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is it like iRobot (novel #1) ? I am halfway thru iRobot and it is amazing. Will I also feel the same with Caves of Steel ? Please share your suggestions.

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Rob Its a little bit of a different bird. I, Robot is a collection of short stories with a loose narrative thread tying them together. Caves of Steel is a single cohesive story, structured as a "whodunnit" detective novel. Regardless, it is still Asimov and therefore amazing.
Jase Tell It is different but just as great. Very, very thought provoking.
Alex Shrugged Caves of Steel follows a path somewhat like the movie "I, Robot" with Will Smith, at least from the detective viewpoint, a detective who hates robots trying to solve a murder mystery with a robot as a partner. If you have seen the movie you will see the similarity in many of the elements. Of course, "who done it" is entirely different from the movie.
Jamesboggie The Caves of Steel is like if one of the puzzles in I, Robot was expanded into a full mystery novel.
Ezequiel Lo increíble de Asimov es que si lees varios de sus libros, descubres que aunque son historias diferentes, hay una linea de conocimientos y justificaciones constantes que te dan a conocer cada vez mas, la existencia y formación de un robot.
Flint Reginald It is wise to read his works in order. That said this is good read on its own with a nice play on his own rules. A true master of the art, in The Caves of Steel, Asimov is playing at brake his own universes rules.
Well three of them, anyway 😊
Jackson It's different but every story in I, Robot is a bit different and this seems like a continuation of similar themes. I, Robot really went in depth into the 3 laws, and after developing a pretty in depth knowledge of robotics in that respect, it felt like i was ready to get to know one of the positronic robots in greater depth and explore some questions of their humanity.
J. Walker I started with Asimov's books when I was very young, and as he continued to write, I followed just about any and every Robot or Foundation novel he could come up with. The body of work itself is compelling; not only would I suggest you continue with Caves of Steel after this one, but also delve into the Foundation series.
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