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This looks really cool, I've never seen another book based on Native American mythology in YA, but...... I don't like ghost stories. Not the really heavy handed, spooky, demon ghost type stories anyway, Is this one like that? Thanks

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Taylor I would say that the supernatural elements are very subtle, and integrated casually into the story. I don't like books that have a lot of heavy handed stuff like that, like high fantasy that goes into a lot of lore and is super non-realistic. There are a handful of hauntingly beautiful spooky scenes, but the book itself isn't spooky or scary, I don't think. More whimsical, and feels a lot like our own reality but with a few embellishments.
Pamela Bronson I am a total sissy (no "horror" fiction, no zombie movies) and I could handle this one just fine.
Shima Hey, No I wouldn't say it's that type of ghost story (i.e it's not meant to be a horror novel). There is a dog-ghost, and without spoiling anything, I can tell you there are some scenes involving vengeful murderous spirits but I don't think it's written to be spooky and it's not the majority of the novel.
As for Native American myths in YA, you can have a look at Trail of Lightning as well. I wasn't a big fan of it but a lot of people seem to have enjoyed it. :)
Dustin Hollis Have you read Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz (it even had a dog, like a lot of Koontz books)? Or even Dr. Who? It's similar. Character with some abilties and sometimes some sort of Scooby gang stumbles around annoying the bad guys until they reveal their evil plan, which often implodes after the character either pushes the red button, sets off a conflict between tighly opposed factions, allows the badies's victims to rise up and take out the baddies, or some sort Deus Ex Machina. That said it's not super scary. The characters you care about aren't in a lot of peril. I did enjoy it.
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