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This book is able for children?

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Omshi Well , I am 13 and I read this book last week.
Ame3nah I think it just depends on maturity. Many kids under the age of 13 have read this i'm sure and its not like they freaked out everytime there is a curse word. Its just maturity.
Nikki Its really on the maturity level right now im 13 and I feel as if I could handle it when I was 10 or 11
Lindsey It depends on how mature the child is. I read this book in 7th grade.
Katie Not really recommended for kids
Hollie Faith Well I found it fine and I was 11 when I read this book
Megan I am 11 and I read these all the time, and quite enjoy them!
Kyra Well I read it at 12/13 but it does include sexual themes and uses the b word
Galaxiastar im 8 so... yea
Skyler Lightwood I am eleven and I read this book, so I would say yes. I mean It doesn't have any thing in it that I haven't heard before. Just as long as I don't repeat the words.
Brianna I am only 11 and I read the hole book in 3 day's and loved it so I think it is alright if kid's read it
Chris Blyde this book is fine for children i've seen kids that are 9 reading the series and nothing went wrong.
Isabella I am eleven and I read this book t I have been reading books like this since I was Eight. It depends on the person
Valerie V I personally think this book is more for teenagers, especially because there is some themes that are mature but I know that there are some young kids who will read this book and I think it's fine but you should know that this book isn't really targeted for them, it more for teenagers but if they want to read, they can but they should be aware of that there are some themes in the book that might make them uncomfortable or something like that.
Gracie I´m 12 an I am reading this book an I´m not freaking out when 2 characters kiss.I would agree with a lot of these comments it is a thing based on maturity.
Eli S
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Parker Blair No, not really. The kids reading it may feel fine but there are a lot of sexual themes, cursing, gore, and so forth. There are a lot of "different" relationships if you know what I mean.
A This is not a good book for children. There is quite a bit of sexual content in these books. As a parent, I would not want my children reading it. The views on sex are slanted and skewed. This writing is on par with a lot of myths about sex. In my opinion, it would be unwise to throw this at kids and expect them to make sense of it.
Fatima ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ I´m 13 and this is my favorite saga ever.
Of course it is able for people +13
queen z which age are we talkin' about?
Raven Whitescar With the swearing and intense romance, I'll rate it like a movie: PG13.
If younger than that, parents should review it before allowing the read. Though I doubt they would. It's not much of a parent-thriller. I can imagine my mother wincing every time it says "asshole" in the first book.
Skydreamer Lee There's a little bit blood and quite a lot of romance, so in my opinion it's not really suitable for below 12s
Lara Somerville depends on the age of your child, i guess. i read them when i had just turned 13, but City of Lost Souls is definitely one of the ones for more mature kids.
Shelby It is for young adults, teenagers.
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