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was looking forward to getting this book and am very disappointed. Too much material to read through...its almost like a school textbook on Egyptian history. She certainly did alot of research on this subject. The theme started out really interesting but it went downhill from the beginning. Who else agrees with me?

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CC Was anyone else confused by the timeline changes? I suspected at first that Picoult was cleverly trying to portray two possible realities (two ways/alternate lives), but as I re-read the prologue and the ending, that just doesn't make sense. I think Jodi Picoult's writing is extraordinary and often beautiful, but I found myself feeling cynical toward the main characters, and their interactions. This story just didn't hang together.
Elise I don't agree. I really enjoyed the information on Egyptology and quantum physics and death and dying, because that information reinforced the theme of making choices. Of course some of the paragraphs/information required more concentration, but that's okay. If I found myself skimming I would sometimes go back an re-read a section. I thought the information made for a much richer read.
Barb I agree. I skimmed thru a lot of the Egyptian information and quantum physics. Then I felt bad because she did a lot of research to be able to write about it.
Nancyann I agree. How did the author take such a fascinating premise and make it so boring? I am half way through and still determined to finish but find myself skipping entire paragraphs.
Holly Lu i agree--way too much dense egyptology.
Noah Barber Yup. Same here. I'm a big fan of Jodi Picoult and this has been a most disappointing read. To me it was also downhill after a great start, and yes, like reading a textbook. I wanted to stop reading it but persevered waiting for a twist at the end, which turned out to be another disappointment.
Helen Minkes I agree. I had a hard time getting through the material and finishing the book. I normally love her books.
Sally I totally agree with you. Whenever there was anything to do with Egypt I just skimmed over the information and moved on.
Sarah Patton No, I loved it!
Liz I stopped reading after 30 pages! Was so excited to read it, but I was not engaged to keep on reading. It literally made me so tired. I need something that 'pulls me in' and keeps me there!
Montessahall Montessahall Agree! The focus on physics and Egyptian history didn’t add much to the overall storyline.
Pam Agree. Having a hard time getting through it.
Joyce I agree it was top heavy with Egyptology and quantum physics. But the actual story line moved me greatly. Found myself tearing up numerous times but I’m a sucker for a good love story. But there is so much more to it about choices and second chances.
Jeannie I LOVE anything ancient Egypt. If I could go back, I would be an egyptologist but this book is boring me to anger. I started hating the main character on the plane when she admitted to wearing elastic waist jeans because she is a woman of a certain age. She is in her FORTIES! for crying out loud. I remember 59 as one of my sexiest years. I do not like any of these characters and this author may have spoiled Ancient Egypt for me. No way will I finish this (I am listening to an audiobook and I think the narrator is adding to my disappointment) and I will not pick up another of her books. I only chose this because I read My Sister's Keeper years ago and was impressed. Way too many wonderful novels waiting to be discovered to waste time.
Caitlin I loved all the material about Egypt. I thought the quantum physics could have been explained better. Either way, it does not really matter. The story is about what you could have been if you had followed your passions and risked everything for greatness rather than choosing a safe route and settling for ordinary.
Valerie Schantz Agree 100%. I felt like I had purchased a textbook and enrolled in a college class on Egyptology and quantum physics. It was way too detailed, page after page. I gave up about half way through. I was very disappointed as I have enjoyed so many of Jodi Picoult's books. Thumbs down on this one. ☹
Quinn Fox Yesssss! I absolutely love her writing style, usually, but this is completely over my head. I feel like I'm being forced to read a required book for a class I didn't want to take. I decided to stop reading on page 106. Such a bummer. Hopeful her next novel will be stellar!
Marilyn Lamon totally agree. One of the most difficult books I've read in a while. My first Jodi Picoult book. I found it very depressing - the disintegration of a marriage, family issues, a love lost and found, the what ifs, and to top it off, the character's career as a death doula and a plane crash!!! OMG! And the details on quantum physics and Egyptology were way too much like reading a textbook...not an enjoyable way to spend time, as far as I was concerned.
Diana Otteson Very disappointed in this book. The sections on Egyptology and quantum physics were boring; I felt like I was reading a textbook. And I hated the ending!
Nora She mentioned in her audio version that her son has degree in Egyptology. I feel like she did this in Leaving Time. Way too much elephantology. Overall I liked it and maybe learned a little something but would prefer her old school ways.
Teresa Morehouse Personally was disappointed by this book overall. Always anticipate reading Jodi Picoult books; they usually have a believable, life-changing and life-uplifting event which strengthens human beings in the face of a certain conflict or unforeseeable circumstance. This book strayed from that theme, and along with the long diatribes regarding Egyptology, the book was not the author's usual fare for her loyal readership. There also was a much greater amount of text that included sexuality, another unwanted surprise. I hope that folks who have not been introduced to Picoult books choose a previous book as their first.
Reader I'd been so excited to read this because Piccoult is among my fave authors. I couldn't believe my luck at finding it available at our public library without having to put a hold on it and wait. Now I know why. LOL! I hate to abandon a book in progress, but this is such a tedious read. Feels like a textbook.
Sheila Pritchard Yes, me too. It was hard work with too much detail. It was unnecessarily complex and a bit forced, I thought.
Kristen I'm with the majority here. I love her books and style of writing and love to learn new things. That being said, sooooooooo much about Egyptology, I'm not loving this. I'm on pg 175, I hate to quit, but I'm not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
Carol I agree! Started skipping paragraphs, and the more the book went on the more I hated Dawn!
Terri I do! I didn't even finish it, I got so bored.
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KATHLEEN Marie YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, I put it down. I LOVE Jodi's books but I am very disappointed and not sure I will ever want to finish it. It does feel like a history lesson. I kept hoping it would get better but I skimmed ahead and it seems to go on and on. Does it get better? This is nothing like her normal writing, how do you go from a plane crash to Egyptian history, goes it ever get more exciting? HELP
Margaret Connor I agree. I am giving up at page 56. If it hasn't hooked me by now, it isn't going to.
Nancy I totally agree! This book was returned to the library after reading just a few chapters. This reads more like a (boring) book of ancient Egyptian history than a novel in which to lose oneself. What a let down.
Lani Wheeler I listened to the book and found the physics and Egyptology fascinating. I agree that these careers deepen our understanding of Brian and Wyatt.

Susie Shortt Yes, disappointing; it hurts my head to read this and I'm a big fan. Even though it's interesting; it's a bit much.
Becky Zagor See my review and anyone other than Jodi would have been set aside at 100 pages....sad
Laura Lewis I agree wholeheartedly - what a disappointment. Fortunately, I listened to the audible book and tuned out on much of the Egyptology sections. I could never have finished it otherwise.
Melissa Took me FOREVER to read this! Not only was Egyptology and Quantum Physics boring they made no difference to the storyline. And PS - I hated the ending!!!
CarolB Very disappointed in this book. Too much research, too confusing. Was Dawn really in TWO airline crashes? One on her way to her Egyptian lover, one with him on the plane with her? And no decision between her two good men at the end is infuriating to me. C'mon, Jodi, take the plunge.
Bonnie Mitnick me. too much Egyptian history. did not get past page 50.
Judy Sibilio I agree 100%. When towards the last 1/4 or so of the book all the Egyptian history let up and the focus was on the "love dilema" and Win, I couldn't wait to see how everything turned out. When I got to the end, I was SO disappointed. I thought for sure there was an epilogue!
Susan Lewallen I agree. Far too much detail on Egyptology. I don't think the specially formatted hieroglyphs and text added at all. I was lost and confused for most of the book and vey disappointed at the end to get no answer to a key story question. (But there is also some beautiful prose)
Elizabeth This question solidified for me that I definitely want to read this book. I was concerned it wouldn't be accurate enough in the Egyptology department. Haha!
J. Hardy If you know Jodi Picoult from her past books it should not be a surprise that she is going to dive deep into the topic stated in the summary. If you aren't interested in Egypt and the history then why read the book? Lesson learned I suppose.
Raneem Al Aradi It's true, it was crammed with information when it came to it, but I think if you stick it out and skim over the packed parts, it'll be easier. The bigger picture is totally worth it.
Kathy Ferguson I’m a huge fan but this was a disappointment. Took me 3 tries to get into it and then it was more about persistence than enjoyment. Usually there is a topical thought evokingquestion that is made. Something both controversial and life changing. I found this topic more mundane - the cHeating spouse/ regrets. The storyline was lost under mountains of interesting yet irrelevant facts. Most of the characters were not well developed and I made no connection with them. The ending? Disappointing but at least it ended the way I wanted it to!
Dawn I agree. Usually all the extra facts serve more to flesh out the characters but in this book it seems more forced and, at time, pointless.
Nicole Holt I completely agree - I am never one to not finish a book but I am halfway through and ready to ditch this. I understand she did her research but this was way too much info!
Gina I agree!! at first very interesting but then way too detailed and I skimmed through a lot also!
Tanya Boelema I disagree, but then, I’m a total geek. I love learning about new things at every opportunity so this book was immensely satisfying and engaging as far as I was concerned - a ripping good yarn AND both STEM and history interwoven: perfect for me.
Renata Exactly. I also found the graphic detail of what happens to our bodies as our organs shut down, and then continue telling what happens after one dies just way TMI.. The rest I feel exactly the same way as you. Don't forget the quantum physics - that was a treat... NOT. I wish I would have read the reviews - can't get my time back. At least I did skip through more than half of the book, pages and pages of Egyptology - while interesting if taking a history lesson, that is not what I was looking for based on the description of the novel.
Alison Peck Agree. After a while I decided to skim through the Egyptology. I needed a story that would let me escape into the characters rather than try to process all of the well researched information.
Kathy Brandi Agree! I skimmed through a lot of this book and the quantum physics parts too. Just give me a good love story lol
Connie Scott Totally agree. Not sure
I'm going to continue. the amount of detail is impressive but not capturing my interest. I'm skimming now but am wondering if I'll miss something important?
Normandy By not digesting the Egyptology and quantum physics you will be confused on the two airplane crashes and the choice between Wyatt and Brian.
Donna Botieri Totally agree with you. Too much detail into Egyptology. And I don't want to give anything away, but about the ending---Are you kidding me!!!
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