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How much raunchiness and inappropriate humor is in the book? (I watched every season as Parks and Recreation this summer as well as her hosting of the last two Golden Globes and I think Miss Poehler is amazingly funny! I want to read the book, but not so much if a majority of it contains innuendo.)

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patty As someone down thread commented, she is very frank. There wasn't anything I felt she gratuitously wrote about. The chapter about drugs very clearly is titled that. It is about 4 pages long. A list of has and has not taken of sorts.

There is a little written about sex. And with the layout of the book everything is clearly labeled in LARGE font. Which meant for me to read it with the book facing a wall so my 8 year old doesn't read over my shoulder as he sits down next to me! What stood out to me the most LOVE/SEX in the book was when she wrote about going into labor. It was something like, "Will and I were so in love. Is a couple ever more in love then when you are just about to have a baby?" That struck me as something so beautiful, something so real and so poignant. She lays her heart right out there where it matters not tawdry or cheaply with a list of guys she banged and there penis sizes or whatever.

The only thing I will say I noticed, not because I was offended or anything but just because I didn't want my son to walk by, read, and go, "Hey mom, why are you reading a book with the work f*** in it, that's inappropriate!" (I can actually here his voice in my head as I'm typing this hahaha!!!) There are some pages where it says f*** multiple times in bold print across both pages.

If language bothers you then you probably won't be happy with this.
Emily A. Clifford How about you start to read it and then stop if it's too much for you? And if you get it from the library, there's no risk financially.
Hope What's wrong with innuendo?
Tiffany I would not call it raunchy at all. I thought Tina Fey's Bossy Pants was more inappropriate in some ways. I was surprised she didn't focus a ton on trying to be super funny. Its almost like a real conversation you would have with a funny person about their life. She's honest about her life and failures. If you're super sensitive to innuendo you might not like it, but if you can look past a little bit of that and see the heart behind it you will like it.
Cynthia She's honest and I am not sure what you mean by inappropriate. I'm an adult so I guess I don't feel it's inappropriate for me. If it's for a young teen , then there are drug and sex references. She's a strong honest female. I liked it and I'll likely purchase the book.
Gayle Thanks for asking this question as I'm heading out on a road trip with my daughters and was wandering the same thing! Sorry you had to hear from some folks wishing to censor your question. We all have our criteria.
Sarah I borrowed the audiobook from the library for a road trip assuming it would be fine to listen to with my girls in the car. I was surprised by the "f-bombs" mostly. They weren't gratuitous, I just didn't expect them. There is talk of sex & drugs but it was just in the context of her experience with both topics.
Barb It's not raunchy at all. Pretty tame really.
Axolotl Something--a book say--which is not being addressed directly to you can't really be considered "inappropriate". Therefore, in reading a book nothing can really be considered "inappropriate" in the way, I think, you mean it. I've never read this book but your question strikes me as just a touch--well--inappropriate, see what I mean? ;)
hayden It's very much in line with her other forms of humor, so if any of those bother you, you may want to be wary!
Molly I would say no to raunchiness, unless done in small ways for a reasonable joke, but definitely don't listen on audio with wee ones in the room. Yeeep!
Brid Molloy She is quite candid about some aspects of her life and I am a fan of both her and Tina Fey. However, have read both log their respective books and while they are entertaining they lack something of the personal. I do recommend this but don't expect to 'get to know' Amy.
L. McCoy There are sexual jokes but nothing worse than most TV14 level sitcoms (if you’ve watched a show like say, The Big Bang Theory, you should be fine).
There is some explicit language, heavy drug content and brief discussion of brutal violence so I wouldn’t say it’s a kid friendly book.
Vanessa Buhler-Rice Raunchy? Absolutely. I don't use that adjective often. Not sure if you read it yet, but you might want to skip this one.
Lisa I gave it only 2 stars due to the raunchiness. I find her journey interesting. But raunchy is a good adjective for much of her life story. Too bad. She's a good writer. You feel like you're having a conversation w/ her, & she'd be a fun one to have a meal with.
Libby Pretty frank talk about sex and drugs.
Corn She speaks humorously and candidly about her drug, so beware if these things make you uncomfortable.
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