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i mean how aNd why spirits were created anyway...evolution explains humans..but what about spirits ?

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Twinkle Your question is once again leading me to think on the policies and rights of the other world. The thought that why some people have so much of pain in life, why they have to struggle a lot, were answered by this book. I feel spirits are just apart from evolution, your body, shape and size can change, but not your inner soul
I have tried sharing my experience of the book and my spiritual life here
Suneha Sethi Before time, all that existed is this infinite source of energy. Just infinity and nothing else. This infinity included EVERYTHING. So nothing existed outside of it. Since nothing existed outside of it, this infinite energy could not experience itself. Eg, you will not know joy if you have not experienced anything apart from joy, that is, sorrow. Now, the infinite source that is all powerful and perfect, wanted to experience it's own infinity, so it created a world of duality. Thus it created souls, the mortal plane, etc, etc. these souls are all part of that infinite source. They experience a world of duality; pain, pleasure, anger, joy, etc in LIMITED bodies. After a long cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth, souls that attain enlightenment, finally experience the infinity that they were born from. Living limited lives helps bring about the experience of infinity, and perfect being ness, which is the goal of all souls. Thus, souls were created. Hope this helped. It's a difficult concept to wrap ones mind around.
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