J.C. Starling
J.C. Starling asked Marc Secchia:

Have you forgotton me? I know your busy and all and have not had time to message me. but I've told you as best I could think of with the dragons as the female is pure and the male dragon is inbettwen good and evil I can 't decided what colour for their scales to be for what they look like in human form.Some of the dragons are wild and free and live in an Unknow place which I need help with coming up with a name.

Marc Secchia Hi Jodie, not busy, just on holiday at a volcanic lake for a week :-). Just got back and saw your questions. Well, I have no particular connection between dragon colour and human form. You could make a connection of dragon colour and eye colour or personality, or red = evil, etc. Some people like to go with standard colours such as red, green, blue. I play on this theme and give the different colours different powers. E.g., blue = water powers, healing, red = dragon fire, molten rock ...

Some authors like to go with types of gemstones for dragon colour. E.g., my heroine for Aranya is an amethyst dragon, for Pygmy Dragon, she's onyx. You need to decide if you feel that's overdone in the genre or not. You might want to give these aspects of your worldbuilding a little thought - how does magic work? How does a Shapeshifter's transformation work, and what are their limitations? - and this will likely help you along toward dragon names as well. You'd probably want unusual but not unpronounceable names.

Your 'pure' female - I'd be thinking along the lines of white or blue colours for such a character, and darker for the male. Let me have a think about names ...

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