnia series" type book or is it "OMG Christianity is the only way to go and everyone else will burn!" propaganda type? Basically, as a non-Christian book lover, will I feel like the author's "trying to save my soul" or will I simply enjoy a good book?

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Victoria I'll repost what I said regarding the "Christian aspect" in my review of the novel here:

The Christian themes throughout this novel were painfully contrived. Great Christian allegories (even for children) are able to convey Christian themes and the Gospel message without forcing it by randomly inserting Bible verses without context or by using simplistic lines such as "just have faith" or "be blessed for believing." I appreciate the author's attempt, but it fell flat, and I hope this novel won't turn children away from Christian literature in the future.
Liam I felt, reading this book, that the Christian and Biblical themes were out of place. They didn't feel necessary, if you know what I mean. They felt like Davis had only thrown in Biblical references in there to make it a Christian book. There wasn't much Biblical or Christian stuff for the whole book, but at the end, someone said something along the lines of "you used your morals and faith in God to defeat the bad guy,' and I was like, 'wait, did I miss something?' It really didn't feel like a Christian book until then. So, to answer the question, no, there is absolutely no 'soul-saving' here. Basically nothing Christian about this book, save morals and that one line (and the odd bible verse).
Sarah Glidden Definitely not a book trying to "save your soul". One female character has a strong walk with the Lord and there are just a handful of times when the author will use a Bible verse. The story line was definitely different from anything I've read. It's a good clean book (only have read the first 2 so far) and wouldn't do any harm in reading. Just not as "spiritual" as I would've liked.
Nadja It's a book by a Christian author. That much is clear. I didn't feel it quite tied in with the storyline itself - not all the time, anyway - but it didn't deter from being a good story. Worth a read!
Alex Simpson I've read the first two. I was given the whole series as a christmas gift. It's a good, innocent series. I don't really perceive it as propaganda or at attempt to convert anyone. It has Arthurian legend tied in and, obviously, Christian themes. I remember lines in the narrative discussing God and Christianity. But it's mostly just a very kid-friendly series. Once I have time, I'll probably reread and finish the series.
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