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I watched the movies and they were really good.Are the books better than the book? And if so should I read this trilogy?

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Mia All three of the books are much, much, much better then the movies. The movies leave out many important parts whereas the book has a lot more depth and meaning etc in them so they are easier to understand the concept of the Hunger Games.

I personally loved the trilogy and I recommend reading them :))
Kell The first book is by far better than the movie. The second movie, however, outshines the book. I'm unsure of how the third movie compares to the first half of the third book, but I personally didn't like Mockingjay at all.
If you liked the movies, I think you would definitely enjoy they books. The last two may not be quite up to snuff with the movies, but it's impossible to read the first one and NOT read the others! :)
Bumblebee426 You should definitly read the books,they are soooooo awesome.
Regan Wilson I think all the books are better just because they cut some great scenes out of the movie

Ava Flegg The books are better than the films, because the films leave out some important parts, and charcters. The films are still good though!
The books were written very well, and are very entertaining.
Mockingjay is the worst book, but still better than the film! The films arenr too bad tho!

100% recommend the book series
tabascosauce I personally think the books were written horribly, but most people don't agree. imo the movies are better because you can't tell how badly it's written (no offense to anyone who loves the series, ik I'm in the minority here.)
Hobite First of all I saw movies (Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and Mockingjay 1). And before watching the last part in cinema, I have decided to read books. Everybody goes crazy how good movies are and I wanted to know why. So. I really loved books, especially the first one, where everything presented much more clear; there are answers and a lot of explanations which I did not get from the movies. The Mockingjay I have read in couple of days and now everything is blurred, so at some point in future definitely will read second time. If you loved movies and like to read - I believe you should love books much more !
Manaal The books are better than the movies, they are more descriptive and have a few things they changed in the movie, so its not completely the same.
Kylee yes the books are way better than the movies, Catching Fire is more unlike the movie than anything. Please read the books because they are so good
Annie (Sad Water Bottle) The movies are much better in terms of storytelling and pacing, especially the Mockingjay movies. The books, however, are much better in terms of characters and themes. If you're a more plot-driven reader, you'd probably hate Mockingjay the book TBH.
Rawnaa Aboalwaffa I've already watched the four movies before I read any of the books. All four movies are very neat and very well done. I don't follow During the past month I've finished the first two books so far, and both books are breath taking. Even though I had to free space in my reading list for them, I can not, at all, say I regret it.

The books are indeed better than the movies, but still pretty similar as well, and the most important is that they don't, for as far as 'Catching Fire', contradict with one anther.

Best thing is that the movie did not ruin the book, and if you read the book, you can still enjoy the movie and vice versa.

The author is brilliant.
Hollis Sev I really didn't like the second and third books, so don't waste your time reading it. I haven't watched the movies, but I have heard that they are better than the book. Thanks!! I hope this review helped you a lot.
Alexandra The books are waaayyyy better! My favorite, tied with Harry Potter, of course! Read them, and then I would suggest watching the movies again afterwards. I read the books first, but it will give you a whole new view of the movies. Hope you enjoy!
Amy OMG YES! I love this book SO MUCH. I would give this entire series 10 stars!
Reader you should really read the books. You aren't a true hunger games fan until you read the books! https://fshfurniture.ae/sectional-sof...
Haripriya Palanisamy The book is so much better than the movie. U should read it without thinking twice. To be honest, the movie ruined my whole imagination I had when I read the book. They even changed some parts which was very disappointing.
Romeo Rex I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.
Mshafiq1 you should really read the books. You aren't a true hunger games fan until you read the books!

Afdal Ain movies are visual treat but books increases our imaginative power no problem in reading books even if you watched movies. good luck by Freelance Web Designer in Dubai
NinjaHorse The books are great especially the first one. You get real feeling from the books, but the movies just aren't quite the same, though I still like them.

Definitely read the books!
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Ellie Helen They are one of my fav books and I have read all books .Thanks
Kenzie Derstine I liked the movie because of how action packed it was but I got to say, reading the books are definitely worth it! You miss some important details from the book to the movie. The book also gives more background and information so you can understand everything to your full potential.
Muhammad Haroon
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Mary The books are definitaly better than the movies. You should read it, it is the best book ever.
Aizaz Khan Such a great book you should read it.

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Alexis I like the books a tiny bit more than the movies. I had watched the movies first and then my friend convinced me to read the books. When I had finished each book I would watch that movie. There are only a few things I catching fire that they left out in the movie(tiny major thing). But with saying that you should totally read the books.
Yasir Jamal Indeed books are better but it depends on person's choice more!
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Alicia The books are AWESOME! Yes, you should definitely read! I'm sure you didn't understand everything in the movie, and reading the original story will really help!
Claire The books are better than the movie every time in my experience. Definitely a must read. It has so much emotion and depth. I would read the entire trilogy.
Ali Abbas Books better than Movies. this is best for your health and other issues of life.
Maheen Afridi Yes books are better than movies because you learn alot and and debate with anyone on anything and can rise valid points.

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Aryaana I found the films were much better than the books but they have a bit too much between Peeta and Katniss that were not appropriate and should not be rated 12.
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Malina M In the book you can read what the character is thinking and feeling, which makes the book so much more interesting to read, and gives you a deeper understanding of the characters and concepts.
Shaun Jaan Books are actually more entertaining than the movies. I've read all the books and they are way better than the movies! Believe me.
Fahad Hussain Hi, my name is Fahad. I am an SEO Toronto expert. Although I am only interested in science fiction movies but I loved this movie that's why I am reading this trilogy and yes, I am recommending that you should read the books.
William Thank you for sharing this! Just what I’ve been searching for. Great info!
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Nitasha I think books are better than movies, books are more descriptive.
Hirkani W. I've never watched the movies but the books' are obviously much better than the movies because everyone knows that the books come first. And you should really read the books. You aren't a true hunger games fan until you read the books!
Fraz Fraz Great series cannot argue more about it
Alex Ang The books are always better!
Zonal Soft The Hunger games is nice book i ever read, highly recommended book for you check my recommendations about Hunger games here:
Makinzie Myers the book seems better because it seems realistic, even though i only read the first one.
Lillia DEFINATLY! I loved the books the movies mad me mad at how different they were ... honestly I was so disappointed I never finished all the movies but definitely read the book I couldn't put them down
Carmine The books are much better but the movies actually aren't bad. You will be missing out if you don't read the other two books
Arsalan Alirao You asked like little mistake in your question. I think you're asking is movie better than book than answer is yes.


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Isabella In my opinion the books are truly better than the movies because you get to know the characters better making the story a lot more dramatic, meaningful and overall interesting!!
Maria In my personal opinion, the books are way better. When I watched the movies, I was highly disappointed with the lack of scenes they didn't include that was in the book. The movies, however, were okay, not as good as I expected of it. If I were you I'd try the books!
Rori The books were I think a lot better than the movies, not that i didn't like the movies but they always leave out some stuff.
Grace The books are what I call #AWESOME I loved them sooooooooooo much I am reading them for the 3rd time (my friend has read them 10 times) they are that awesome! Definitely recommend them for anyone who is thinking of reading them.
Sophie Yes! You should definitely read the books! I personally believe that the books are far better than the movies, but that is for you to decide when you read them.
Red_Queen_Lover Four words; READ THE BOOKS FIRST!!!!!!!
TurtleZ I absolutely loved the book Mockingjay. I finished it in 7 hours. You should DEFINITELY read it. One of the best books on earth. : )
Greg The books give us much more character development. We know at all times what is going on in Katniss' brain, and a movie simply can't show this.
Lea In my opinion, the books are ALWAY better than the movie. In The Hunger Games movie, they had cut out some REALLY important things, but it was still good. READ. THE. TRILOGY.
Login Shalaby Hunger games the book IS better
Catching fire the book is awesome
Mockingjay the film is much better
i didn't like the book so much as it was really boring
there is no hunger games as the first two books
don't read MOCKINJAY
Maheen Sehar Yeah very nice ,I realy like this ...

Eli.Capo The books make you go right into the carachter. I never seen the movies and I don't wanna se them, maybe to brutal for a kid like me.
Leticia Porter The books are way better than the movies. I know people who actually don't like the movies and I am surprised and they definitely aren't my favorite movies but I put the books on the top of my lists. So you should definitely read the books. And like others are saying a lot of my favorite parts get cut out or shortened.
Timothy Morrison yes, the books always are, as they are about individual relationships between people.
Parinaz In my opinion, books are always better than the movies!
Chris I haven't read the book yet, but I know from experience that the books are ALWAYS! ALWAYS!! ALWAYS BETTER THAN THE MOVIES!!!!!
miriam bloxenheim The books are much better than the movies, where every time Jennifer Lawrence cried it sounds like a wolf howling to his fellow brethren
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