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How come every person that writes a review seems to like the first part better than the second, either be it about George or Franchescho, depending on the version they bought?

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Anna Nope - I hated George who I read first - I found her annoying, precocious, and nearly gave up but loved Francescho
Dee Not really. Read Francescho first and was at a loss. George was second and I loved her section and character. And like many, when I finished, I went back to Francescho, which made more "sense," but I still felt it sometimes rambled in ways that didn't connect.
Jennifer Also the opposite for me - bored with George (first half), charmed by Franchesco (second).
Dolors Udina I also liked Francescho's best at the first reading even when it was the second part I read. As I think this book has to be read more than once, you can invert the order at the second reading, and then you don't know which part is best as both parts are great. (It's true that I had to read it more then twice because I was so lucky as to translate it into Catalan!)
Khadija Masood That wasn't true for me - I really enjoyed Francescho's story, which formed the second part of my book's version.
Kate Cudahy Perhaps it's because you bond more with the first character you encounter. But I wouldn't say I preferred one to the other. Because they really do form two halves of one character at the end. It's a beautiful novel - I was gutted when I'd finished it.
Ginger I read Franchescho first, but preferred George. Had to go back and reread the bits about her in Franchescho's story.
Janet Not me. I liked the second part (about Franchescho) best.
Kathryn Shaw I read it twice, and preferred the George story both times, though it was second the first time and first the second (different versions). I think I may have had a bias formed after the first reading and my preference was formed in part by the impression the Francesco section left.
Sally Green I read George first and struggled as I didn't like (that's a polite understatement) the character of George or her mother. George I found somewhat two dimensional - I just felt there was so much missing from her. However, I loved Fracescho's story and loved him (her) as a character - he is now one of my favourite literary characters.
Stanci I'm not done with the book. However, I'm reading it on my Nook and I get to pick which part I read first. I started with Franchescho part, got about 20 pages in and switched to George to see if it was any better. LOVING George. And hoping that helps me figure out the second part, because I just wasn't getting it the first try.
Helen King I'm not sure, but so far, I also like the first part best (although I need to get a bit further along with Franchescho before forming a final view!)
Julia If I'd had begun with Francescho I would have put the book down some 50 pages in.
Wendy I read Franchescho's first, but felt it might have set the scene more, if I had read George's version first. I felt I should have started the book all over again as soon as I had finished it- it was packed with so many allusions and details.These days I seem to read with my ipad next to me so I can google pictures and information about what I am reading-I would love to see those frescoes!
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